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Mothers Who Do You Love More Your Husband Or Kids

Do you love your husband/wife more than your kids?

i feel bad for some of you peoples spouses. they deserve better. The only reason some of you have kids is because someone was tough enough to put up with you and you pay them by putting them second. that is just sad. You would die alone and live your old age alone if it wasn't for your spouse. good thing im lucky enough to find someone that loves me more than anything else in the world and puts me first always. I just hope everyone that deserves it is also lucky enough to find someone that would always put them first and love them more than anything in the world. i put him first also.

Who should a husband love more? His wife or his mother?

His wife, most definitely, but it shouldn't be a contest. It doesn't matter how long you've been married. It isn't like "oh, it's been ten, sorry but I love my wife more than you". And it really isn't about that. You don't (or shouldn't) have to choose, but if you did, it should be your wife. Your wife is your partner for life, not your mother. Unless you have unresolved attachment issues with your mother, it shouldn't be a problem. Know that if you and your mother clash, you really can't side with either party but you as her husband should stick by your wife and support her before you would support your mother.

You chose forever with your wife, she will be or is the mother or your children. She has to come before your mother. Your wife should come first in your life. No questions.

Yes and I agree that you need to establish boundaries and loyalties, otherwise wife and mother will clash. Your wife should have your utmost loyalty, way before your mother. Your mother and wife need not be best friends and if they have conflicting personalities, well that's life sometimes, especially when the mother sees the wife as someone who stole her son from her or who isn't what she expected or if the wife thinks that the mother is too intrusive - or hey sometimes people just don't mesh well - but they should be civil, but no, they don't have to be friends. You just have to deal with that, and remember who you CHOSE to make your wife. You have to put your wife first. If you don't, then the marriage is doomed.

If you are in your midthirties then you are way too old to cling to mommy in any form. If your mom is domineering or doesn't like your wife or if your wife is competitive with your mom, then you can't let that ruin your marriage. Set clear boundaries - but remember your priority is your wife, not your mom. Love your mom, but cling to your wife, and your wife comes first.

Any married man who would put his mother ahead of his wife will make his marriage a big failure. Not saying thats what is going on. But that scenario is more realistic sadly than a man honestly having to measure who he loves more.

Do you love your husband/wife more, or your kids more?

That is so hard...

You are right you do become one.. and honestly, I feel horrible admitting this, but if we were in a car accident and I lost my husband I would feel worse than if I lost my child..

Not because I don't love my children, I do, more than anything in the world lol, but because If I loose my husband, my children don't have their father we don't have our family.. if my husband we lived we could always have more children if we wanted..

not that I would replace my babies or anything, but just being able to reproduce with that same man would mean a lot..

I can't even explain it.. I know it sounds horrible though..

Should i love my mother more or my wife?

It's a crazy question to ask you, but once you're married, your wife should come first in your life. Still, that's different than loving one MORE than the other. I'm sure my husband doesn't love his mother or me more than the other, he loves us differently.

But, on the other hand, if he had to choose one over the other (IDK, say in an argument, or who he'd save from a burning bridge or whatever), I'm hoping it would be me. Marriage makes your spouse a priority. Personally, my husband is first for me-- hands-down over my family and even my kids (my kids are adults and have families of their own).

Who do you love more, parents or husband/wife?

I love them in different ways, so it is a hard comparison to make...if I had to choose between one or the other I would choose my bestfriend, lover, companion, life mate...MY HUSABAND

Does a mom love her children more than her husband, or is it an equal amount of love for both?

There's no way to answer that.Not all moms are the same, and you can't paint everyone in a group with the same broad brush. I've seen several moms dump their kids for a new boyfriend. I've seen moms dump their husbands to protect the kids from him. I've seen moms dump the entire family because of boredom. I've seen moms sacrifice everything for husbands and children. I've seen great wives that hated being a mom. I've seen great moms that were unnecessarily hard on their husbands. There are women that seem born to be moms, and women who were not so good at it. We can't pigeon hole people. Moms are just people, and people come in all shapes and sizes, attitudes and beliefs. Judge each one on her own merits.

Do some women love their husband more than their children?

Naturally, I haven’t conducted a study of this question, all I have is my own experience and what ten men have shared with me over the years. In my case, and seven out of the ten husbands’ cases, we definitely felt that the child or children came first in our wives’ affections. The other three fellows either felt loved more than the children, or more or less equally by their wives.Furthermore, I and three of the other husbands felt we came in second to our wives’ love for her family. This really became intolerable. Her mother and father, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc., taken as a whole, came first, and we were second. Once the first baby was born we were relegated to third place. One husband put up with this arrangement, but for me and the two others it was the death knell of our marriage. My guess is that this situation is fairly common.

Who do you love more your spouse or your brothers and sisters?

I really don't think it matters how close you and your siblings are, like i fight with my little brat brother all the time, and that doesn't mean that i don't love him any less. I honestly don't think its possible to love any one more then a family member. And besides, the love between you and a family member, is different of that of the love between you and your partner.

Does mom love a child more than anything including her husband?

Women is a perfect fulcrum ever existed. I don’t know what power drives to maintain this balance. But the pivot of this fulcrum is of its own kind which exists in no other mechanism.Love has not found any meter/gauge/scale to measure itself. Its a form of an expression one offers as much as one can & as much as the person permits itself to give it.The glitch is she loves both, but both people children can use traps where such question may arise. A child looks at her as the only safe shelter where it can do whatever the child wants to. On the other hand, husband seeks authority. Still she loves both.Maybe, i can call it juggling. But i don’t think any mother likes this. She doesn’t categorizes. She never prioritizes. She just gives it. Its we, children or husband who put such accusations of inferiority.