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Moved Schools Now Hate It

I hate school so much I cry?

are you in middle school?

i was in middle school when i got bullied too; all these girls are all this stupid drama.
i even told the teachers and principle and they didn't do much - they did councelling, the police was involved (partially), and NOTHING helped. i hate how schools teach anti bullying and yet, when it comes to a real bullying situation, they have no idea what to do.

i did this for 2 years: the first year was fine, i dealt with it and had hard days. the second year it got worse; i skipped a lot of school. now i'm in high school, and i guess you could say it affected me cause im a lot quieter and held back than i used to be; but the thing is : things are different. the bullies aren't as immature anymore. i go to a nice high school where they aren't around.
my point is: it IS hard, and it will CONTINUE to be hard. but it does end.. eventually. don't show them your weakness.
"they win when your soul dies".
don't let them break you down like they did to me. i guess one of the main things is to keep your good friends - it won't be enough, but it'll help. it's going to be a long, rough haul, and NOONE is going to understand how you feel like. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel: just don't give up.

I moved schools and I hate it?

So, at my old school I was popular. I would walk in and people would run up to me. I would get nominated by the school for things and I was always busy. My grades were terrible and I know it was because of all the distractions so I decided to go to a school with more opportunities. It seems to be that I can't make any friends. People are embarrassed to be seen with me and guys run the other way. I even eat lunch by my self. Everyone at my old school keeps telling me to come back but I don't want to seem like I gave up that easy. What should I do?

I'm moving schools and hate it.?

Moving will always be hard but they are chances for you to make a new start and create new friends. But to have you and your friends always remember each other and keep in contact get one an others addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, and more. Though you may not be able to keep your friends from your old school forever you'll always be able to make new friends by just being yourself. While in groups in school working try to talk to people and start up conversations about things like music or homework. Express yourself and never do anything that's bad like drinking or doing drugs or making bad choices period(obviously). And if you can try joining after school clubs and things like that. It will be a little scary in the begging but no one is ever perfect

I HATE My New School! What should I do?


Guys, please help me, maybe this thing is the worst thing ever happened to me. I need your advice, really!

I was a student in an elite small private school, where manner is everything. We have study table manner since we were in first grade. I love to be a polite girl, I love the manner class, and so I love my private school so much. My world was such a perfect thing with classy friends around me, until I graduated from that private elementary school, and went to an ugly public junior high school.

I hate everything about my public school! It's crowded, noisy, and the facilities are bad, the boys are so rude, and obnoxious, and the girls are such a brats, sluts, and they talk behind my back, just because I do everything politely, and they call me a manipulative mannequin that don't know how to relax, what was that?! The teachers are so scary, they scream everytime they want to. I've tried to be humble, and be nice to every people I know in this public school. But they seem like really really hate me, everything I do is always wrong. They're such a hypocrate, too, they say they like me in front of me, they say I;m cool, and blablabla, but they say they hate me on my back. At first I thought public school wouldn't be this worst, until I face the reality...

I know not every public school is bad like my school, and I don't mean to be annoying, by saying public school is bad. So, if there are uncorrect and annoying words please tell me! Thank you, God bless u.

I hate my school (racist) I want to move my mom won't?

she wants to move in 2 years because since i live in canada apparently i don't graduate until the 8th grade i feel i cant take it no longer ever since i moved to canada (3 years ago from canada) my grades dropped from straight As and Bs to Bs and Cs to Fs then went to an online school in georgia than i went back As and Bs and now im in regular school and i get Bs (sometimes) Cs mainly and Ds (occasionally) nd my progress report i got all Ds and Fs. I was planning to make a deal i will do most things that would improve myself in exchange to move to Orlando but now im scared. At school i occasionally get racism (they think everything is racist they say that's racist about everything obviously mocking) guys think im ugly because im black (i know its not cause im ugly before i was gorgeous and now im apparently ugly) my mom wants to move but she says she want to be stable but i feel i can go through another school year). Every time me and my mom fight i want to commit suicide and throw things because i have so much stress. I keep thinking that even if i did tell my mom she would just tell the principle and teacher but all they would do is talk to the kids then let them go then later embarrass me. And if my mom switches school i know most of the town we live and im sure everything would be the same. Are town is not really diverse they mainly have either Caucasian or Asian (mainly indian) And at school people make fun of me the way my color is, the school queen bee who is also my "friend" says she calls me Hershey so i got sad. I had a crush but no one likes me just because of my skin. They treat me different there but i somehow went along with it.
I kept this a secret from my mom because I was scared that she would be mad i didn't tell her.

Should i move school, my school is so racist?

recently i have been thinking if i should move school or not, i really hate my school sometimes. I am mixed race but everyone at school says half-cast and i hate that term a lot of people are racist especially the boys and are always making jokes about black people and muslims and i don't know why, racism is horrible. My school is not very diverse nearly all of my school is white apart from about 5 people. im not popular or unpopular i have a lot of friends but sometimes i feel like i have none i used to sit with loads of people at lunch but then half of them moved to other tables which is really annoying, i have noticed that the people that arent white sit together even thogh they are years apart at the 'loser' table with a teacher because they dont fit in and i used to be really close with a friend but she never invites me out of school, i do but she always says she is busy i walk to school with her and her brother and i'm always the one that has to walk to her house even though we are meant to meet halfway i am quite close to the 'popular' girls at school but no one ever invites me after school sometimes i think its because im mixed race.Last week when we were waiting for the bell to ring this girl who has said she is jealous becuase im naturally tanned and have long hair, started talking about half-casts and laughing and i hate how she was talking like that when i was there so i walked away because i felt really awkward. This boy in one of my classes is really tanned and this very racist boy said me and him should make caramel babies that really hurt my feelings and i felt like crying because he kept going on about it and i overheard two boys saying if someones not white they're not right.My school is in a very bad area and alot of people smoke and are trouble makers im scared my friends will start smoking and i will be left out. My sister is starting the school is 3 years and i dont want people to be racist to her. Sometimes im embarrassed to be seen with both parents incase someone at school sees me i feel very bad about it, but my school is very racist .Now im kind of thinking of going to my big cousin's school its only 15 mins away by car and it sounds way better because its a huge school and its more diverse but i wouldn't know how to tell parents if i really wanted to move.plaese dont tell me to make new friends i have tried but they ran away from me.

sorry , this is really long but thanks for reading
do u think i should move????

I friggen HATE highschool!?

If you're all that you say you are, then you need to finish out your education. I'm 53 years old, and I really did dislike high school. I went to the same schools with my friends until I was a junior in high school. then my parents decided to move. New school, new friends, totally different environment, etc. What this means is I did move to a another city (and state) and started over; it was miserable - I was miserable. In spite of it all though, I knew I had to finish my education and get a high school diploma. I was right...not that it opens any doors, but not having a high school diploma means lots of doors won't open. Not every kid feels like they fit in, or become Queen of the May. Growing up is an awkward time, it's harder for some than others. That doesn't mean you should quit.
To make matters worse, I read a lot on my own and felt I knew much more than my peers. Life is far more than getting good grades or even finishing high school. Try your brest not to be short-sighted and realize the value of larger term goals. Life isn't about what's going to happen next week or next month or next year. As a young person you need to think in terms of years and years. Make short-term sacrifices for longer term gains. I know that advice sounds old-fashioned, but it's as germane now, as it ever was.
I didn't interface with my peers very well, but that changed over the course of the next 10 years. Life is awesome and you shouldn't try to start out with one hand tied behind your back. Try to see the big picture and realize that going along with the vast majority has it advantages. Once you fill all the squares, you can stand out as a rebel, but not before you've satisfied certain basic requirements.
Know when to fight your batttles and when to go along with the crowd.

Good luck to you as you work your way through life. It's a great experience and you're gonna love the ride!

I moved to a new school and now I want to move back.?

If I were you, i'd explain the situation to your Dad. It's better to move back now than to regret it for the rest of your school career, especially if you're on the summer holidays right now. I moved from England to Scotland when I was eight years old and I didn't see my father for another year after I moved. New schools are tough, and bullying is difficult. I'd try to organize a trial week at your old school and see how it goes, if you still hate it, you can change your mind. Tell them that you are not happy in your new school and that you wish to go back to your old school, tell them how the new school makes you feel and how the overall situation makes you feel, it's important to include your feelings. I'm glad things are better with your mother, maybe you should call her and arrange to meet or go to the cinema or park or do something family-like? Good luck, it does get better I promise you. Don't be afraid, they have to understand.

I moved schools and now I'm getting bad grades this year?

I'm now in 11th grade, and I'm getting bad grades then I use to get. My GPA is still a 3.5 because of how I did in 9th and 10th grade, but it'll obviously go lower the rate I'm going. Part of the problem is that I'm unmotivated. It's halfway through the year and it looks like I'm going to be alone for the entire year. It makes me so mad because in my old school I had so many friends. (Switched from a small private school to a big public school and I know nobody there).
On top of this, I hate the way some of my teachers do things. I went into honors language arts this year because I was good at LA (big mistake). Not only do I hate the way my teacher does things, but the class is also harder than I expected even though I knew it'd be hard. I really hate this school year. Hard work, big work load, and crappy environment without friends. This has never happened to me before.
Even though I care about my grades, I'm unmotivated, angry, and just care about playing video games instead. On top of this, I have to take the SAT this year. My life sucks now.

My grades:

beg. programming - 89
chemistry - 85
Honors language arts - 73
Algebra II - 81
Spanish II - 77
History - 91

I'll admit; lately this year I've been forgetting about quizzes, tests, and homework. When I do remember my homework, I do it. If it's for language arts I do a sloppy job because I hate the way my teacher does things.On top of this, I've developed a lack of work ethic and never study. Furthermore, I HATE the people that go to my school. Stupid ghetto idiots that walk through the halls thinking they own the place and can do whatever they want and acting like gorillas in class. This year is the worst year ever.