Muslims Do You Thank Allah For Your Eyesight

Muslims, can you ever thank Allah enough for blessing you with holy Quran?

You start your day listening to heart rendering verses of holy Quran.
You find guidance for your day to day affairs in Quran.
You can read it over to sick to make them well and you can recite
it over dead to earn him salvation and strengthen your heart.
And it answers ALL questions that HB and NT fail to answer.
It has rhythm and sounds melodious if recited by Qaris.

I often think how can I thank Allah enough for sending down such a
wonderful book for us.

Do you know how to express enough gratitude to Allah for this favor?

Muhammad Javed Iqbal

Ramadan: How do we say thanks to Allah?

All praise is due to Allah, and may His peace and blessings be upon the Prophet (peace be upon him) who said: “Should not I be a grateful servant.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim]

Probably the best way to thank Allah is to be aware of His presence and His power at all times and in all places and to keep in mind all the favors He has granted to us whether these favors are seen or unseen.

For example: some of the marvelous favors that He has bestowed upon us are Islam, belief, guidance and righteousness. These are marvelous favors that cannot be equated with other things. If we wish to thank Allah for these favors, we should fulfill our obligations and refrain from falling into all forbidden things. In other words, we do what Allah commands us to do and abandon what He has forbidden us.

Another example of a favor we often take for granted is our sight. This is a great favor from Allah. It has provides us with countless blessings. Allah says: “But if you count the favors of Allah, never will you be able to number them.” [Sûrah Ibrâhîm: 34] .You see the way ahead of you and see what may be beneficial or harmful. If you wish to thank Allah for this favor, you should not use your sight in viewing unlawful things. All other favors and blessings can be treated in the same way.

A good way to make Allah’s favors dearer to us is look at those who are lacking them. When we see the patient in the sickbed, we realize Allah’s favor in giving us good health. We should exploit our good health in obeying Allah by pushing ourselves to perform prayers, fasts, Hajj, and good deeds like enjoining on others what is right and forbidding what is wrong.

When we witness the difficulties suffered by those who are blind and the deaf, we come to know how blessed we are by having full use of our senses.

All of these favors encourage us to thank Allah

walikum assalam wa rahmatullah

Muslims, how can I concentrate during 'salat'?

I just close my eyes the whole salaat. and imagine me begging for mercy to get into jannah in front of Allah and falling on my knees only for Him - to get random thoughts out of your head always recite the words "Ouzu 'billahi mina shaytan arajeem" constantly. It helps!

Muslims: my cat died?

I am sorry to hear that your cat died.

We all do one day. When it is your turn, do you want all your family to be miserable for ever? Of course not.

So gratefully remember your cat, be thankful for the companionship you had, and also for the lesson: nothing, but nothing is this world is for ever.

A new cat will not be a replacement, but it may be a start of a new adventure, a new beginning.

Muslims - What if you doubt god? What happens?

Life is not easy my friend. Everyone we looking at do not live happy life as every single one of us have something that bothering us. Even the richest person, who have every thing, who can have whatever he wish, could still be sad in something. Or thing, can that person could that he being getting old, or can stop he is going to die. Life as a meaning. It want be easy as the test will be the ultimate price to pay for to believe in God. Good or bad we have to thank God. He gave you this beautiful eyes, that you can clearly see where there are many people without eye sight, you can hear, you even think and writhing something here, who gave you that capability. Still, if you blame some reason to God, will it help you. No right, it might get worse.

I have seen, and experienced; when you be good and much doing good deeds and trying near to God, God will test you very much, more you can say regerously. Sometimes these tests would wash away sins, and make you much perfect, in these situation much appreciated by shaytaan or devil, as he will put us, in our head nasty questions about our belief and God. This would be an ultimate test. If you pass, yet will have more test in this world, but hereafter much bigger and perfect rest. Its about patient and kept going with imaan or belief and trying more near to become a mughmeen, a pure believer.

Ignore your burden, put your thought right and positive, make it sense, its you controlling the life by doing good and bad. So change you lifestyles and put you complete faith in God and become a womderful ture Muslim.

Why do Muslims say that there is no Sabbath day?

I see Muslim as a peaceful people and I wanted to learn more about it. But to do that I need to ask about the things that I was taught, cause they're all squashed in the Islam belief.

Has Allah ever answered your dua instantaneously?

Yes I will tell you some of the answered Duaa on the spot :One night my husband took me on a date and during our date he kept checking his mobile phone.On our way back home , I wanted a bit of holding hands and tried to get his attention but he was more interested in his mobile phone and game Clash of Clans, so I decided to walk speedily and leave him behind me a few meters, I was fuming and mumbled “inshallah it breaks that bloody phone of yours” . Instantly I heard him dropped something, I knew it was his phone I smiled .It was broken , I could not stop laughing hearing him swear. So I turned around and laughed and my hubby was sad , he knew instantly that it was because of my Duaa .On another occasion our bouler broke down for 3 days no hot water no heating. We brought an engineer who opened it up and tried to fix it but he said :” it is broken you need a new one”We brought a second engineer and he came to the same verdict “it is broken you need a new one”My husband was gutted and worried where would we get 4000 pounds to replace this broken one.On hearing him despairing I called secretly “oh Allah , you have all Power surely fixing this boiler is an easy thing for you” 30 mins later my husband came to me and said “ I just powered it again and it worked ! “ “ Yes darling and don’t worry it will last till the summer, it just came to my mind that when I am stuck at work with an IT problem , I usually go do my prayer and pray Allah to fix it or to help me fix it and it ALWAYS worked so I literally made duaa 30 mins ago for Allah to fix the boilerand He did Alhamdulilah ”That way Allah fixed a washing machine and a hoover too for me :-)On so many occasions at work I am not as geeky as my colleagues but I earned a reputation of having magic when it comes to fixing issues , lolThis goes without saying that I thank God for each answer He does . He says in the Quranand He also says :

Does an islamic & muslim man love and pamper his wife when at home away from public eyes and scrutiny?

I'm sure some do.
Frankly, I'd rather be respected as an equal, than pampered as a pet.