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Marriage Councilor Tells Wife 2 Buy $25k Car Behind Dad

My parents won't give me any of the money that I make. What should I do?

I’m going to go a different route here and say listen to your parents. They are not taking your money and using it on themselves, they are waiting until you are mature enough to be able to spend your hard-earned money wisely.Quite frankly, as a parent, if my child took money to buy drugs with it, I would probably be just as cautious as your parents.Work on building back the trust between you and your parents. Don’t do anything behind their backs like open another account (or attempt to) because you are still a minor. That will also cause more tension between you and your parents which will further work to destroy your relationship.As long as they are not doing anything with your money, then I assume it is going into savings for you to have when you turn 18. Think of the money you will have when you turn 18. Hopefully by then, you will have learned how to use your money wisely.Buying drugs is very serious. Think how your parents must feel. They are trying to protect you from making serious mistakes that can damage your present and your future.They made a rule, you broke their rules, and now these are the consequences. They are still your parents and still in authority. Respect that, and perhaps soon you will win back their trust.