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Music Tech Terms In German/spanish

Should I learn Spanish or German?

I took 3 years of Spanish in high school, I am currently in college, however I never reviewed the language after I got out of high school. I have forgotten a lot of the language and have no one to practice with. I'm sure a refresher course would be all I needed to regain most of what I've lost.

However my brother speaks German, so I would have someone to practice with. I have more of an interest in learning Spanish though.

Both are offered at my school, but I am having trouble deciding which one to take. My brother will be taking Spanish next year, so I guess I could practice with him some, but he won't be fluent for a while, whereas he is already fluent in German.

I would like to eventually be fluent in both, because I want to know as many languages as I can, but I have a stronger desire to learn Spanish and I know I should only try to learn one language at a time.

What should I take: German, or Spanish?

Both spanish and german are completely different from.japanese and should havr no effect on your japanese studies.
The question, since you wish to live in Japan is one of usefullness. If business is your interest, take zgerman. Many Japanese companies have offices in the EU and could use a business translator at least. You English would give you an additional translation use.
spanish, considering the spanish economy would be good for travel and tourism. Another thing to consider.

Should I take Spanish, French, or German in college?

Spanish is definitely the most advantageous with regards to how widely it is spoken and by the number of speakers and would at first glance be the most appropriate choice, but a lot depends upon what you wish to do after college.

If you want to increase employment opportunities and travel extensively then Spanish is definitely the number one choice.

If you want to keep your family languages going ten the other two would be equally important.

To be honest...once you learn one language other languages do become easier to learn so you could end up speaking all three very well eventually.

My advice...go with Spanish. Get a head start by learning conversational Spanish before going to college using an online course, (check some of the best ones out below) when you are really good start learning either French or German as well!

French, Spanish, and German: which lang is the easiest and hardest ?

Well, I live in the UK and I learn both French and German and have some friends who have studied Spanish. Basically, in terms of difficulty, I would say that German is the most difficult to begin with, and French and Spanish much easier, however, after several years, German becomes a lot easier due to its similarities with the English language.

In my first couple of years, I found German really difficult because of the word order and all of the genders and I found French really easy. Now it's the other way around, because German is actually a very logical language - if you learn a rule, the chances are that it stands most of the time. This is in stark contrast to French, where you get rules with loads of exceptions. Meanwhile, lots of words are similar in German, but very different in French, for example:

Bus = Bus (French = autobus)
Car = Auto (French = voiture)
Hello = Hallo (French = Bonjour)
Good = gut (French = bon)


Meanwhile, out of those who tried to learn Spanish, not only do they have a far more limited vocabulary than us but they also find Spanish more difficult and also less enjoyable and rewarding.

So, for my money, learn German ;-)

German or Spanish in college after having taken French?

German would be the most difficult- even though it is from the Germanic language family, just like English, it has a very complicated grammar system and three genders to learn for nouns, as well as four cases to learn (nominative, genitive, accusative, dative) which is one more than English. French and Spanish are Romance languages but are surprisingly close to English. French has quite complex grammar too, but Spanish is pretty easy. French only has two genders to learn, and Spanish is the same.

If you currently live in America and don't plan on leaving, or you live somewhere else but plan on moving to either North or South America, then Spanish will be the most useful for you. If you live in Canada or Europe, or plan to ever, French would get you quite far. German is only an official language in Europe, but it the widest spoken one so if you plan on living or working in Europe then German would be extremely helpful. If you want to do something business-like or working with cars then German is the language for you. Hope that helped.

The ease at which you learn a language also greatly depends on resources you have available to you, your linguistic skill, how much study you put in and your motivation to learn whatever language you choose. If you choose a language that you hate the sound of, you won't want to learn it. In fact, you'll probably avoid it. So keep that in mind. Choose a language that interests you, and it'll make learning it seem less like a chore.

I know I haven't given you a definitive answer, but I figure it's up to you to decide what language you want to learn. If you are not fluent in French and you understand and enjoy the language then why not continue with it in college?

Good luck with your language learning :)

How do you say "not funny" in German and in Spanish?

I cant' tell you in German sorry, but I can tell you in spanish:

Not Funny:

No es chistoso
No es gracioso
No me hace gracia
No es divertido

Hope this help