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Muslims, help! I have questions that I need answered!?

Alcohol is haram as u know leads to all evil acts

where as maturbation.....
WHILE IN ISLAM...............
masturbation is haraam(SIN)! The Holy Prophet called the one who satisfies himself with his hand a mal'oon - accursed!

My dear friend ..masturbation leads to zinah ( sex before marriage)..n u knw zinah in one of the best of all evilz .....and also it negetive effects are much more when compared to its positive effects which is abt few secoundz or non-muslims 99% of them will say its k its gd fr health n stuff they do it fr pleasure even i fink their religion permits them to do so.
Also because during masturbation you will fantasies a woman who is not your wife....n it will lead u to have sex with a women without marrying her...and further more the sperm ejaculates with force, Ghusl becomes obligatory in that case and if u die whitout doing ghusl u ll be impurified n will die unpurified same as a death of a non-believer..who never does gusl weather its materubation or sex .......You should control on your mastur-bation habbit. Instead of masturbation it is advise to get marriage as early as possible. and physically it effects ur eyes, ur health, brings weakness u feel weak ...and mst f its effects are seen wen u grow older....and dont feel while materubating that no one is watching Allah the almighty is laways watching you and ur acts will be shown on the day of judgement....if nt fr anything bt because of this fear u should stop it.......bst f luck
God said in the holy qur'an:
Those who guard their sexual organs except with their spouses or those whom their right hands possess, for (with regard to them) they are without blame. But those who crave something beyond that are transgressors.” (Al-Mu'mun: 5-7)

and masturbation falls under the category of those who seek fulfillment of their sexual desires outside the framework of marriage.

5 time daily prayers are farz( compulsory for every muslim who is mature ) now a days i think frm 12 r 13 yrz f age u should start praying and when u grw abt 16 -17 onwards its compulsary no excuses..

And abt the tv show its better not to watch it................

Question for muslims? help????

Ok.. Don't panic.. It's very easy to explain

Here in the Arabian world.. When you want to make a commitment to a girl for marriage.. We Start by reading al fatiha.. It's the way we announce that this man and that woman agreed to be joined together in Marriage.... It doesn't make anything official yet.. but it's only "A start"... Then they should do engagement later.... I assume that this guy is an Arab... but in all cases.. You understand now what it means.. so take your decision and be clear with him....

Can someone help me with praying Salat al Haja? Muslim question?

I want to know how to pray salat al haja, I want to know how you read it ( like what u should read, is it like a regualar prayer) and are there specific timings when u read it? Thanks

Why do Muslims have such a hard time actually answering this question?

They did answer you. They may have lied in their answers, but they still answered. And remember, in IsLame, it is permissible, even encouraged, to lie to unbelievers if it furthers IsLame

Is it just me, or does everyone find that Muslims write answers only about their faith and people?

I also write about Harry Potter, LOTR, India, LGBTQIA etc.I write about Islam because every day, I see thousands of questions on Islam, which begin with a misinformed premises. 10 years ago, if you asked such questions, people would have just told you to Google it. But now, I'm genuinely scared of the half baked, bias reaffirming information you could find online. So, I answer those questions best as I can, hoping my expertise in my religion will help you understand Islam better. Hoping, that if you listen to my opinion, and that of other Muslims, you would arrive at a better understanding than you started with.The thing is, those questions reflect the reality of the society around me. Every month, I get atleast one comment detailing how India is a - “Hindu nation” and should not tolerate Muslims. If that opinion were allowed to grow, it would impact my life directly. So, I fight against it. I tell people what Islam truly is, not just for philanthropy, but because their opinions will one day impact the country I live in, and by extension, me. Because I don't want them to listen to only one voice when it comes to listening to Muslims.