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My Account In Whoshere Has Been Locked I Dont Do Any Bad Things How I Can Unlock My Account

Is there any way to create a new Whoshere profile in the iPhone?

The app has been locked , I tried to delete it and reinstall it but it remembers my profile,
one of my friends told me he restored his iPhone and he was able to get a new profile.but I don't want to restore my iPhone
The question is, how do they know that you are the same person even if u delete and reinstall the app, it's not by your apple account, cause I tried that. I think when installing the app an ID file is included and stays in your iPhone even if you delete the app, Any Ideas? Thanx in advance

Whoshere blocked do i get around it?

I think the IP answer is correct, but if you don't know how to do that, this works too.

I've been 'banned' 6 times by WhosHere (very cool app that i gotta have). I get around it everytime. Follow these steps precisely. delete app from your phone, power down your phone, delete app from iTunes (has to be deleted in both the phone and itunes), plug in phone to your computer, restart phone, restore phone via iTunes, download app via iTunes, sync phone, open app and voila!! you're back in. Haha, they have no idea I am back and back and back again.

How do you get a girl to like you if she has a boyfriend already?

(Read all instructions before proceeding.)As a woman, allow me to give you the secret.You can only steal property, so be sure you keep that 19th-century attitude LOCKED in place: make it a mantra! “Females are property; if I do the right thing, I can earn her — she’ll be mine.”Remain convinced, & TV, movies will help, that females ARE a prize men DESERVE. For example, when Indiana Jones rescues the Lost Ark, OF COURSE he gets the girl. When Han Solo joins the rebels? He wins Leia’s heart. Because reasons. Because testosterone. Good deeds ALWAYS get rewarded not with honor, but with SEX.Never forget how FAST pampering, prettiness, and flattery will fill the tiny head of a female. Ignore that she seems to have MADE her choice. Dogs are man’s best friend; diamonds are HERS. Why? Because they are SHINY, distracting and hypnotic.Finally: when you have settled in with your easily-won prize?Don't complain when you realise she is far smarter than you.

What's the best dating app in United Arab Emirates?

Just here to meet new people and see what happens.I mainly used the app( It has complete function of the app and is good to use. You can also swipe left and right to tell the guys that you are interested in them. Truly, guys on here are real and are serious about a long-term relationship. The app has over 90 million verified millionaires. You can choose to talk with them to avoid scammers and liars. It’s one hundred percent safe and secure.

How easy is it to meet gay men in Turkey?

In Istanbul(downtown), super easy. Istanbul has many gay dance clubs(eg Superfabric, Love Dance Point, Xlarge etc) or gay friendly dance clubs whose customers are mostly gay (Machine etc); Istanbul also has many gay cafés and bars but some of them can be tacky and cheap(Tekyön Club for instance) so choose wisely.In other cities I am not sure though. I assume chances in big cities such as Ankara, Bursa and Izmir would not be low but cannot be compared to Istanbul.From my own experience, I can also say that gay population is quite high in Turkish Riviera (Bodrum, Antalya, Çeşme etc) during summertime.PS: Hornet is the most popular gay dating app in Turkey, Grindr is pretty much extinct.

Why is Donald Trump's wall so offensive?

It’s useless. Most drugs come through ports of entry or by air and most undocumented come from visa overstays.It would cost up to $100 billion to actually build such a thing. And we already have a $1 trillion per year deficit thanks to the tax cut for the rich.30-foot ladders would defeat it.Tunnels would defeat it.It would take decades to get the permits and even then, some areas cannot be bridged by a wall. Every decade, the cost would go up. Most likely, it would never be finished before he dies. Then we are left with a half-assed ugly eyesore and lots of destroyed land.Farmers living in the US near the border do NOT want their land taken from them by the government, and they do NOT want to look out their window and see an ugly-ass wall instead of a pretty landscape of Mexico.His only reason for harping on this idiocy is that his 30% of hard-core followers are profoundly ignorant and they can only understand something as simple as a wall. They are not interested enough or smart enough to examine it beyond that. It’s why they can chant three-word phrases like “lock her up” and “build the wall” but cannot find North Korea or Iraq on a map or tell you what language they speak in Israel (or spell “Israel”). They also can’t tell you who the USA won its independence from, who we fought in WW 1, or WW 2, or who won the Civil War, or even who was IN the Civil War, or how a bill becomes a law, how many Senators there are, or anything except where the refrigerator is.He is so egotistical that he wants a structure with his name on it just like the other towers and hotels and golf courses he has. To him, “keeping the illegals out” is just the excuse he uses to get yet another monument to his ego that he himself doesn't have to pay for.