Movie In 4 Perspectives

What is a women's perspective on the movie "Teeth"?

Couldn't even watch that movie I think it's a disgrace and should never have been made. I'm sure the actual movie was sh!t but the premise was wrong, wrong, wrong on too many levels. Mutilation of another human being isn't something we should be encouraging in any way. I wouldn't be at all surprised if a few jumped up wee girls who decided to get all pro active on guys who touched them in any way have ended up in far, far worse situations than would ever have occurred if they hadn't decided to be the weaker aggressor.


EDIT: Sara, in reality, a man who is willing to go as far as rape would have no qualms in beating you to death if you were to damage his precious member. I still think it was a bad idea to make a movie that doesn't show the reality of what a guy would do if he was to be hurt when raping or molesting someone. I am aware it's 'just a movie' but I am also aware that it was irresponsible not to explain the reality of such a situation.

Movie from dogs perspective?

Homeward Bound... two dogs and a cat
Milo and Otis

What are the movies I should watch to get another perspective of life?

There are four movies in particular that showed me a radically different perspective of life (though not necessarily a positive one):Little Big Man (film) (1970)(Dustin Hoffman)Grave of the Fireflies (1988)(animated)Bicentennial Man (film) (1999)(Robin Williams)A.I. Artificial Intelligence  (2001)(by Steven Spielberg)

What are some movies that have most impacted your perspective or world-view?

I'll go with Sir Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy of Movies.for many reasons.1. Considered the Most popular Books written in 20th Century. (What burden that was for PJ?) 2. The Technolgy involved? Pushed Movie-making into a Higher Realm. Example: there is a Software program called "Massive" that allowed reproducing thousands of People battling each other on a Scale never seen before...Now, it is common-place. Even in 30 second Commercials. This Algotheium only came about "Just-inTime" for this production. 3. Frodo, said it Best...he met the Inventor of the Program for "Realistic FIRE!" No, they didn't have to set up a bunch of "Mountains with Beacons" to show that?  4. Mo-CAP..with Andy Serkis, Greeen Screen is pretty much the Norm in Hollyweird, NOW.  This development even scared the Screen Actors Guild since, they Thought they might be Out-of-Work. Finally, I promise you all, that sometime in the Future, you will porbably agree with me. NuncleCharlie

Have you seen a movie that changed your perspective and/or opinion on something? What movie? How?

American History X changed my perspective on white supremacists and actually just made me think twice about judging people at all. Some of the characters were so lovable, even though they were so hateful. Like the little brother who ends up getting killed in the end. All he ever wanted was to be like his big brother. The whole reasoning behind the big brother becoming a skinhead was because his father was killed by a black person. He was blaming a whole race for what one person did. And he preached his misguided hate to the people who respected him. By the time he realized he was wrong, it was too late for many of the people who had been so influenced by him. American History X gave a degree of humanity to a group of people that I had always considered to be inhuman. Yes, the hate is evil and inhuman, but much of it is built on ignorance. I like to think that if people were just educated a little bit that things would change...wishful thinking, I know. Anyway, life is not all black and white (no pun intended). There are mostly just shades of gray...

What movies can give one a whole new perspective on life?

It depends on where you are in your life, meaning, what your mental state, age, mood, and even social situation is.To me, the one film that changed the way I view society was The age of innocence.Written and directed by Scorcese, based on the book written by Edith Wharton ( The first female ever to win a Nobel Prize in Literature for the same book), it’s a story about two people who are in love in a very constricted society, in a world that is powered by money, status and self obsession. I saw the film and read the book multiple times, because it’s a really beautiful picture and a stunning read, and only after much consideration did I realise that this story is not about love, but about the freedom we seem to have in this world, but never really possess - the urge to follow our heart when we know the price we have to pay for it is too great. It’s not a Romeo and Juliet story. These characters are much more real, much more mature, a lot more sad, deeply desperate, weighed down by the knowledge that love is a treat sometimes far too expensive, even for the super rich.This film made me think about whether I’m really free to follow my heart or not, whether I have the guts to throw everything away in order to do so, and whether I’m ready to bare the consequences if I do so. In the end, to my own surprise, I realised that I am MUCH braver than I have ever though I could be, and this realisation made me a stronger, more confident person. Unfortunately, I also understood that a choice like that can isolate someone, something that all those fictional characters dreaded, a very real possibility that I have first hand experience with.

How should I watch a movie to gain perspective about how things are done on and off the camera?

Well that's a tricky question, but I'm one of them who'll watch a movie in your sense so I can answer you more appropriately.Actually, the movie is the baby of four directors,1. Director2. Director of music3. Director of photography(DOP)4. Director of art. If these people stick on to a particular thought, the movie will be getting out.SO YOU NEED TO GET TO KNOW THE WORK OF THE ABOVE 4 DIRECTORS TO GET YOUR PERSPECTIVE.Firstly, you must make your mind to not to wander while watching a movie, instead pay attention to every minute.Secondly, you must understand one thing that, if you're eager or expecting the movie to get released, definitely you're not going to have such perspective which you're trying to watch. So no expectations or anticipations.Thirdly, you must have a rough idea about filing making and aspects behind camera. You may get them through videos they post in YouTube etc.Nextly, you've to look a movie twice or thrice, so that you'll get to know the camera positions and the capturing areas of the directors, so that you'll get to analyse them from the direction’s point of view and what the director wants to show to the audience.Lastly, you must have pay attention to the lipsink of the dialogues of the actors. Natural action comes with the freedom in the language that they know, which is obviously the mother tongue of that particular actor or actress. If the actor has no leverage upon the language in which the dialogue is written, it's sure that the expression changes to the actor. So this's the acting part of the movie.I think I've explained you upto some extent.That's a good question once again,Good luck

Has the movie 'Fight Club' changed your perspectives toward life?

A little bit maybe, like most of the things that you do, just for the sake of being an eye candy to others doesn't really matter. What you do should be for you alone, and not to create yourself a well off image in front of the society. You want something, get it. The society wants you to have something that you don't really need, don't get it.Also making yourself good in front of other people to live up to the way pf living life set by society by doing things you're not really into will only leave you unhappy in the end. You may try to teach your brain that you are happy but eventually it may backfire as it did in the case of Tyler Durden in the movie.

Marxist perspective analysis?

I have to analyze the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame from the Marxist perspective for a project. Does anyone have any key points that they can think of?

p.s. - the marxist perspective is mainly about the struggle and differences between the social classes.