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My Adblock Pop Up Blocker Is Not Working On Mozilla Why Is This

Why my Adblock stopped working?

Hey, I had installed Adblock like a year ago and it worked perfectly, but then I wanted to view some video from one website which were not working unless I added an exception on adblock for that. Since then I'm not sure what happened, whether adblock was uninstalled or something all websites started showing ads again. I tried blocking them manualy with adblock but it just looks pointless - there are so many of them!!

So my question is what should I do to make the adblock block the ads from all websites? I have installed it but it just doesn't seem to work!

How to block pop-ups on Mozilla Firefox?

Okay, I'm starting to get MAJORLY frustrated. I use Mozilla Firefox and I'm tired of pop-ups and ads showing up on whatever page I go to. Another thing that's annoying is this little icon that is literally ALWAYS on the lower left corner of the screen, trying to get me to upgrade the browser. How can I stop all of this?

How do I block pop-up or pop-under Internet ads in Mozilla and Chrome web browsers?

Use Ad Block extension for Chrome, you can download it from here(Chrome Web Store)and for Firefox use Malwarebytes, download it from here(Thank you for downloading Malwarebytes Anti-Malware)

Anyone know a good ad blocker that actually works?

Download Mozilla Firefox

and install AdBlock Plus add-on within FireFox:

It will help a lot.

How can I "block the pop-up blocker" of all browsers ?

You can block the pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer by clicking on the tools menu ---> Pop-up blocker ---> Turn off pop-up blocker. This is the easiest way to do so. Also, if you're fed up of it and are looking to block pop-ups, banners, ads and other phishing stuff, you can try Adguard - Adblock as it cleans all the unwanted ads and pop-ups on all the websites you visit . I hope it's gonna help solve your problem.

Why does my pop-up blocker seem to work for everything except porn sites?

Case 1: You visit porn sites through Incognito mode. In this case the ad blocker or pop-up blocker automatically gets disabled and you have to re-enable themCase 2:Pop-up blocker generally blocks only the pop-up which is triggered by the page itself without you taking any action (like scrolling and clicking) But porn website are usually designed in such a way that when you click a particular porn video or it's link, both a pop-up window and the video opens. here the pop-up blockers assumes that you wantedly opened the pop-up and so doesn't block it.

How do I block pop up adverts on movie streaming sites?

While you could use any number of popup blockers for this, I’d ask what sites are you using that have popups for movies?I subscribe to several online streaming services, use many free ones as well. Not one has popups. Several have commercials, but I’ve not encountered popups.I’d ask if the sites you’re using are legitimate or are they pirate sites? If they’re illegal streaming site, you could potentially have far worse problems than popups.

Firefox Adblock Plus stopped working need some help?

Chrome has the same good add on. But other than uninstalling and re-installing the add on, It's a strange one. HOWEVER, there is one good way to block ad beacons, malicious sites-downloads, freaking ad servers like google-analytics, and the major culprits. USE a FREE Custom Hosts file from regardless of browser. There are a few other sites w Hosts files, but theirs have far too many and slow the computer down. Mvps was recommended on the Kim Komando show. I have used it for a few years and love blocking ads without things like abplus. Also the small program Hostsman, will enable you to add/delete names on the fly and put any small .gif or photo in that will show up on the web page you are looking at instead of a blank space where the ad would have gone. When I use adblockplus in FF the Host names are few and far between on the Hostsman control panel. Usually just a few times gets caught. That shows how good Ad block plus is too. BUT when using a browser without an ad blocker, there can often be 500-and more ad server names blocked by the Hosts file. All these servers slow your web pages from loading fast. Windows XP is a breeze but 7/Vista need some UAC manipulations to make the thing work. It can be done though. Instructions for 7/Vista are very well done on the MVPS page with photos. One woman in my old triva chat room had Vista and a 7 laptop and it works on both of those. So consider the Hosts file for blocking bad things and AD's and pop ups. I never see dumb ads in the social sites or on web pages now. Have fun. :0)