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Movies About Becoming Runnning Away From Home

IS THERE a movie about running away from home?

The Outsiders, not necessarily about running away from home, but they do.

In Catcher in the Rye, Holden is running away from something/someone, or both. Who or what is he fleeting, why?

He's running away from having to grow up and be an adult. He's terrified of growing older because when he looks at adults, all he sees are liars, creepers and hypocrites (phonies). He likely realizes that he's becoming hypocritical himself, that he goes and watches movies he doesn't love and does things just to impress other people... and that terrifies him. He hates adults, but there's no way to stop himself from becoming one.

That's why he's so fascinated with the ducks on the lake. When the lake freezes (when time creates inescapable, huge changes) the ducks simply can't stay at the lake anymore, and Holden wants to know where they go, how do they know how to get there? He's, essentially, asking "Where do I go, once time creates inescapable, huge changes in me? How do I know how to become an adult?"

With Holden, he rarely is actually talking about what it seems like he's talking about. He's usually talking about something else. Like the museum. It's something that doesn't change. Notice how much he adores the museum? It's the opposite of the ducks at the lake. Things don't change. He doesn't want things to change. He doesn't want to become a hypocritical, creepy adult like the ones he knows.

So, when he's talking about ducks, or the museum, or movies, or girls... he's not ACTUALLY talking about those things. All those things MEAN something else, and he's thinking about what those things mean.

It was infuriating when I first read it... why does he have to talk about things without actually talking about them? But that's part of the beauty of this story. It's uncovering the puzzle, putting the pieces together, understanding Holden more than he understands himself.

Hope that helps!

How can I earn after running away from home if I am a teenager?

A high percentage (over 60%) of runaway teens/homeless youth of all genders “earn” by becoming prostitutes. Selling their bodies for sex to men, who don't resemble teen idols either by the way.Not the ideal way to lose your virginity is it?Also it's not like in the movies or TV shows which make look it you'll earn enough to get a half decent apartment either. Most child sex workers are still in homeless shelters (if they're lucky). Rarely make $40/day, every day(and by servicing more than 1 trick). There is also the trauma of feeling degraded by being “touched” by a “gross, dirty old man” which often leads to alcohol and/or drug addiction causing a vicious cycle of prostituting oneself to buy drugs to numb the emotional pain of prostitution. (Beware: This is what causes alot of overdose deaths of the homeless)Why the vicious cycle? You don't really have a choice in picking whom you want as a client (aka john or trick). So if they're unattractive too bad, this isn't about looking for a bf/gf it's about getting paid. The same in regards to the sex acts they want to pay you for, it could be things you never heard of or want to do, but money is money.Also practically all the tricks are men. So, if you're a heterosexual man or a lesbian women brace yourself, for again, money is money.My advice would be talk to a school counselor, kids helpline, or crisis line to talk about problems at home. In the meantime get an after school job that offers weekend shifts to avoid being at home as much. Save your paycheques (by depositing into a bank account that's in your name only). Then the month of legal birthday (in some jurisdictions it's the 18th birthday) research apartments, if ultilities are included or not, basic furniture, housewares costs. Actually since you're already online you can research all that including how to budget for groceries, transportation and other day to day living expenses you don't even know exist yet.Then either on your legal birthday or afterwards, choice is yours, move out to start life as tax paying, voting adult, most likely a broke or poor adult, but still an independent adult who is solely & legally responsible for themselves. Good luck.

In the movie "Becoming Jane", why did Jane leave Tom Lefroy when they were running away?

She read his letter that was from his mother. Lefroy depends on his uncle for money to support his family. Jane knew that if they ran away together he wouldn't be able to make enough money to support them and his family so she made a decision for him and left him.

A young boy runs home to find his mom hung his pee sheets from his window?

The Loneliest Runner (1976 TV movie)
starring Lance Kerwin, Brian Keith, Melissa Sue Anderson, Rafer Johnson, Michael Landon, Walker Edmiston
IMDb synopsis:
A 14-year-old bed wetter runs home from school every day to retrieve the wet sheet his mother has hung from his bedroom window to punish him. He races to get there before any of his friends pass the house. This enforced training prepares him to become a competitive runner. The script by Michael Landon is autobiographical.
YouTube might have the complete film! Here's Part 1:

I vividly recall this film airing for the first time, and I watched the rerun, too. It's unfortunate that it isn't aired more because this topic is never addressed outside commercials and jokes in sitcoms. Think how brave it was for Michael Landon to write/direct/produce such a revealing film.

Why was Jenny on Forrest Gump always running away?

Jenny was sexually abused as a child (something alluded to by Forrest in his innocent observation that her father was always touching her and her sisters), and she may have also been physically abused since her father was an alcoholic.   While she was physically demonstrative as a young child (climbing into Forrest's bed, holding his hand, etc.), her inner demons seemed to take over as they became adults and Forrest's adoration of her never ceased.  People who are abused sometimes don't know how to handle real love - either because it's too stable or they just don't think they deserve to have it - and this is why Jenny keeps running from him.  Jenny found ways to mask her pain by traveling around the country, getting involved with drugs, being promiscuous, and literally running away from her problems.When life got too tough, however, she would return to her "foundation" - only to have to run again when she couldn't deal with Forrest's undying love for her.  When she was given her death sentence by being diagnosed with AIDS, then she knew she needed to return to Forrest for good.  Rather selfish, yes, but at the same time, we can somewhat forgive her for acting that way once we think about all she's been through.

If I want to became a movie director in India, what should I do after 12th with the zero knowledge of film making?

Becoming film director in India is extremely easy. But you have to follow certain thing and avoid certain other things. Most people don’t become filmmakers because they chose wrong steps. If you play the games by the rules, you are in Man.List of Do(s)Read atleast 20 books on film making before venturing into it. The books can belong to any section of film making and not just direction lie Camera, editing, sound, post and many other fields. A good Director needs to know everything or how else will he explain his vision to his team.Watch At least 300 films and for every film read their IMdB, Rotton Tomatoes, wikipedia Page and Roger Ebert reviews.If you don’t what you watch to watch. Check these out.AFI 100 FilmsTaste of CinemaEmpire magazine top filmsIMdB top 250There are numerous movies you can find on Youtube. Find them and watch them.Do the Graduation. Don’t miss the college life. Without Graduation degree you will always feel inferior to other people you will meet in Mumbai. Choose graduation degree that resembles your interest in film making.After graduation, start working as intern in any production house for free and work like that for one year. Anyone would desire for a guy who is ready to work for free. Gain enough experience and resume pointers, then start sending your resume to production houses for more jobs. If you worked really hard, you will get more work from your one year connections only.In between make your short films and keeps sending them to festivals or upload them on youtube.Write your first film script. Prepare a presentation too.List of Don’t(s)Don’t Join any film institute beside FTII and SRFTI as none provides good education and employment opportunities. Everything else apart from these two is just waste of money for you.Run away from home and go to Mumbai imagining cracking the code of Success.Beg for work and stalk people from film industry.Starting a career in Film without prior knowledge and experience.

I'm 15 and I want to run away.?

Running away haha i wanted to do that to and I am 18 so its okay for me to do that.

You are considering this I can tell so lemme give it to you strait. It will be hard but it has and can be done.
The difference between people who do this well and those that fall from hard times to harder times is preparation. So lets look at what you need first... Food and shelter. You need to figure out how you would be able to get these regularly and realistically. You probably cannot drive (depending on state) and you didn't say if you live in the city or suburbs...

Now for shelter... do you have friends that would take you in (with parents that don't mind either). If you choose this route the best option is to work very hard not to be a burden. Be nice, help out and spend as much time out of the home as possible so as not to cause undo stress. Underage kids have to stay with their guardians but if you really think ur mom wouldn't care then she will likely not bother you much.

If this is not an option... look into alternative shelters... do you live near a forest? you could live in a tent and go home when mom is not around. This would also help with the food situation because you can get it from your house.

Next you need to stay in school so you must think of that. You are one year away from being able to get pretty much all types of simple labor jobs so as soon as you can get one. make sure you have a way to get there without help from others so you know you can take care of it yourself. once you have enough money open a bank account with will help you with ur future... do not spend the money unless you have to....
those are my basic tips. An alternative would be to continue living with your mom but spend as much time out of the house and away from her as possible.

hoped this helped and good luck.