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Why are there so many Minecraft questions on Quora?

Well look at what we have here! A Minecraft question asking about Minecraft questions; this is getting really meta.So why are there so many questions? First off, Minecraft is a delightfully constructed game that combines simplicity and complexity in perfect amounts. Consider this: A gamer who sees Minecraft without playing it simply views a blocky world without much purpose. A dirt block is simply dirt. Just another block among countless others. This is the simple observation. This is most likely the observation you used when you were baffled by the number of questions about the game.But look past the simplicity and the game becomes super complicated. That dirt block we talked about? It is now a tilled and nurtured soil block; a pivotal piece of a massive melon farm feeding a multi-player village. And that is only dirt. Add in another hundred blocks and the number of things that can be made increase exponentially.And that is only in game questions! There are consistently asked questions about computer specifications, game programming, and even the game's philosophy. This leads us to quora, a wonderful site where these questions can be asked and answered in an intelligent and kind manner.Knowledge is made to be transferred and shared, and serves as the perfect remedy to any case of curiosity.

An important minecraft question ?

Hello I have minecraft Xbox 360 edition and I have a really important ideation to ask. How do you kick people? I have come across situations where I need to kick people but I just don't know how. Please tell me how.

Minecraft Question, enderman?

Scenario 1: "I made a four-block-high-structure. Will an enderman teleport to me?"
Answer: As long as you're somewhere whose minimum height is three blocks endermen will still teleport to you.

Scenario 2: "I lit my cave with torches. It won't spawn skeletons and zombies right?"
Answer: Yes. It prevents from spawning almost all hostile mobs naturally (except slimes). However, this does not prevent you from being pursuited by mobs. Too bad.

Minecraft question? Really Easy!?

What is the difference of Buying Minecraft and playing/downloading it for free? What features do I get without buying it? Thank you!

~ I been playing it on the ipad and i like it but I wanna try the computer version so it's a bit easier to control. ~

Why is Minecraft asking me to answer security questions every time I login in to the website

There may be something suspicious about your account, they’re checking that you’re not a spambot.To be honest, I’d be happy if it was doing this, at least I know my account is totally safe.Don’t sweat it too much, they’re doing their job and it wouldn’t be without just cause, be happy your account is safe and sound :)

Can’t join any Minecraft servers?

I purchased Minecraft just a few days ago on windows 10 and on the pocket edition. Whenever I try to join any server on either one I get the message “unable to connect to world” I’ve tried multiple different servers, I’ve made sure everything is spelled correctly.. people also cannot join my worlds. What can I do to fix this issue?

Bb flashback and minecraft question!!?

ok so i want to make some minecraft videos and i need help finding settings for bb flashback so it will work when recording minecraft stuff.. right now all im getting is a black screen with my mouse going places and the sound, but no video (except for my mouse) and one time it was the very first frame, frozen.. with sound.. and my mouse moving. please help?

512x512 minecraft texture question, people who know computers well please.?

Hey there. I recently found out that people actually make 512x512 texture packs for minecraft. Which is just silly. I found one, but upon opening minecraft It says that minecraft has run out of memory.
Does this just mean that I need to allocate more memory to minecraft? Or can minecraft simply not run it?

Computer specs.
AMD 4ghz CPU
16gb Kingston RAM
MSI Radeon 6970 (OC'd 6950)
Minecraft is on my 120gb SSD.

How do you get string in Minecraft?

The best and easiest way to get string is to hunt spiders. You can also find string in dungeon and nether fortress chests, but that's a lot of trouble for very little string. Alternately, you can kill cave spiders, but they are more dangerous than normal spiders. Another way to get a lot of string really quickly is to find a system of abandoned mineshafts. These have lots of cobwebs all over the place, which you can break with a sword to get string or with shears to obtain the cobweb item. Watch out, though: there are cave spiders in abandoned mineshafts, and there's lots more cobwebs near the spawners (hint: some of my fellow players have a theory that the closer one gets to a spawner, the more cobwebs there are. I'm not quite sure about that, but it might be true.)