Men When You Notice A Woman That Is Walking Along The Side Of The Road Do You Feel Obligated To

What does it mean when someone honks at you while you're walking?

That their horn works?

Is it safe to walk alone at night for a woman?

My girlfriend and I often walk or ride bike together late at night (at about 10:00 or later) a few times each week. We do not do this along major highways. A few times, I had other obligations, but she went anyways. Is this really safe? Do you have any suggestions so that nothing does happen if she does this again? Should I ask her not to go even? I am not sure if this is relevant, but we are from a small city in south-central Canada, and we walk or bike along roads on the edge of town. Also, I am not a native Canadian, and not completely familiar with this area; she pretty much is.

Why do all men and boys always let women walk up the stairs ahead of them?

Lol. I hate it when they do that. I hate being in the front so it gets me all nervous. I also dont like it when they pull out chairs for us. They probably just want to see our @$$ lol.