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Making Myself Sick Starving Myself

Will starving myself make me lose weight?

I don't care about if its safe or not, i don't care about the possibility of gaining it all back again. i'm not some vain loser wanting to drop a few because i'm 180 pounds and i think i'm so fat. i'm 20 years old, i weigh 312 pounds and i'm sick of this. i tried exercise and eating less, it doesn't work, i've thought about cocaine and alcohol to force myself to lose weight. people don't understand how frustrating it is to be trying to lose weight and failing no matter how hard you try. so, starving myself, driniking water, and exercising, will i lose weight, once i drop the pounds i can be more active so i can keep the weight off. my doctor said there is no thyroid problem, he just says i need to try harder. i'm currently swimming for an hour every day, running on a treadmill every day, and taking the stairs whenever possible, please understand, i've done everything my mind conceive, this is a total last resort, i need to lose the weight, by any means necessary

I love making myself sick and being ill?

I think that it is possible that you may have anorexia purging type, which means that you are anorexic but still purge. I think that a lot of the reason why you like to make yourself throw up or use laxatives is because you need to feel a sense of control, by taking laxatives and making yourself throw up, you get rid of the food you ate, meaning that you feel that you are in control of your food and your body and your life. You need to feel that sense of control because that is what you know makes you feel good about yourself and you are not going to let the feeling go. It is almost like self harm you need to do it over and over again to get that feeling that you know you love. After making yourself throw up, the endorphins (or whatver you call them) start to quick in and you feel great.

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My mum caught me making myself sick...!?

Be nicer to yourself, you are unique. No-one will ever be the same as you! Accept who you are and be proud of yourself, stop criticising yourself and start looking at how you are good at things and be optimistic! I'm quite sure your mother loves you very much, she only says that because she is worried about you. Spend a bit more time with her, I'm quite sure that if I was in her position I'd be so sad. Seeing my daughter hating herself and trying to be different. You are you, be proud of who you are! Your are an Individual, you are perfect in every way :)

Will starving myself make me feel less like a failure?

Sounds like “atonement fasting.”But no— you’ll feel worse, getting weak, and hungry, and less able to handle stress.In fact, anorexia is a common reaction to stress.Only changing your mind, will change your mind. Feelings of failure come from an abusive childhood, and the illusion that there was some obvious way you could have done things differently, but that you failed to do that as well.I compare this to being inside a trash-compactor; i.e. it keeps getting worse, no matter how small you try to make yourself.However I think feelings of failure are on the rise, as shown in this chart showing income-disparity:As seen, it’s on the rise no matter how much neocons blame the victim.

If I starve myself to loose my man boobs, can I get sick?

I want to get rid of my man boobs, so I was thinking that I could try to force myself to not eat anything for a long period of time and then eat something small and keep on doing this process. I just wanted to know if this can make me get very sick.

How can I starve myself without getting hungry?

Easy answer - Keep busy!If you are sitting around, all you will think about is food.If you are near food or smell food, you’ll think about food.If you see food, fruit or snacks laying around, you’ll think about food.If you are starving yourself for a reason, remember the reason and / or the goal.In 1979, I fasted (water only) for a week on a bet. I won a free dinner, but thought that a real challenge would be to fast for 30 days. Over the next 35 years, I would try, but quit after 1 - 15 days for one reason or another. In 2014, I decided to try one last time and either succeed or forget it and never try again. Long story short, I did it. I felt so good I decided to go another week. On the 31st day I started feeling tired and week. I only made finished 33 days before I quit. I was committed to 30 days, but feel that if 40 days had been my goal I would have made it. Once I completed 30 days, I wasn’t 100% driven any more.Some serious advice I would give:If you do not have extra weight you can afford to lose, don’t try it.If you are not healthy, don’t try it.If you are on meds, don’t try it.Being a little tired, extra sleepy, or weak is okay, but only a little.If you faint, blackout, see spots, or hallucinate, stop immediately.Don’t expect to be your normal, easy going, nice person. You are very likely to get annoyed and pissed off very easily - especially with people who don’t believe you or tell you they don’t think you can do it.Don’t skip drinking water. I read you can go 40 - 70 days without food, but only 7 without water.Don’t weigh yourself too often. Weight loss is fast in the beginning, then it slows down, and finally it seems to stop (maybe it doesn’t, but it seems to and its discouraging).The weight loss is temporary. Expect to gain all the weight back very quickly, and probably more.Remember, its not healthy or smart to starve yourself, actually its stupid, so you should have a really good reason to try it.For me fasting was a personal challenge to see what I could do, but I do a lot of stupid things to test myself and know what I can do. I tell people I don’t have a bucket list because I’ve done pretty much everything I would have put on it. Most I would never do again (snake charming a cobra still gives me nightmares). But I’m crazy, not smart (even though I’m a Mensan).Hope this answer helps.

Why am i still fat even though I've been starving myself on and off for years and making myself barf?

That's an easy answer actually. When a person starves him/herself, the body goes into starvation mode, and tries to hold on to every calorie of energy it has, so it responds by slowing down it's metabolism. By starving yourself, and inducing yourself to vomit, your actually causing your body to go into that "starvation" mode. When a person eats a proper diet, the body will recognize that, and will burn the calories properly. By what you said about your anorexia, I know eating is hard for you, but you'r doing your body harm. If you want to look healthy, be lean and strong, then you need to eat properly. Notice how I didn't say exercise...To look healthy and lean, you just need to eat properly. Try eating a little more each day, gradually getting to atleast 2000 calories a day. You'll be so much healthier than you are now, and won't be causing your body any harm! Hpe this helps, if you need some more help, then send me an e-mail, at