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Morton Salt Girl Costume Help

The saying originated from the Morton Salt Company. They used it in an ad to sell salt. They were looking for a slogan that could promote their salt that poured freely even when the weather was damp. They decided on the now famous umbrella girl. They first tried out "Even in rainy weather, it flows freely," but they found it to be too long. They tried the proverb,  "It never rains, but it pours," but it sounded negative. They eventually settled on "When it rains, it pours."This slogan and the umbrella girl became the company’s trademark ever since. You can read more from their website History of the Umbrella Girl

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On top what Morton Gelt wrote,I found this chart Spices and Their Costs in Medieval Europe which details (among others) the price of salt in 15th century London. You can also read an essay titled "Salt and the evolution of money" by David Bloch

“When it rains, it pours” was an advertising slogan for Morton Salt in the U.S., a twist on the old English proverb, “It never rains but it pours.” The slogan meant that Morton Salt would stay dry and come out of the box or shaker perfectly, even when it was raining outside or humid inside. The product packaging featured the tagline “Morton Free Running Salt. It Pours.”An image of a little girl with an umbrella was created to go with the slogan, which was trademarked by Morton and debuted on November 6, 1914.“When it rains, it pours”…It dates back to 1911, when the Morton Salt Company developed a new breakthrough in table salt technology.Until then, most table salt was sold in a raw, coarse-grained form that clumped and caked when rainy weather made the air in a house even slightly humid.The Morton food scientists solved this problem by reducing the grain size and adding a small amount of magnesium carbonate, an anti-caking agent.As a result, the salt didn’t cake and clump. It could be poured or shaken out as nicely as dry sand, even when it was humid indoors due to the weather.The Morton execs asked their ad agency – the renowned N.W. Ayer & Son firm – to create a catchy ad slogan for this new and improved salt.Morton rejected a couple of initial slogan ideas, but the Ayer admen eventually came up with a winner: “When it rains, it pours.”As expected, American consumers, who previously had to put up with inconveniently clumpy salt when the humidity was high, understood exactly what the Morton slogan meant.The original proverb It never rains but it pours had a negative connotation, suggesting that when troubles come, they come one after the other.

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There are a number of reasons, most often brought about by a combination of external cultural changes and shifts along with internal company shifts that now warrant ensuring that the company is NOT being pigeon-holed into "something from its past." An important reference many companies use as a checklist for rebranding can be found here: How To Rebrand: 19 Questions to Ask Before You Start -- or you can tak advantage the Slideshare presentation: How to rebrand: 19 Questions to Ask Before You StartLastly, you may also find a very useful before-and after-study here which shows the results from a well-planned and effective rebrand: Before And After Branding Examples by David Brier