Marriage Match Suggestion Kindly Let Me Know The Details As Per The Details.

Does horoscope matching to judge the success of marriages in India really work? How many married people had their horoscopes matched well before marriage and it turned out to be true?

I think I am best person on earth to answer this question!Me and my husband were in love for 5 years and then came the crucial time when my parents started searching for the groom!I told them that i have a boyfriend and i m deeply in love with him. Listening to this my dad lost his senses as according to him Love marriage was a crime(even though we were of same caste and state).He suddenly stopped talking to me and was literally shattered! Slowly after an year, he started talking to me ,as he could sense I was very firm on my decision on marrying my bf.Here comes the magical part of the story!He took our horoscope to a well known astrologer and he threw the horoscope saying its the worst match,and asked him to leave. After listening to this, my dad was also adamant in his decision! Somehow i convinced him to go to other astrologers as well.He checked with around 11 astrologers…Believe me!One and All told the same thing- This marriage won't last more than an year and will end in Divorce!By then, 2 years had already passed and it was 7 years of our beautiful relationship with no ray of hope….Days and months flew crying and sobbing..but no one to hear.Then i came up with an idea and asked my Dad to check for remedies to overcome this problem. Few astrologers said they is no remediation for such case and few gave some remedies.We spent around 50k for puja path and Gau daan as a part of remedial process and finally got married on 9th December'2012 and still in the pitch hitting 4s and 6s and NOT OUT!

Is there any online horoscope matching for marriage ?

Online horoscope matching is bad. Dont fall for it. Guna matching is not ideal. It only provides an indication. There could be cases where Gunas match very well but the marriages fail or vice versa. The reason is planetary placements in each horoscope. So, analysis of horoscopes based on planetary placements to determine the match irrespective of the Guna match is ideal. This can only be done by a person and not online portals.

Getting married at city hall in SPRINGFIELD Massachusetts.?

Hi there,
I actually read your question yesterday and was in the same situation. We actually got married today in Springfield, MA. It was not hard at all. First you go to city hall, you must be with your fiance when you file a paper called " intentions to marry". There is a $40 fee. They accept cash or personal check. Tell them you wish to marry the same day and want to waive the 3 day waiting period. They will give you a waiver slip. You must then go to the court house across the street to the probate court on the 4th floor. There you must pay them either $65 dollars cash or money order. They do not accept personal checks. Give them the waiver and you will have to wait to go before the judge to see if he/she is will waive the 3 day wait. He/she will ask you a question or two and render his/her decision. If they waive it, you go back to city hall and give them the court documents. They will then grant your license and you are able to marry the same day through justice of the peace which could run you $25 and up (this is the route we chose because we did not want to wait in court anymore...they'll give you a list) or you can go back to the court and ask for the probate judge to marry you. It is a lot running back and forth between buildings but not bad. Congratulations and good luck!!!

Matches and Matrimony Game Walkthrough for ending 9(Mr.Darcy)?

It took me a while but awesome site to get all the endings, mr. darcy is the last one on my link. Legit site, but a lot of info on getting all the endings. I would copy and paste all the steps but it would take too long
my suggestion: Don't do needlework, be mean to Darcy's aunt every time possible. willpower needs to be at 100. Wit high too, kindness needs to be high. But you need to have low propriety to be able to make your decsion...just click the link :P

Wedding day details? What did you forget?

*Vendor meals: Does the site provide a meal for the photographer and DJ? Or do you have to bring something for them to eat? Some places won't provide them- AND they won't let you keep food items in their fridge due to health regulations.
*Shared Restrooms: Does the reception site have restrooms exclusively for the wedding? Remember to put something pretty ( a candle/ specialty hand soap/ flowers) in ea. restroom for an added touch.
*Someone should get to the reception location before the guests arrive to make sure the table settings are correct and things are in place for the arrival.
*LABEL EVERYTHING you want to get back w/ a small sticker on the bottom. Include a name and address to ensure you will get it back.
*Cake Transportation: Have a plan to move the top layer of the cake. If the couple is leaving immediately for the honeymoon, then the bride's mom is a good choice.
*If there is an open bar then you'll need to discuss what time it should shut down and some options for taxis or other safe ride/ shuttle services for those who are unable to drive themselves.
*Ceremony Sound: for 300 ppl, you'll need to make sure to either have a mic or some really great acousitcs. Check the site for sound and make sure the guests in the back row can hear the "I do"
*Ceremony Details: It is a good idea to at least have bottled water for guests at the ceremony. Make sure that the officiant has one as well near the podium or altar because (s)he will be speaking. Make sure to bring some little packs of tissues to hand out to the mother of the bride and other teary family members.
*TRAIL MIX: haha. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to bring snacks to the ceremony location. Manytimes the bride won't have eaten breakfast of the bridesmaids need a little pick me up. Trail mix is great.
*Things to have on hand: scissors/ tide pen/ aspirin/ tweezers/ hairspray/ tape/ travel sewing kit/ bobby pins/ q-tips/ disposable camera/ mouthwash/ mints/ deodorant/ comb/ safety pins/ lotion/ band aids/ wet wipes.
EVERY wedding I have EVER done has needed the scissors. Usually it's the little ribbons sewn into gowns that need to be clipped off because they won't stay in. I have even needed safety pins to hold a broken necklace clasp together- so you never know.
I really hope these little remembrances help you. Happy planning!

Why does guys on matrimonial sites send/accept interest when they are not really interested?

I am a guy. I can answer this question as I am the member of one of the matchmaking website. The reasons for sending interests when they are not really interested are as following:sometimes they look at the pictures of the girl. if they find the girl beautiful, they just send the request thinking that if she accepts the request, at least once they can talk to her.sometimes they look at the qualification/job and looks of the girl. if they find that both are suitable, they just send the interests, thinking that if something will work out even if the caste/religion criteria does not matchsometimes, guys just likes the description written by the girl (soulmate, this and that :))so much written by the girl, that they want to talk to the girlmany a times, girls do not immediately accept or reject the interests but they just let be them there, so we think that why does it matter if i send this interest ! anyways it is going to be there in her inbox for a long time, lets see if she accepts and when !!sometimes the thing that you are saying is true - they want to see how much they are in demand - how much is the acceptance rate for their degree/profession.Please let me know if you have more specific doubts/questions !