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Me With My Homework I Was Sick For Two Days And I Don

Help me with my maths homework?!!?

Multiply 15 x 2 and then note the signs two negatives multiplied together give a positive product
Multiply 30 x 5 and then nothe the signs one negative and one positive give a negative product

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Here's a glimpse into the life of a business studies uni student. Today is a study day, meaning I have no lessons, so I'm supposed to do my reading now.I have to read a chapter for marketing management for Thursday. Marketing management is easy, especially as I have had marketing lessons before.Then there's a chapter +exercises on statistics for quantitative studies for Friday. This is the hard shit: each chapter is about 100 pages, of which I understand maybe a paragraph, but it is interesting. There's no winning with this one though, you can't read it the day before the lesson because it's so heavy, but if you read it in smaller chunks over a few days, then you probably don't remember half for the lesson.Then I have a group meeting on Friday, that I have to prepare for too, which means I have to find and read a bunch of peer reviewed articles about the banking industry.And since I have been sick all last week, I should technically read up on the lessons I've missed. But as I'm still sick, and busy, that's probably not gonna happen.What homework do you have to do today?

It is fine that you tried to do it.If you are absent, you ought to go through the material yourself. However, we all react to illnesses differently, and while I might be able to attend and pass an exam with a high fever (and I have), someone else might not.If you tried to do it, but couldn’t understand, then first try to read through the material studied on your own, and if even then you are unable to complete it, meet with your teacher (most teachers have after lesson time reserved for helping students that need it, at least it is common practice here, one day of the week) and have them help you. After all, if they don’t teach you, then what’s their purpose?Just yesterday a girl who had missed five lessons due to illness came to meet me. She had followed everything we had done (we upload our lesson plans online so students can check it there and nothing is unavailable, you can even message your teachers, provided they look) but she had trouble with one thing. So she came, showed me what she had done, and we discussed what was hardest for her. This is how it should be done, both by the student and the teacher.Yes, even if you can’t do 100%, you should at least attempt to follow as much as you can.

I have been sick for two days and my employer will not give me a sick day. Can I sue?

I've been sick the last two days and my employer will not give me the time off I requested. I first let him know on Monday around 7pm which is about 4 hours before my shift. I let him know that I would work through my shift but would need the next night off to get better. He said no because it was too soon to know how I would feel. First off, i'm diabetic and prone to lots of stomach related issues which are extremely painful at times. I won't get into details of what else was going on but it was bad enough that I did need a day to rest. As i'm writing this, I still don't feel well and i'm working. Can I sue them? In the employee handbook it states that you are given 6 sick days a year and in order to get them you must let the manager know at least 2 to 3 hours before your shift. Well, I let him know 28 hours ahead of time. I am in Florida and in Florida even though it's a right to work state, an employer who provides sick days and has it written in their employee handbook must give you those days because it is a binding contract between you and the company once you are hired. I never call in, i'm always on time and have worked here for two years.

I'm tired of being treated like a machine and need to know if I can sue them or not. They not only try to screw me out of my sick time but they also rip people off (which i'm not proud of because I work here) but thats beside the point.

Chemistry Chart for Homework?

What's happening is that the solid substance starts at about 0deg and increases in temperature as energy continues flowing in. Energy increase is on the vertical axis. Time is on the horizontal axis. I tried to read the temperatures as best I could. At 14deg, the graph turns flat, because the substance has reached its melting point and is melting. The reason the graph is flat is because all the energy is going into the latent heat of fusion. After it's all melted, the temperature of the liquid continues to rise until 30deg. Then it turns flat. This is because the energy is all going for the latent heat of vaporization. After it'svaporized, the temperature of the vapor continues to rise. So:

1) It is a gas >30deg, 2) It is a liquid from 14-30deg, 3) It is a solid <14deg, 4) The melting point is 14deg, 5) The boiling point is 30deg, and 6) It is a solid at 10deg.

Try to take a sauna or steam bath. You don't need to be in long — e.g. ten to 15 minutes would probably work. Swedish studies show that the hot air temperature can kill the cold virus in its early stages. The cold virus lives in your nose.Gargle with warm salt water every 2–3 hours.Irrigate your nasal passages with a neti pot or saline nasal spray.If you can find it, use a zinc type nasal swab for cold prevention. Zicam made one and Vicks makes a similar one in the U.K. This also kills the cold virus in your nose or makes it weaker.If you have allergies, be sure to take your medication. Allergies take a toll on your immune system.Drink lots of water.Take zinc and C and D a multi-vitamin.Go to sleep. This is your body’s number one healing mechanism.If all of this doesn't work, and the cold begins to come on, take Benadryl at night or when you are going to be sleeping, to inhibit your histamine response and try to prevent a “mucus storm” for lack of a better phrase.

Ask to talk privately with each teacher in the classes you need to catch up with past homework assignments. Then specifically ask each one HOW YOU BEST CAN CATCH UP (withou exhausting yourself OR perpetually continue to be behind with new homework assignments.Your individual Teachers SHOULD BE the best people to ask for such help.You mention that some if your Teachers can’t really offer that much help either — which as a Teacher myself — tells me that such Teachers are either new to teaching; about to or should of retired a long time ago (thus they have stopped caring about not only of student’s learning, but of students’ enjoyment of learning.With the exception of someoneone new ton teaching, I suggest mentioning that perhaps the Assistant Principal would be able to assist you where they say they aren’t able. It might just stimulate their brain to come up with specific ways to assist you. And because sure to get it down in writing. (eg. a drawn up plan between the two of you that the Teacher agrees satisfies you making up “behind assignments” because you were sick and outb of school for 1 - 2 days).And which was it: I or 2 days you were sick and missed classes.And for people new to teaching, don’t abuse them like say Substitute Teachers are often abused by students . . . as there will be soooooo many times during your life-time that YOU WILL BE NEW AT SOMETHING — and you won’t want such “bad karma” to come back and haunt you !So with people new to teaching m, try to work out a FAIR “Catch Up Plan” with them — where you learn the material you missed and need to know.Then later in your life — your “good karma” will come back to help you.

I'm sick... But my parents won't let me stay home from school!?

I swear to god, I am sick. I went to the doctor today, and the doctor offered to give me a medical certificate so I could stay home but my mother refused! I have some virus that is going around and it makes it difficult to swallow and my nose is running! I asked my parents if I could stay home but they said no! I'm feeling even worse, I'm burning and my nose is blocked. My parents told me to do my homework (I'm doing it right now) but my head hurts.. I can't really explain it but it feels like someone is knocking the walls of my head. My mum even yelled at me.. I really want to stay home, I took the antibiotics the doctor prescribed me and took a strepsil but nothing is working. I really want to stay home. I am not falling behind on school work, in fact, I am one of the best students in my class! Why won't they let me stay home and how can I convince them to let me go. I know my school is expensive but I don't care. I can't even concentrate like this. I also have PE tomorrow! Please help me!!

Based on your request where you want me to write a sick leave application for two days to class, here is the complete set of package, which I have written for you.The following letter is intimating the Principal , that you were ill due to chicken poxAlso mention, in the letterHow many days of leave, you had taken?Are you recuperating now?Yes, that’s important (Many forget to mention)Also, it is advisable to add the medical certificate issued by the doctorI have mentioned all these points in the letter, which I have written for you downLet’s startThe principal,City Montessori School,Aliganj, LucknowSubject ( Taking 5 days leave, due to my illness)Sir/Ma’am,I am Arpit Sharma student of Class 10th A, requests to inform you about my illness , due to which I couldn’t manage to attend school for five days i.e from 15th April, 2018 to 19th April, 2018.The doctor has advised me complete rest till the time and I have no other choice, but to listen to him.In the process, I recuperated well and now, I am fit to resume with the school days.I have also attached my medical certificateThanking You,Yours Faithfully,Arpit SharmaClass 10thDate-Read : Taking leave from school, due to Parent’s illnessDo you want me to tell you the correct way of writing a “school – leave – letter” ?Well, if, then check the below web address, you will get step-by-step in an easy manner:-However, before that, it is HIGHLY IMP, to mention these things in your leave letterMENTION THE REASON OF TAKING LEAVEOnly you know bestSo, why have you taken leave?Was it because of family function?Was it because of illness?Points to mention in the letter:-Mention the date on which you were illMention about your illnessAlso mention whether you are fit and fine today (as you have come to school )Following are different leave letters, which you can check.Hope, it helps you to write a perfect leave letterLeave letter for two daysLeave letter from Parent for their child to take care at home