Muslims Who Was Nimrood

Was Nimrod son of Kush black?

Nimrod son of Cush, grandson of Ham, great-grandson of Noah, was a Mesopotamian monarch and "a mighty hunter. He is said to be the founder and king of the first empire after the Flood, and his realm is connected with the Mesopotamian towns Babylon (Babel), Uruk, Akkad, and Calneh. Nimrod additionally founded Nineveh, Resen, Rehoboth-Ir and Calah. According to the bible he was a black kushite who created the world's first civilization. It is also interesting to know that the black Kushites according to the ancient Egyptians the Kushites were their ancestors and referred to Kush and Punt as Ta khent meaning land of the begining or land of the ancestors.

[for muslim] siapakah nimrod itu?

nimrod...he..he...penyebab munculnya berbagai-bagai bahasa...he..he..

Which of these is, in the view of Muslims, NOT one of the "signs" of the Approach of the Day of Judgment?

1. the conversion of jews to islam

jews reverting to islam ain't a bad thing, why would it be a sign of judgement day?

Is Christmas haram for muslims?

Absolutely not!!!!!!!!
I have celebrated Christmas since i was a child. My brother and his friend debated it and so they asked a Shiek and he said as long as you celebrate it as a holiday but do not believe in its meaning (that is, so long as you do not believe that Christmas represents Jesus' birthday) then it is permissible to celebrate it.

So no, it is not haram. I love Christmas. I love getting/giving presents. I just don't believe it's a representation of the Prophet Jesus' (PBUH) birthday :)

Some people also say it is haram to celebrate the New Year. These people are stuck thinking in the 7th century. There is nothing "haram" about celebrating these days. There is absolutely NOTHING that interferes with my faith with God by celebrating these days. For anyone who wants to claim it is wrong/haram, give me a rational reason

To Muslims; Palestine is also a "made up" country?

The Jews were Gods chosen people....once

In the old testament when moses arrived it was Philistine, or Palestine. It was an outcampment of people who originated in europe around greece. The children of israel came with moses to the land of Palestine and declared it there own. (God gave them the land) Regardless the Philistine remained with the jews. Never left. Rome dispersed the jews and destroyed the temple shortly after jesus. The people of philistine remained. When the arabs came with Islam the people of Philistine converted and adopted the language of the muslims, arabic. They did intermarry with arabs but they are still the people of philistine. A lot of them still have blond hair and blue eyes, no arabs have those features. It is a lie of the west that arabs came in there and that there was no one there before the jews. The people of philistine were always there and always will be there. They are referenced throughout the bible. People play on americas lack of historical knowledge to perpetuate hate. Just because Palestinians speak arabic does not mean they moved in. They were owned by the arabs for generations converted to islam and through conversion adopted the language.

Yes, God made promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but later He made it clear that possession of the land was conditional on the children of Israel keeping up their end and obeying the rules and regulations. They did not, and after warnings and warnings, God kicked Israel "out of the house" and sent them packing into exile. Later, when Judah did not turn from its own wickedness, even after seeing what had happened to their brethren, God sent them packing too. Thus, all twelve tribes lost the right to possess the land. Later, when a few Jews came back to Palestine for a specific reason, and screwed up again, they too were kicked out just as their forefathers had been.

To decide whether the Jews have a claim to Palestine, you must read the entire Old Testament which bears on the subject. The initial promise does NOT settle the matter.

What does the crescent moon and star symbolize for muslims?

The cresent moon and star is placed on the top roof of a mosque since the reign of Ottoman in Turkey. He made it because cresent moon and star are both the creation of Allah in this universe which decorate the sky and it will give light in the dark of a night and the star can be used to find a direction.

Why do Muslims, Christians & Jews say amen?

Amun originally a local Sun god from Thebes of minor importance, who over time because associated with Re (Ra) and hence became Amun Ra. (It was common in ancient Kemet that Gods with similar correspondances/responsibilities merge). Amun's consort was Mut, and with their offspring Khonsu, the Moon God formed the Thebes Triad (trinity). The Pharoah Akhenaten had adopted one deity as the royal patron and supreme state god, Aten. Akhenaten staged the ritual regicide of the old supreme god Amun, and ordered the defacing of Amun's temples throughout Egypt and of all the old gods. Even private worship was outlawed. This was the first known incidences of strict monotheism. Prayers to Aten for example were "O Sole God beside whom there is none".

Just as tribes throughout Europe incorporated Pagan rituals and festivities into their new christian worship, under a pretence of worshipping the new christian god and yet remaining faithful to their old Gods (since this was now a crime punishable by death); so the faithful followers of Amun incorporated elements of the old into the new, so appearing to worship Aten, and yet remaining faithful to Amun. A practise that has continued as most of christianity is based on the the ancient religion of Kemet. There is a great deal of literature on the concept that Moses based his new religion on the ancient worship of Amun.

ETA: to Shaman Val, Neb is the Kemetic Earth God (Kemet being one of the few cultures where Earth is Male, not Female. Isis is not a Kemetic Goddess, she is a Latin version of the deity Aset, who is a Kemetic Goddess. Same as Horus, who is a latin version of Heru).