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Males Answer Only Why Do You Find Her Prettier Than Me

My sister is prettier than me and it's killing my self-esteem. What should I do?

I should go ahead and say my sister is also prettier than me. And it used to give me a bitter taste in my mouth.I am the youngest one in my family, and as siblings, we look after each other. Well, normally the elder ones were in charge and had the responsibility to protect and provide the younger.So since I was a child, I was bitchy and demanding and I wanted things to go my way, including people’s affection.Everything went well my way for first couple years of my life, until I came to an age to realize who is the prettiest of all. I still tried to fool myself that I was still the best, and the most beautiful, and that’s why I am my mom’s favorite child. But that trick did not work so well with outsiders.My sister is astonishingly beautiful and everyone liked her. All the boys in schools and college. She had many male friends came to the house and hung out. Some of them were handsome too. And all of their attention went to my sister.I didn’t take that so well.I was jealous with her look. I tried to get people’s attention. I hoped my sister’s male friends liked me more than her. When they were trying to talk to my sister, I jumped into the conversation and started talking, trying to make them like me.I pretended that I didn’t care about her followers. I also acted mean to my sister. I hated the fact that I had no follower while she had a bunch of them. I hated the fact that she didn’t need to try so hard but people still liked her. I hated that she was a ball of joy, while I was grumpy the whole time.I wish I could tell you somehow I figured it out and I started to treat her well, but in fact I didn’t. Not until I grew up and I managed to nurture myself and my self-esteem.My sister is still breathtakingly beautiful, but she didn’t have a good marriage. She divorced and is a single mom while I am living happily with my husband. I feel sad for her.You see, if you love yourself enough, you will not need to worry about people’s affection. And you will not even care about the look. It is not about how pretty you are, but it is about how happy you are.Enjoy your time with your sister, feel happy for her pretty look while you still can. And DO NOT think about yourself as the uglier, which reduces your self-esteem as you are doing right now. Focus on what you have, build your confidence and knowledge.You are loved. You are pretty. And you know it.It starts with you.

His ex is prettier than me, how can I feel better?

You obviously have more going on than she did.You have lasted 5 times as long as she did and you are increasing that every day.You need to be more secure in your looks.He must think you are beautiful and it is his opinion you are so concerned with.
My current girlfriend has seen pictures of some of my ex girlfriends.She asks me all the time if I think she is as pretty as this one or that one.I dont think its fair to compare one woman to another because there is so much more to attraction than looks alone.I always tell my girlfriend that.She thinks I am hiding something from her.The truth is I think she is beyond beautiful.I have tried to tell her this many times and she acts like I'm just placating her.
You should feel better about yourself,because I can almost guarantee that there is some character flaw that makes her very ugly when you get to know her.Beauty is more than just our outer appearance.Be content with yourself and you will find that you are much more beautiful than she will ever be.

New coworker is prettier than me?

So I have a job where you have to get close to your coworkers (you live with them in an apartment for 5 months before returning home) it's a technician job, and my fiancé is the lead tech (manager).

But this girl just joined our group because she requested to the regional she wants to be in a group with a female (me).

Thing is... My boyfriend seems to have a like for her type (blonde hair blue eyed girls). And everyone in our group are single males, and knows about the girl. But not interested at all.

My boyfriend on the other hand, added her on facebook, messages her, etc
Even showed her picture to the guys in the group saying she's cute. The guys agreed, even said she was hot, but have no intentions with her.

Am I overreacting? She added me on Facebook saying how excited she was to meet me. After all, she only joined because I was in it. But after she added me, that's when my boyfriend added her.

Please tell me if Im just insecure or something.. The fact that she's going to be living with us and competing with me makes it worse...

What if she's better at the job than I am? He will be more impressed with her than me, plus she's way better looking. What do I do?

Im prettier than his girlfriend?

theres this guy who has a girlfriend, and shes away at college. he flirts with me, i flirt with him, and im a lot prettier and smarter than his girlfriend (not to be a biiitch lol) and i have a better body and everything.. we get along great, and im really nice to him -- do you think a guy would dump a long-time girlfriend for someone prettier?

Why are there more beautiful females than males?

Men say this tend to say it due to a sexual orientation bias. They see them as "sexually attractive", therfor they think they are the most attractive in general, not understanding that attractiveness is not limited to sexual orientation.  You also have to consider the stigma of "you think men are better looking, you must be gay".  Women will say they are the better looking gender because looking attractive is a thing most, if not all women want to achieve, and because they focus so much on trying to look the best, of course they will identify their gender as the better looking, as they are trying to achieving "the best looking" medal. As for saying women are sexier, I have never heard a woman say women are sexier.  "In general"...How many women have you seen without cosmetics, such as makeup? Take away their makeup and you'll see a drastic change in their image. Their skin looks better because they are using cosmetics. Their eyes look better because they are using cosmetics, and their lips look better because of cosmetics.  You cannot base your opinion on this on the women you just see on the street, as she most likely is using many forms of cosmetics that makes her look far different from her actual image.  Take the most attractive man and the most attractive woman in the same room. Take away all cosmetics and you will see what I mean.   I remember hearing that bisexual males think men look better, and I think that bisexual men are a far more reliable source for this type of thing, as they like both and they do not have the "I want to look the best" need that women do.  I myself find males far more attractive. Not sexually, just physically. They have more design on their faces and bodies. Not only this, but their image is natural, not fake, as women that use cosmetics have a false beauty, which tends to be the vast majority of them.

My best friend is prettier than me, and it's very frustrating?

Okay, first off; I don't blame her at all for being pretty. I mean, what's the point of that? That's just a waste of energy.
Second off; she get's all the guys. Even little boys ( like 7 or 8 ) fall in love with her, just by looking at her. I don't really feel comfortable giving out pictures, but she has beach blonde hair, naturally curly- though she straitens it- and she has blue/grey eyes, a small nose, nice smile, and wears little to no make up.
I feel like I have to compete with her, because I have to put on concealer to hide dark rings under my eyes, and I have to do my eyes to draw peoples eyes away from my slightly big nose. (it's not huge or anything, just a tad too big )
And she has an outgoing personality, she's hilarious, and so far this summer, she's had 5 boyfriends, and I haven't dated since I was in 5th grade. And that doesn't even count. -_-
I tried talking to my mom about it, and she's helpful, but she says maybe my Bff get's all the attention because she'd different. Why not push a dagger inside my heart? More than anything, I want to be different from all the others. I don't want to get blended into the background, and just be a nobody. But I'm not looking to be popular.
Anyways, I tried asking her how she get's so many guys, or has so many friends, and she ALWAYS gives me the same answer. " I don't know. "
It's like really? Are you flipping serious? she tries to tell me I'm pretty and stuff, but it's hard when she get's all the guys, the friends, and I look freaking plain next to her.
Any tips on how not to be so jealous? Or upset that she get's all the guys and I'm just chopped liver? Thank you :) And I'm sorry this was long. ^^;

Everybody thinks my bff is prettier than me!!?

okay so this guy that likes my bff likes to flirt with her and give her all the attention... and he said to her that he thinks she is prettier than me and that guys give her most of the attention instead of me.... she told me this like straight out.... and I lost a little bit of self confidence when she told me that because i get a lot of compliments on my appearence from random people but still have had no bf... but I feel like the only reason guys like her is cuz she has a big butt and top....and like ya know i have a bottom but no top... and sometimes get a little attention.. I mean i would have thought it would have been her personality but her personality is not great....she can be a rude and i don't know I am just confused!! can you help me out??

Is my ex boyfriend's girlfriend prettier than me?

I hate to break it to you like this but..
But I showed this to my male friend to get a man's opinion and, NO you are not better than her.
She is gorgeous.
You are wearing too much make up.
Fact is, she's prettier than you so move on and find someone less handsome who can't easily land someone better. OK?

Why do guys always pay more attention to my friends than me and make me feel invisible?

Indeed why. There are a few reasons possible, why this could be happening.The reason may be that you are very pretty. Beautiful people are used to get all the attention. No judging, it’s not their fault it’s how human beings function. Ever since they are kids, they will profit from the halo effect (assumption that beautiful = good, talented, great etc.) and therfore learn that their looks is all they have to offer. This will make them incredibly dependend on validation. The problem is that most guys are afraid to approach a beautiful women (unless they are drunk), because they fear she is out of their league, and prefer to approach her not as beautiful friends. By doing that they are not only withholding the much needed validation and making you very insecure, but also making you feel invisible, because you suddenly aren’t the center of attention anymore. If you want to remedy this, just join in in the conversation, don’t expect others to come to you. By being more accessible you will get more attention.You feel uncomfortable in your skin. There can be a lot of reasons that make you feel this way and unfortunately for you other people can instinctively tell and thus prefer to talk to your friends. Which in turn will make you feel even more unfomfortable, which will block you to join in in the conversation or show your potential, and thus make you appear stand offish. Work on your confidence. Find an answer to the question why this guy should approach you. This will help you to locate your positive attributes, and if you repeat them loud in front of the mirror every day, you will get more confident in no time.You are more of an introvert or shy, and it feels like a chore going out and meeting people. In this case, you probably know that this is the reason for the lack of attention. If you would like to overcome this there are some tricks that may help you to, just know that they will usually not fundamentally change your personality.I hope this helps.Thanks for the request

Why does every guy like her?

idk if shes prettier than me, or if shes just more easy going than me, or if she is more outgoing than me(she is), like every single time me and her hang out with guys together, (we have 3 times this week) the guys like her. every.time. and the guy that goes to our school that i have honestly liked for 3 months likes her.......and she subtly rubbs it in my face. what the heck. WHY