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Military Style Costume

Why was Michael Jackson so fascinated with military-style jackets?

The military and the entertainment industry are a lot alike, this is why the public gets very little of what is truth. It is about secrets and the true commanders of the industry. It was more than just the wearing of the uniform style for Michael, but a message.Michael’s former personal designer, dresser and friend Michael Bush said that the military style jackets were worn by royalty during Victorian times as a form of entertainment and Michael was an entertainer, that was just one reason. The other was because Michael believed in the Napoleon quotation: “ With baubles men are led.” Michael Jackson was the most famous and revered entertainer on the planet, he led because of medals earned, and for any good that he tried to bring to public awareness.It was more than just being stylish to Michael, it was an idea he had long before Bush started to design for him, long before it came to full fruition. Of course I give Bush a lot of credit, he was genius in the way he dressed Michael, but it was Michael who would tell Bush, “ You can go ice it now.” this was not done until Michael asked him to do so. As Michael set the stage, it was the same with his military style jackets.

What kind of costume would a modern day Il Capitano wear? (Commedia dell' Arte)?

Traditionally, a military uniform of a high rank. General, or Admiral, with lots of underserved medals.

If you want to have less obvious a modern interpretation - what about a Gangsta look - gang colors, all the tatts... Il Capitano is a swaggering, boastful coward. The more the look says "I'm a bad-***", the bigger the humor when he acts cowardly.

Help me plan a military discharge party!!!!?

First of all invite family and friends, and ask them for ideas. The fact you are throwing the party is a huge deal. HUGE DEAL! The people who know him best will be able to give him some ideas. Some of the things you could do are:

1- Go to your bakery and have a custom cake made. They can put on some decorations like dog tags, and some other stuff related to what he did, toys like a tank or Humvee.

2- Go to the local Build-A-Bear workshop and build him a bear and dress it in a military style costume. This will be a reminder of what he did. Bears are strong and powerful, just like your son. The military uniform shows what he did, and it will be something he can hand to to kids later, as a sign of what their dad did.

3- Have all the people coming to the party write a brief thank you letter. Have everyone give an example of a good time they remember, and something that your son did in the service that makes them proud.

I am a vet of the Army, and you are doing a great thing. Tell your son congratulations and welcome home, as well as thanks from me. I look forward to the day when I can plan for my two brothers discharge parties!

Good luck!

FYI: This is what I would have wanted after coming back from Kuwait in 1999. I didn't get any real party, but would have loved something, anything. I also have 2 brothers serving, 1 has done 2 tours in Iraq and is now in Afghanistan, and the other has been to Iraq once. And this is kind of what we did to welcome them back, and I think it really meant a lot to them. They still have some of the stuff we gave them, even the brother that was there when the war started.
I also only served 3 years, and just wanted to get out and begin my life. It wasn't based on experiences or anything like that.
My brothers always tell me how much they love hearing people say good things about what they think. They love hearing how we feel about their service. My brothers know how proud I am, and whenever we get together we always talk about the old times and the things we did, the memories we have. It feels good to remember and laugh.

ACU's for a Halloween Costume??

This I can relate too....

My Wife LOVED wearing my BDU'S AND DCU'S when I was in, and actually still wears them from time to time.

You are right, You CAN wear them as long as the US ARMY tag is off and any rank also has been removed.

Its O.K to wear them with any UNIT patch and Identifiers, {I.E.}
Air borne, ranger ETC....

I think its a great way to Support your husband.

As far as the Beret's go, Take off the unit patch on that.
it does not matter as to the color either, wear it with Pride.

So all in all, All you need to do is take off the Unit patch for the Beret, and take off the US ARMY and rank on the Top, and you can leave the rest on.

Good luck and have fun.

If I wear a military uniform with no rank, medals, or insignia, is it considered stolen valor?

Wearing a military uniform without rank, ribbons, badges, etc. would not qualify for stolen valor and shouldn’t offend anyone. Buying old GI surplus shirts with patches on them is fine too. If you and your buddies want to put Army patches on fatigues and go play airsoft 82nd vs. 101 Airborne, knock yourselves out. The USMA football team even sews Army division patches onto their uniforms as a tribute to those units.Where it becomes stoopid is when people go out and buy dress uniforms and then pin a bunch of crap on them and then walk around the mall trying to pass themselves off as Air Force Recon-SEAL-Rangers with Bon Jovi haircuts and cheesy-poof physiques.Don’t be this guy:The thing that those idiots don't realize is that they are surrounded by veterans every day. Just because they don't make themselves known, doesn't mean they're not standing right next to you. We have all done pushups for having a ribbon or badge off by just a centimeter, so we know exactly where every badge and ribbon goes, and we know which direction the patches should face. We can spot those mistakes a mile away (Are you listening Hollywood?).If you picked up some surplus fatigues at Goodwill and someone asks; "Hey, were you with _____?" Say; "No, I just got this shirt from Goodwill because I thought it was cool." and he'll leave you alone, but if you say "Yes", expect some very specific follow up questions, ending with you face down in the dirt, or a video mocking you posted on the FaceyPages or YouBoob.Also: I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I find it offensive when people wear military dress uniforms for halloween. Men fought and died in those uniforms. They are not costumes.

Is it legal to wear foreign military uniforms on the US?

Yes, if it is YOUR military uniform that came from the military when you were in the military.

Also should be fine in public even if it's just a costume, as long as you don't attempt to impersonal a military officer. In other words, you can't say, "give me free coffee because I'm in the military", or walk up to someone's door saying it is a national security issue, and have them let you in because they think you're in the military. You can go to prison for this.

But if you just hang about in public with the uniform then there is nothing wrong with that.

p.s. it's not from the US so yeah, no problem, other military does not have jurisdiction in the US and there aren't any laws against it, as long as you don't try to impersonate a US military officer.

Where to get jimi hendrix style outfits?

Tough call.
I'm a lifelong Hendrix fanatic, so I know a little about this, but I don't know if it's a big help!

The leather fringe jackets were kinda "in" in the 60's, so they were everywhere.
The jacket he wore, dark colored, with those squirmy embroider things, I believe came from when he was in the military (he was a paratrooper) and was modified.
So you might look at military surplus stores for something similar.
The "eyeball jacket" that was on the "Are you Experienced" album cover was custom made.

The big fluffly sleeved shirts could probably be had, by looking for Pirate style clothing, or maybe 18th century shirt costumes.
So.... probably costume supply houses, vintage clothing supply places, but I'm thinking you will probably end up finding someone who will make the stuff for you.
Contact a local theater supply shop, or your local theater, and see who makes costumes for them.
They might get a kick out of it, and do it for a discount, or maybe even just for the cloth.
Bring in photos to them.
I hope this helps a bit...

Jimi was the coolest!

Is there an existing quasi-military uniform that President Trump could wear for his parade that would not break any laws or offend anyone?

Understandably I see a lot of jokey answers being put to this question. And while I am by no means a supporter of this parade idea, I have to concede that the answer to the question is actually yes, there is a quasi-military uniform which President Trump could wear which would not break laws or offend anyone. And anyone who has been following Trump in the media has already seen him wear it.This flight-style jacket is commonly given to high-ranking civilian officials such as POTUS or SECDEF who visit various ships such as aircraft carriers. It contains a name and rank patch denoting the President’s position as Commander-in-Chief as well as a patch bearing the crest of the ship.The hat is standard issue gear for members of a particular ship’s crew, but not the embroidered braiding on the bill, which is commonly referred to as the “scrambled eggs”. These are only worn by the commanding officer of the ship or a member of the admiralty. Since he outranks either one of those groups, it is appropriate for the Commander-in-Chief to also wear scrambled eggs.This attire is perfectly fine and appropriate for someone like the CINC to wear whilst visiting a particular ship or military installation, even mixed with civilian clothes as it is. What I am personally cringing about, however, would be the possibility that Donald Trump would consider wearing something like this to his desired military parade, less the ship-specific insignia, but perhaps replaced with the seal of the Office of the President of the United States.The jacket would be acceptable only in a technical sense, but still regarded as dressing-down to something like a working duty uniform. A full professional suit with jacket and tie would be more appropriate attire for the civilian head of a military force. The hat, however, especially with the “scrambled eggs”, would be way over the top, and all too reminiscent of certain historical civilian dictators like Mussolini, Gaddhafi or, yes, even Hitler, who liked to wear military-style dress uniforms they otherwise had no real business wearing.It’s quite apparent that the President is wanting this parade to prove something to the world, or at least himself. But if he was to actually don this quasi-military garb for the pass-and-review aspect of this parade, that would conclusively prove to me at least that this is mostly about his ego more than anything else.

What branch of the military uses black uniforms?

That could only be the U.S. Navy. Of course...according to Big Navy our uniforms are really, really, really dark navy blue. But those uniforms are typically called Johnny Cash's after the man in black himself.

Help with some "pink floyd the wall" costumes, for a contest in halloween?

Im trying to do a costume of pink (from the wall) dressed as general, because i have sometime from here to october 30, two months, and for my friend im trying to make the students (also from the wall)
but I actually have no idea of what to do first, here's a list of what i need to make the costumes:
A Military cap with the crossed hammers logo on the front (optional, really just to add more style)
Dark lens, (aviator kind, optional)
Military leather raincoat , (i cant pay for one so i need to make it, what materials do you suggest me to use)
Black pants
Black military boots,
A Crossed hammers arm band
Black belt
Black long sleeve cotton shirt
Black harness kind belt

Rubber mask (with burned holes i dont know how to make it, im thinking of making a mold and put some ballistic gel with pink colorant, and when it is dry burn the eyeholes and mouthhole with a lighter)
Red neck tie
White long sleeve button shirt
Black suit
Black baseball cap

I need to know how to start now that i have time, im concerned about the prices of some of the clothes, but i think i can pay someone to make me some a little cheaper than one bought on internet, and i actually need to know some material to make the rubber masks for the student, because im going to do what i said on the list, because i just one tutorial to make one and in the tutorial it looks like **** and It don't looks not even closer to the ones on the movie, so I'm going to do ballistic gel with pink colorant on a mold and burn the holes with a lighter.

Please any suggestions

Will Xtinger,

p.d: pardon my english if its poor, i'm not american