Me Think Of The Name To This Movie


Stranger Inside (2001 HBO Original movie)
Wikipedia summary:
Treasure Lee (Yolanda Ross) learns that her biological mother Brownie (Davenia McFadden) is incarcerated in an adult prison, so she purposely gets into trouble in order to be transferred from a juvenile facility to an adult women's facility in order to meet her. In the new prison, she reunites with an old friend, Shadow (LaTanya Hagans). She meets new inmates, such as Leisha (Medusa), an aspiring rapper, and Doodle (Ella Joyce), a religious and homophobic woman who is involved with a male correctional officer.
Later, Shadow points out Brownie to her on the basketball court. Brownie knocks a player down, injuring her, and demands that another person take her place. Treasure volunteers for the position. Back in the cells, Treasure approaches Brownie around her "prison family." She pulls out a photo of a woman and says to Brownie that she is her mother and her reason for being in prison. Brownie's "daughters" protest that the photograph is not of Brownie. Brownie asks the daughters to leave and yells at Treasure, stating it is her own fault she is in jail.
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Looking for the name of a old movie. it was about a boy who thinks a sunken crane in a pond is a monster?help?

this is driving me crazy... it was a movie from the 80's and my childhoood.... i can only have flashes of the movie.. but from what i can gather... it's about a boy that somehow thinks theres a monster in what i think is a pond or something... but i believe it's a like a sunken crane or backhoe of somesort with a big bucket.... i know it sounds crazy... but this is driving me insane... ya gotta help me..

I cant figure out the name of this movie!!!?

Remote (1993)
starring Chris Carrara, Jessica Bowman, Tony Longo, John Diehl, Stuart Fratkin
IMDb review:
The hero of this tale is a 13-year-old boy who is rather a nerd and completely obsessed with remote-control toys. One day, he accidentally demolishes a classmate's science project. When his mother hears about this, she threatens to confinscate his toys, so he runs away to a tract house that his secret hideout with the help of his girlfriend~only to be stuck there when three moronic criminals use it as THEIR hideout. He then proceeds to play pranks and battle the bad guys.
Here's a clip from the film:

Often, this movie is referred to as a "Home Alone" clone and often is overlooked when a question like yours is asked, as it has been fairly often at Y!A Movies.

Can anyone tell me the name of this movie?

This movie came out a long time ago, it was about this woman she was rich but she was a ugly I think she inherited alot of money. Her husband took her on a boat ride and threw her in the lake. Everyone thought that she drowned and he inherited everything, but she didn't die a doctor saved her and he, fixed her face. It was something wrong with her lips and her face, he made her beautiful so beautiful she became a model. Later she went back for her kids and revenge on her husband. Now I can't remember the ending, because the movie was so long ago and I am trying to remember it. Do anyone remember this movie?

Can anyone tell me the name of this movie?

Okay...I remember seeing it on Lifetime or WE a looong time ago. There's really no popular actors in it but here's a quick summary. It's about this twisted guy whose obsessed with this lady. He ends up kidnapping her somehow and keeps her in a wheelchair. Eventually he chops off her legs (or arms...or both...I forgot). I tried looking it up on because I could've sworn Bill Paxton was in it but none of the titles seem to ring a bell. I almost want to say the movie has the word 'Belinda' in it. It's a weiiiiird movie. Anyone know what I'm talking about? lol

Can anyone help me find the name of a movie? I was a kid when it came out and it was my first movie so I want to watch it again.

I am not 100% sure. But I think the name of the movie is Stealing Beauty.