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My 18yo Daughter Was Asked To The Movies. He Requested They Split The Ticket Price And He Pay For

My girlfriend cheated on me after a 4 year relationship. I can't reconcile with the fact that she slept with someone else, considering we had only been with each other before this. Will I be able to forget with time? Do we have a future?

I have been through exactly same situation three years back.We were happily in a relationship for last 5  years and one day i came to know through one of my friend that she cheated on me.I was completely shattered,didn't know what to do next,thousands of memories flashed in front of me.Even i didn't talked to her for few days without telling her the reason for not talking.After couple of days i discussed all these things with her and she poured her heart out and confessed me everything that she got attracted towards that guy and they got intimate because of heat of that moment.And rest the same as you described.I was confused what to do.I don't want to lose her,at the same time i was not able to cope up with the thoughts that she cheated on me and why she didn't confessed this.Almost a month passed and i didn't had a talk with her.That one month was quite enough for me to realise that i can't live without her and i was ready to give our relationship a second chance so i had a talk with her and she promised me that this will not happen ever again.That day i realised that even hearing her voice made me feel better than what i was feeling for last one month so now i was sure that i'll give her a second chance.So it took few months for things to get back to normal.Starting days were not so good but as the time passed things started getting better and better and within two months things are back to normal.Present day: We are engaged now and will marry next year.I am all thankful to god from that day our bond is getting stronger and stronger,She respects me more.Well love is all about trust and respecting each other.But this is not the case with every one.Maybe i was lucky enough.I am no one to tell you what you should do or what not.But Seeing your situation i think you should give her a second chance though things will not be the same for few days or months but if she is really sorry from her heart(which seems) then i am quite sure your relationship will be back on track.All the best.

What does a 60-80 hour work week look like? I'm about to dive into this and I'm not sure how to tackle this. How do you break it down, especially as an entrepreneur? How many breaks do you take? What are the best hours?

I can give you the experience of living with someone who works a 70 to 80 hour work week. My wife is a Tax Attorney with one of the Big Four Accounting Firms. During ‘Busy Season’, she’ll easily put in 80 no-bullshit hours. With our new daughter, it’s been an interesting experience.She’ll wake up in the morning and get our daughter ready for school. She’ll have a quick instant breakfast and hop out the door around 7am, sometimes earlier if she has a meeting.There won’t be many breaks, and she’ll often skip lunch completely, opting for take out or a bag lunch while she works on returns.She’ll head home around 4:30, pick up our daughter from daycare, and then hang out at home with her until she goes to bed between 6:00 and 6:30. This is her only true break during the day. I’ll come home around 6-ish to make dinner for the two of us while she heads back off to work.She’ll then work from our daughter’s bedtime (7pm) to 10pm, though it can often be later. Her record is 3am.She’ll also work Saturdays and Sundays anywhere from 2 to 8 hours, depending on how close they are to the deadline.This will last from 12 to 15 weeks depending on her client load.The interesting thing about this experience, though, is that she’s surprisingly chill about it. We know when busy season happens and we prepare. I start taking over more of the choirs and give her the support she needs. There are a few days out of the year where things get intense, but overall she really enjoys the experience of doing something important.So if you have to work this hard, make sure you’re doing something that’s worth it.

What are some mistakes that a young person (18-22) can make that they really can't recover from?

Biggest mistake : Not Saving time for yourself.Time flies in the blink of an eye during these 4 years.We are in college and we spend huge part of our time on  - Unlimited phone calls and chatsRunning behind a girl/boy and not approachingDating & social sitesWatching a million TV series and a billion moviesImpressing and not expressingI agree that this is the time to have fun and make tons of memories but it is also the very same time to build things the world has never seen.This is the time to explore, experiment and develop.You are pursuing engineering and you like engineering. Good. Get deeper into the subjects and learn more. Don't restrict yourself to the course content. Join tech clubs, host events and participate.You are pursuing engineering and you don't like engineering. Great. Explore options and experiment with your interests. You might like photography, designing or coding. Do a short term internships in these fields and learn more. Take up courses. In short, play with your interests/hobbies and come to a conclusion to what you really wish to become.You are not pursuing engineering. Awesome and congratulations. You are not a sheep.You are not pursuing engineering and you like engineering. Haha. I hope, there is no category such as this.The life after the college is tough. You will start panicking in your final years during placements. You would try to enter any profile which pays you good and not think about your interests.So do spend time on youself. Get to know yourself.