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Minor Starting Online Business

How I can start an online business?

Yes, I can help...

I use a step-by-step approach and it works all the time. Here you go:

1) First validate the demand (FREE keyword tool):

Are there people searching for what you want to offer?

2) Build your website with this FREE tool:

3) Select a URL and setup Hosting (not FREE but darn cheap and reliable - something like $4 per month...):

4) Drive traffic (not FREE but you cannot do without):

5) FREE Online Business Creator:

This is a list of tools and resources I use myself to build and market my websites.

Highly recommended. Hope this helps...

Starting an online business?

Hi there

With the current technology, Internet business is very ideal nowadays.

For a beginner here are some basic guidelines you will want to follow.

You need Information
Information is the key to success. You can succeed in online business even without a degree in Computer courses. All you need is total research on what you are trying to accomplish. Internet is a big library, you can find all your needed resources here and start making money online.

Plan ahead and start simple
There are a lot of online business platforms in the Internet. You must choose the best one that suits your skills and knowledge. Start simple at first and pay a big attention later. You can first start on simple programs like Paid To click programs and work from home jobs like copy writing, encoding and many others. If you gain experience, then switch to a more serious money making programs like blogging and website building. It is essential to start simple and plan your own time table for your own online business.

Avoid Online Scam programs
Online Scam Programs are everywhere! To avoid being scammed, don't sign up for programs that offers "too good to be true" services. If the programs says that you will earn $5000 in just one week, then it is a scam! Don't be blinded by their very attractive marketing campaign and you should be wiser than them. So choose the best programs for your Internet business.
The program below is the first non scam program i have found, really great if you are starting out.

Be patience
Patience is a virtue. Remember that online business industry is just like the traditional businesses which takes time before you reap all of its benefits. Patience is the key to keep on thriving to make more money online.

These simple guidelines will give you a glimpse on how a career in online business should be handled correctly. Follow these steps and you will surely be on the right path to success!

To your success.

Hi, you have a lot of opportunities with 50$. Also , by the way I saw yound entrepreneurs who started even with 0$You can start consulting business. One thing which you need is a knowledge, if you ttalented in some field you shold start share your knowledgeBlogging. Start with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. You can make videos and photos on your smartphone. No need to buy a cameta. If you really have something to say, and people see your content useful there no need to pay for ad, they will share that themself.You can start a web design business. Do your portfolio on Behance and people will hire you. Everyone can be a web designer, because everyone have a unique style which might be useful for someone. And this someone will be ready to pay for that.Affiliate marketing, refferal programs. Contact with people and suggest their services to other. Take your % for that. This is by the way also free and you don’t need to spend 50$If you have a good camera and photot skills you can sell your works on photo stocks

Can a minor start an online Business?

Yeah it's totally legal. There have been a ton of teenagers that have made a ton of money. I'm not sure how it works out afterward though what with parental guardianship and all. I say go for it but remember that if you are going to start a site you should also include a toll free number on your ads. People will be more likely to buy from you because: a) A toll free makes you look more professional and b) It encourages people to call to get info since they don't have to pay long distance charges. I recommend Tollfreenumber.ORG. They haven't let me down yet.

How to start online business?

The best routes to take are to research the process of starting a business as well as the industry you're interested in.

I recommend checking out the SBA, Entrepreneur, The Start Up Journal & Nolo. All 4 are great informational resources for the new/small business owner. -- Nolo’s Starting a Business – Resource Center

Research, research, research – this cannot be stressed enough. Read as much as you can. Here are some book titles that are relevant:

* Starting an Online Business For Dummies, 4th Edition by Greg Holden
* How to Start and Maintain A Successful Online Business by Kelly Thornton
* The Complete E-Commerce Book: Design, Build, and Maintain a Successful Web-Based Business by Janice Reynolds

There are plenty of free informational resources out there. Check out these articles: – Start an Online Business by David Gass – Starting an Internet Business…by Jim D. Williams – So You Want to Start an Internet Business – Now What? by Hermas Haynes

Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

Yes. Get started now and make it legal later. When you start making serious money, you can hire experts to clean up your accounting and taxes very quickly.Keep meticulous records of everything. Every receipt and so on.You will need a way to accept money. Get a Paypal account opened for you by your parents linked to an bank account in your name.One problem is inability to sign anything while an unemancipated minor. I am sure there are workarounds to that by hiring appropriate people.I don't bother with business licenses for projects that are not full fledged businesses. If I did, well let's just say it would be incredibly expensive. No one in the government knows or cares about you when you are just trying to get started and not yet making money. I had to pay a $50 penalty once for not having a local business license.One exception, I had to get a state license to repair computers (yeah, bet you didn't know that is a requirement in California) and they came to my door to enforce that with copies of my Craigslist ads in their hands. I paid my $221 fee to get licensed and lived happily ever after.Note: I am signing this with my own name. It may be bad advice, but I follow it.

Can you Start a Business as a minor?

1- you would probably not be able to get licensed as a minor
2- you will probably NOT be allowed to run a business like that out of your house - zoning laws
you would really have to have some kind of actual storefront location, which would require an adult to sign a lease and cost $100's+ per month to rent, plus utilities, computer equipment, furniture, phone service (business phone numbers are a lot more expensive than home or cell phones)
3-you would probably need a adult cosigner to even open a business bank account, and it may be impossible or very expensive to get a merchant account, so you can accept credit cards
4- you probably have to take some kind of course to even be eligible to become a travel agent
5-you might have trouble getting anyone to take you seriously as a minor
6-it probably costs a good amount of money every month just to get access to the reservation software that travel agents use and unless you are licensed, you probably won't be allowed to use it at any costs
7-you'd be a lot better off waiting until you are old enough, then getting a job at a travel agency for a few years, so you learn the business and build up a clientele (customer list)

Yes a minor can start business in India. The only basic need of starting startup business  is Idea .What kind of business you want to start ,which product you want to sell etc. You also keep in mind that  you don't have a big amount of money starting a business . Today world is growing now a days person don't want to wast time because with the increase in technologies the amount of time is decreasing .working person don't have enough time for spending in traffic areas or for bargaining or etc. This was a main reason for the idea of online shopping. Person can shop online in search of any product . Searching online is very convenient to customers they feel comfortable and also remain for long time . Now you are stuck!how you can provide goods to customers. See have to search for eCommerce web design company in India for building you website online then again you think how you can pay them see these companies have bound condition their client they said ok we will provide you a website with good platform you have to give us money at the time of earning or amount of commission . You can search for Ankita Vyas' answer to How do start ecommerce business in india? for more option.

You'd need help from someone of legal age, because you can't sign a legally binding document.You wouls also want to form a legal company, like an LLC Limited Liabilty Corporation, for tax purposes, and to protect your personal assets, and those of you adult co-signers. If you don't, any income will count against your adult co-signer’s income, and if you get sued, their assets are up for grabs.You'd need a lawyer for that, but for a small startup, you could probably use one of the online legal sites for a standard “boiler plate” set of documents, which establish the terms of the company, and give you what you need to register your company with the state, and federal government, to obtain an EIN, Employer Identification Number, which is like a social security number for the company to file your taxes. If it takes off, you'll probably want to talk to a lawyer face to face to improve the documents….who knows, you may have a lawyer as a full time employee by then!!Probably thinking way too far ahead here, but Illinois isn't the best state to incorporate in, having stricter rules than some other states. I worked for a Fortune 100 company, and we were incorporated in Delaware, for those reasons, even though we had businesses in all 50 states, as well as internationally.My son started his own company as an LLC at age 22, and he did it by himself, with no help from mom or dad, (except money of course), so it can't be that hard.Anyway, best of luck, and congratulations on your ambition.

HOLA!!!Hey there 4teen looks like your are going to be successful entrepreneur when you be hitting 6teenYou know while starting a business isn’t easy, it will change your life for the better. You will learn to think on your feet, overcome tough challenges, be creative, manage finances, be diplomatic, and lead your team.Earning money with online jobs can be tricky. Despite their bad reputation getting hired for these jobs can be a great way for a 14 year old boy or girl to earn money. Some people label all online jobs as scams but this isn’t the case. Work at home jobs are nothing new and have been a great way to earn money for years. The key is to find real, honest jobs. These jobs will require work, just like any other job so don’t expect to earn money without working. If an online job claims you’ll earn a boat-load of money with little or no work, run away fast. That’s a sure sign of a scamConsider these insteadSell Stuff on eBayFreelancerOnline SurveysWebsite DesignVoices . comBoostapal Ambassador ProgramBoostapalYouTube channelComputer TutorMoving AssistantThese are few examples where you can try and learn from these and gain experiencesBut try focusing your education first then ask your parents to help you in your online venture… then listen to your heart what it says about and how to ….Hope things goes wellGraciasLaeeq Peeran