My Adobe Needs To Be Updated

Do I still need Adobe or java on my Computer?

They won't harm your PC, but you need them for games, and videos.

Java runs games. If your going to play certain browser games, Java is needed. If you want to watch videos on youtube or something, you need Adobe Flash player. Adobe Shockwave is needed for all games.

Uninstalling them will not harm your computer, but you might need them in the future. If you don't play games or watch videos, so go ahead and remove them.

You can always reinstall them off the Java or Adobe website. Just Google adobe flash or java or adobe shockwave.

Update Adobe Flash Problem?

uninstall both instances of flash player. then install the IE and non-IE version of flash player.
wait 1 hour for each install or until you see an adobe dialog waiting for a response in your taskbar. even if you think nothing is happening. flash player installers are 16MiB each.
test using 2nd link.

the little downloader you usually get is tiny.

Does Adobe flash need to be updated?

Yes. Whenever a new version is it out needs to be updated. Updates include new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. Developers rely on new features for the software they create that you use.Sometimes updates include security patches so it is important to keep it and all of your software updated.Flash Player has an auto update mechanism that will keep you updated.Check for Flash Player software updates automaticallyOr you can update Flash Player manually, Adobe Flash Player

Why does Adobe Reader need to update so often?

Updating a software frequently shows the interest of the company in delivering good results for the users. Adobe being the leader in the industry has too much of public demands and they have to make too many major and minor additions to the software every now and then. I ve seen too much of public demands about feature, if you check any question answer site, you will find a lot of questions concerning adobe like 'can I do ABC function with adobe reader?' or 'Can I do this and this with PDF files?'. All this adds to the responsibilities of adobe who are the leaders of the industry, so they have to update them softwares, and you frequently get the message if you want to update the software or not. But since some people find it a bit annoying thats why what the adobe alternative like ClassicPDF editor etc do is that they announce the updates on their websites only rather than to the users who are using it. It helps in avoid the problem that people faces by getting update messages again and again.So the simple reason for the frequent updates is the popular demand which force them to update the software frequently to keep it up to the popular industry demand.

How do I update Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome?

Quoting directly from the support site: Adobe Flash Player plug-inAdobe Flash Player is directly integrated with Google Chrome and enabled by default. Available updates for Adobe Flash Player are automatically included in Chrome system updatesSo, as per this, Flash Player should be updated automatically during the Chrome System Updates.I am assuming, your chrome is up-todate. And you still find the Flash Player version to be older. (Here are the latest version numbers for reference: Adobe - Flash Player )Yet if you wish to install an alternative version, this links should help you.Flash Player with Google Chrome I hope this solves your Q

Help! Should I update my Adobe Flash Player?!?

Yes you should update your adobe flash and that popup is an automatic update it's not a virus or anything. If you don't have an anti-virus I suggest getting avira AntiVir, also to check what version you have go here:

How do I update Adobe Flash on a MacBook Air?

Go the the Apple menu>System Preferences>Click on the Flash icon.Then you will see the following screens and if set this way it will happen in the back ground.Then you will be taken here:If you leave it checked with "Allow Adobe to install updates" then it will happen on it's own.

Why do I have to go to a website to update Adobe Flash player?

If you are talking about non-Adobe websites that redirect you to the download page then it is the ignorance or the incompentence of the people who built that site that makes you go to the Adobe site since they have not implemented the Express Install feature that is available since Flash Player 6: the other hand the reason that you see that version warning in the first place is since you probably have not activated the automatic Flash player background updater in your system: Introducing Adobe Flash Player Background Updater for Windows

How can I update my driver on my Dell Inspiron for Adobe Oil Paint?

Go here

Click Drivers & Downloads tab
Scroll down to Video and click on it to expand it
Download the appropriate driver for your particular graphics card (only you know which graphics card you have)
Then install it
[You may have to restart your computer for the installation to work]


Click the Analyze System for Updates

If this doesn't solve, your problem, then it's not a driver issue. Did you download that filter or are you talking about one of the inbuilt Photoshop filters? If it was downloaded, was it from a reputable, trustworthy site? Did you download it completely and not interrupted before completion? Did you install it correctly. If it came with instructions, did you follow them?

Do I need the Adobe Application Manager on a Mac?

Back in the days of OS X 10.2 and .3, you did, even if the only Adobe app you had installed was Photoshop CS 1, which all I had. I really doubt anything has changed since then. I recall wanting a new full version of Acrobat, just to have another app to share my PS files with.