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Meaning Of Dreams Bridal

What is the meaning of a dream where I am in a bridal dress?

Wedding dress by itsel

Dream meaning wedding with no shoes?

this dream seems spiritual to me. it seems as if God may be speaking to you through this dream about your relationship with him.

not having the shoes to go with the dress seems as if it might be saying that your feet are not shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, or that you may not be sharing your faith as you should be or not walking in the way that you should be.

the feeling of knowing the groom but not really knowing him might be about your relationship with Jesus....knowing him or who he is, but not really knowing him intimately or personally as well as you should.

the person who you asked for help working against you with someone you don't trust might have to do with the advice or guidance you have received in the past being not quite right and that you have not been led properly because those who have tried to help or lead you are actually hot working for your good, maybe without them even realizing it.

'I Had A Dream' from Bride Wars?

I would say the song you want is "Dream" by Priscilla Ahn. You can listen to the official video at:

DREAM: Torn wedding dress? What does it mean?

I had a dream that I was wearing a wedding dress and getting ready in the bridal dressing room right before my wedding. My wedding dress had a slight tear in it, which was located on the front of the skirt where my thigh was. The tear was like a cemtimeter. The dress was fine besides that. My best friend who was also my maid of honor, was going to help me fix the tear but she was using a dark grey thread and i said to her "NOOO you have to use white thread or people will be able to tell it's torn"

I'm not planning on getting married. I am dating someone exclusively but from what I remember he was not in my dream; I never even saw who my groom was.

what does this mean?

What does it mean if you see someone getting married in your dream?

Dreams of marriage are generally not considered good whether it is for someone else or your own.But, I believe marriage in any dream may signify the connection/partnership of the energies. Since you saw someone else getting married in your dream this may mean that they are moving into a new phase of their life and you are one of the support factors for them.Marriage may also signify that they will be entering into any partnerships or probably any of your dreams may come true in the near future but but but… before that you need to prepare yourself for it and this will take little more efforts from you. Probably that is the reason this has been quoted as a negative thing to see marriage in a dream but who would mind working a little hard for their dreams? Don't worry and utilize this time in building plans for future. You probably would have to wait a little longer but that is going to be worth it.Good luck!

What do my 2 extremely weird dreams mean?!?

1st dream -

The spider represents your uncle. that one you don't like very much. you know the one i mean. you gave him a DS (Dirty Sponge) because you think that he smells, but you're not willing to give him your best sponge. The piano you hid in represents your sexuality. you may be gay.

2nd dream -

You spent so much time crying because your confused about your sexuality. Your crush represents your uncle, who secretly you think is okay even though he smells. The nurse represents Boris Johnson, who you think is a nice man despite being posh and a bit dozy.