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Math Homework Help High School Algebra

I need high school algebra homework help?

M/3-1=-6 (SOLVING FOR M)
Add 1 on both sides
Multiply 3 on both sides (reciprocal of the fraction)

3(C 2)=-15 (SOLVE FOR C)
Distribute 3 to everything in the parenthesis.
3C 6=-15
Subtract 6 on both sides
Divide 3 on both sides

^ I don't know why but the addition sign will not show up, but I think you can figure out where it goes.

High School Algebra Homework Help? (CONT.)?

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High school Math homework. please help?

1) How do I find out what's 13/100 of $25,150?

0.13 * $25,150


2) Arrange from small to largest: 5/6, 7/8, 6/7, 0.95

convert to decimal

5/6= .8333
7/8= .875
6/7= .857

5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 0.95

High school math help - algebra 1?

First step is to distribute or get rid of the parenthesis.
Second, move numbers onto one side of the equation and then move the variables to the other side of the equation
Last, solve for the variable or letter
1) 2y+18 = 12-6(y+7)

2y+18= 12-6y-42 <----getting rid of the parenthesis
2y+18= -6y-30
-18 = -18
2y =-6y-48
+6y = +6y
8y =-48
y = -6

2. 2(9x - 1) = 99-7(3 - 4x)

18x-2 =99-21+28x
18x-2 =78+28x
-18x = -18x
-2 =78+10x
-78 =-78
-80 = 10x
-8 =x

3. -x - (13 + 4x) = -3(5 - 9x) +2
-x - 13+4x = -15 +27x +2
3x-13 = -13 +27x
-3x = -3x
-13 =-13+24x
+13 = +13
0 = 24x
0 =x

Algebra pros, math homework help please!?

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Math-Algebra Homework?

A straight line is determined by its slope and a point it goes through, usually the y-intercept. So first get the slope by finding change in y and change in x. For (-2,-4) and (5,-1), change in y (dy) is 3 (-1 - -4) and change in x (dx) is 7 (5 - -2), so slope is 3/7. You now have y = (3/7)x + b. To get b, plug in one of the (x,y) pairs.

-1 = (3/7)(5) + b
-7/7 = 15/7 + b
-22/7 = b

So for the 1st pair, the line is y = (3/7)x - 22/7

Do the others the same way.

High School Algebra Help?

The First one:
1) substitute the x in the second equation with your 4y (you will multiply 4X2=8),
2) insert the 8 in place of your 2x in your second equation, and you have: 8y + 3y = 44
3) Now, just add 8y with 3y, and this will equal 11y, (11y = 44)
4) divide 44 by 11, and y will equal 4: (y = 4)
5) to double check this answer, plug these new numbers into the first and second equation, and do the math: x = 4y or x = 16, and 2x (which is 2X16= 32) + 3y(which is 3X4= 12) = 44,
32+12 = 44.
Hope this helps.

the Second One:
1) a will equal either 1 or 3, and+ b will equal 1 or 3 (a and b cannot be 2, because the answer (11) is an odd number),

2) try a=1 and b=3, and plug those numbers into the second equation: 2X1 + 3X3 = 11 or 2 + 9 =11 (here's the answer! a =1, and b = 3!!)
hope this helps.
Have a good day! :?))#

Help on Algebra homework. (Sets)?

Hello Danielle,

In most math classes, when the topic of sets comes up there are various ways to classify them.. One of the most basic is: empty sets vs non-empty sets. Non empty sets may be finite (having a set number of elements) or infinite. For example the set of three numbers {13, 29, 89.3} vs "the set of all numbers between 0 and 5, not including 0 and 5" {x | 0 < x < 5}. Sets may also be countable such as the set of "natural numbers" {1, 2, 3, 4, ...} or uncountable the set of all real numbers.

Usually we can describe a set by a list or roster method -- {2, 4, 6, 8, 10} -- or by a rule -- {x | x is an even number greater than 1 but less than 11}.

You may find this YouTube video "Introduction to Sets, Subsets & Roster Notation" helpful:

Does this sound familiar? The subjects of sets and set theory is vast and deep. Even assuming middle school to high school covers a lot of ground.

I hope this helps. Good luck in your class.

Math Homework Help?

We are currently on the composition of functions in algebra two.

I don't understand these two problems.

First one the directions say find [f o g](3) and [g o f](3)

The problem is f= {(-1,9),(3,6)} g={(-5,3),(6,12),(3,-1)}


The other problem I don't get is this one

the directions are find g[h(x)] and h[g(x)].

the problem is g(x)=x+7 and h(x)=x+4

Thanks for all your help in me understanding