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Me With This Political Government Essay

I need help with writing my Government Essay and i am confused on what they topic is asking. Please help.?

This is the topic:

The Texas Consititution of 1876 sets up a system of separation of powers and checks and balances. Indentify the elements of these two systems in the state Constitution. Does the checks and balances system continue to work given the political environment in Texas today? Why?

Any good websites would be very helpful.

I have an essay on the vulnerability of California government to hyperpluralism? Can anyone help me out here?

I have no concept to how hyperpluralism affects government. Let alone how California could be "vulnerable" to it?

The question on the homework set states:

Evaluate the vulnerability of California government to hyperpluralism by referring to the relevant constitution and actors in civil society.

It is a confusing question to me mostly because I am terrible at politics, but also because hyperpluralism just means that many groups can become more powerful than government. I have know clue why or how this would cause California to be "vulnerable" to anything.

- Thanks to all answerers = )

I like to stand out when I write.If all you are interested in is getting your essay done and getting a good grade, then do what everyone else is suggesting. Choose a subject you are passionate about, study it, and write about it.If, however, you want to stand out and be memorable, here is my suggestion: find an issue in modern government/politics that you are passionate about, study it thoroughly, then write about the validity of the opposite point of view from your own.This approach takes bravery and will be more honest than parroting others who support your view. It will cause you to grow as an individual and will likely be memorable.Good luck.

Since there are various ideas to consider you can use the list below to help you create an original paper topic of your ownDifferences in democratic and republican beliefs.What amendment in the US constitution should be changed?The process required for a state to be recognized as a state.Differences in federal and state aid.How to get more people to vote during elections.Finding out which three branches (executive, judicial and legislative) has the most power.Do Americans really have equal rights? Does the amendment in place really ensure this?Does the federal government have too much or too little power?Should police be allowed to search property of a student at school without a search warrant?What are important tasks exercised through the executive branch and how have they affected presidents in the country’s history?Don't forget another good way of simplifying your writing is using external resources (such as Professional Writing Services ). This will definitely make your life more easier

How can a political cartoon be more effective than a political essay?

Approximately 90% of people don't read political opinion pieces and that is one reason we get the lame politicians that we have.

Government should not fund controversial art-an essay topic.I have no ideaabout it.HELP!Please!?

Largely a bogus topic as the government doesn't fund controversial art.

Every case that would fall under this category was essentially an argument over whether controversial art should be displayed in a a forum that was partially funded by the government. Which is quite a different thing.

On one side you have politicians demanding the right to censor art museums to conform with their tastes. On the other you have artists and museum operators who question why some political hack with a degree in optometry gets to decide what insults catholicism.

A good satire makes fun of something often by using exaggeration or by extending policies to the ridiculousness.An example is Donald Trump's wall.The Chinese built the great wall over 2000 years ago and it failed to keep out the invading Mongols and other peoples. As a strategy, it didn't work.No doubt it has a hidden agenda, we'll keep American jobs at home by importing Chinese laborers to build it since in general, we're trying to build a population of educated high technology workers, thereby reducing population in China and evening out our carbon footprint without reducing our oil use.Now ask yourself, why would the country with the world's most powerful army and with the world's most technological society need a low tech, solution that failed?And all to keep out drug runners. Surely, there is a better solution, like tattooing criminals so you can spot them easily or creating a home designer drug that would make you think like Donald Trump called thugtasy. Political satire takes a policy and makes fun of it, pointing out its limitations with something equally helpful, like the Donald Trump toiletry wall, since his wall is likely to be pissed on more than effective. That way, all the tourists passing through could comb their hair and maybe play craps at it.

Please help me with my government essay? Just give me a few ideas?

In a school day, there really is no difference. Like another person answered, democracies do not exist. They exist in theory, but not in practice. If you take a class in math, then that is no different. Geography is the same, a foreign language is the same. The only thing that may be different is how history is taught and how civics are taught. Teachers try to teach students that we live in a democracy, but that is not true. Like in a dictatorship, young people are indoctrinated into a political and economic system (example: pledge of allegiance, flag waving at sports events). I'm not even going to get into history books not being accurate. So I would probably write an essay that for the two students, life is pretty much the same.

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