Mcdonalds Iced Coffee Sizes

Question about McDonald's iced coffee?

Regular iced coffee has liquid sugar added, which does have more calories than powered sugar.

If you order a flavored coffee then instead of regular liquid sugar they use flavored liquid sugar.

Here is how one is made:
You start by brewing two packets of regular black coffee (at the same time, extra strong). Each pot is then mixed in the coffee holder with one 32oz cup of ice.

To start the drink you first fill the appropriate sized cup with ice.
You then add the shots of creamer and sugar (small=3 of each, medium=4 of each, large= 5 cream, 6 sugar).
Then you add the coffee and stir.

and that is how you make an ice coffee.

What size are McDonald's iced coffee cups? I bought a medium which used to be 24oz and it looks like about 16?

The sizing of the iced coffee's recently changed. The medium (formerly small) is 12 ounces, the large (formerly medium) is 22 ounces, and the extra-large (formerly large) is 32 ounces.

The McCafe iced drinks are all 16 ounces.

How much is an iced coffee from McDonalds?

2.59 for a regular size and like 2.89 for a large. Flavors are included and do not cost extra.

What is the largest size of a coffee at McDonald's?


How many ounces are in a medium-sized McDonald's cup?

McDonald's Beverage Sizes:

Child - 12 oz
Small - 16 oz
Medium - 21 oz
Large - 32 oz

For OJ during breakfast, the sizes go like this:
Small - 12 oz
Medium - 16 oz
Large - 21 oz

Is mcdonalds vanilla iced coffee bad for you?

there not really that bad all we do is brew fresh coffie and put it in a container with ice, and we put real cream/milk half and half, and we do have a surger free vanilla, well at my store we do

What are all the ingredients in a McDonald's coffee frappe?

A McDonalds frappe is essentially Coffee, cream, sugar, flavoured sauce and ice.It is basically all premade, the machine they use to make the frappe only blends the drink with ice. The "base" is shipped to each McDonalds in large bags, and it's mostly just a concentrated mixture of coffee, cream, sugar, and then it has either caramel or chocolate flavoring, as well as colouring and miscellaneous other things that can be found on the nutrition charts they provide.The ice is, well, ice. Made from purified tap water, although I'm not certain of the filtration, I assume it to be a simple carbon filter.The machine adds a set amount of base to the pitcher, then adds shaved ice, then blends for 15 or so seconds. They then pour it into a cup, top it with aerosol can whipped cream and drizzle with caramel or chocolate syrup.They also offer the chocolate chip frappe, which contains a 50/50 mix of the caramel and chocolate base mixture, as well as a couple tablespoons of semi-sweet chocolate chips.More specific ingredients can be found here:

Is McDonalds' iced coffee supposed to taste sweet or are you expected to add your own sugar?

I live in Canada (Ontario, specifically) and I've gotten McDonalds' ice coffee a couple of times (now that it's only a buck for any size). It's good but I find I have to add a couple packets of sugar. Is it supposed to be sweet (like a Tim Horton's iced coffee is) or are you supposed to add sugar? Do you think it's sweet enough and I'm just a sugar fiend?


Do McDonalds' frappes have coffee in them? How does the caffeine compare to a regular cup of coffee?

A little.