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May Someone Thoroughly Explain To Me How To Do Certain Exercises

Does exercise make boobs bigger?

Bench press (incline, decline, and flat) will build up the muscle behind your breast. This will give the appearance of larger breasts. Butterfly lifts work the center of the chest and can help give the appearance of cleavage.

PLEASE explain to me how to solve this trigonometry problem in full details?

hi, i'am very confuse right now on what to do with this exercises my professor gave to us. Please help and if ever please explain to me how you come up with your answer. Thank you!

1. Sin^2 30°+cos^2 60°
2. Sin45°tan45°-2cos720°
5. Sin(-45°)+Cos^2(-120°)-2sec(-180°)

Please explain thoroughly. Thank you for your help!

Explain why catholic marriage is a sacrament?

im writing a paper about marriage as a sacrament and i just cant put it into words.. ive been researching and researching and i cannot find one single source that tells me straight up why it is a sacrament under Catholic belief. can someone thoroughly explain? (but a little bit straight to the point)

Why can glucose provide a quick energy boost during exercise?

As it is easy to break down as it is a monosacharide ( only one molecule)- it gives you a quick burst of energy, compare to other foods that are harder to break down that give you a slow release of energy

What exercise can help make my boobs bigger?

Breasts are made up mostly of fat. The only way that a breast can become larger is for it to fill up with extra fat or to have a material surgically implanted into it. The only way you increase the fat content of your breast is to take in more calories than you burn, and extra fat will not be stored only in your breasts. Extra fat will be stored throughout your body.

No over-the-counter creams make your breasts larger. You can get estrogen-containing creams only by prescription. These creams add extra fat only to the breasts of women who lack estrogen.

You cannot enlarge breasts with exercise because breast do not have muscles. You can enlarge the pectoralis muscles underneath your breasts which will push the breasts forward and make them appear to be slightly larger, by using special spring- loaded gadgets that are held in both hands and you push against resistance toward the center of your chest/ or you can use a special weight training machine called a peck deck. Except for making yourself fatter, the only way to enlarge a breast is to have augmentation surgery.