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My Best Friend Has A New Best Friend What Do I Do

My best friend found a new best friend?

ok well my best friend has recently found a new best friens (this new one is on of my friends) and they have been getting closer because my best friend and i tried to make our schedules match for scool but my BFF's got changed so she changed it to match her new best friends. ever since then she NEVER invites me anywhere and her and her new best friend are starting to hang out a lot more and leaving me out. my best friend use to sit by me in our classes and talk to me all the time but now-a-days, wherever her new BFF goes she just HAS to follow and leave me out. some other people in my group have came up to me and asked what happened between us like if we are in a fight and we arent! she also has been a LOT mean-er (haha idk how to spell) one time i was talkig to me friend C*** about a test and asking what she got cause i did good and wanted to kno who else did good too! i wasnt going to mention what i got and i barely finished when my BFF yelled "OMG! WE ALL KNOW YOU DID GOOD! STOP BRAGGING!!" and she just flipps out like that over nothing and i wasnt even talking to her at all!! im trying to make new friends but its haard because my school is small.and recently ive been feeling very left. any suggestions on how to deal with this?

My best friend has a NEW bestfriend...?

well my bestfriend (lets just call her hannah) has found a totally new best friend and it rrly peevs me off bc we were the closest two best friends ever! and everyone knew tht... we were like two peas in a pod i guess.. we told each other EVERYTHING!!!! literally.. if we had a prob, we would go to each other and we knew everything about each other... and hannah is rrly dramatic so she rrly had probs and she always came to me for advice.. all the time!!!!!
a few months ago, hannah and i had a feud about a lil thing and we both have talked about it and have agreed to go past it and move forward... and we have talked about this alot too. hannah was the one who came forward to me about moving on and being bffs again so we have!
so lately, hannah has gone off w/ another one of my friends (lets call her julie)... hannah and julie have started to become rrly close... soooooo close tht they leave me out... on everything... hannah never tells me anything, always invites julie everywhere but not me, they have inside jokes now (which hannah and i used to have), and they r unseperable.. and julie is my friend too so its kinda weird when they both talk about stuff and i have no clue wht they r talking about... julie is now like my clone for hannah.. and its rrly annoying considering tht used to b me who she went to advice for and everything? and wht peevs me off the most is tht hannah now ASKS julie if she shud tell me about a secret of HER OWN INFRONT OF ME!!! she did this recently and i wanted to say "well if you have to ask julie then its ok. i dont want to know." but i never said tht... and she never ended up telling me neways...
another thing is tht im the most trusted person out of many of my friends bc ive been told so as well and i never tell ANY secrets no matter how bad pple bug me to spill... so its not tht she doesnt trust me? i just dont get y hannah is acting tht way... ive tried to ignore it and move on to other friends as well but it still bugs me? we were bestfriends.. practically sisters. help!!!!

My best friend has a new best friend. Should I let it go or get her back?

I've been best friends with Sara for four years now. We would do EVERYTHING together. Even our boyfriends were friends and we all got along so well. She used to always come over mine and just hang out and we'd go to my bf's and all of us would have a great time.

A few weeks ago, she made friends with this girl, Kristen and I just feel like now they've become best friends. They both have display pictures of eachother together on their facebook, they always hang out together and Sara always asks Kristen first if she wants to hang out. I never get asked to go out anywhere anymore. Just last weekend I asked Sara what she was doing and said she was going out with Kristen. I felt SO SO left out that they hadn't asked me to come with. It's just like i've been COMPETELY replaced and this has only happened within about a month!

The other thing is my (ex) best friend's boyfriend is a serial cheater. He has cheated on her like, over twenty times in their three year relationship and continues to do so. I have told her in the past, however, it has backfired on me because MY boyfriend would get annoyed that I would spill the secret. (My boyfriend would find out from her boyfriend) So that find of stuffed things up with them. I don't tell her anymore about this as I know she won't learn from it and will always go back to him.

So, back on track, Sara's boyfriend (Jake) has told Sara TO HER FACE that he thinks Kristen is hot and he would so 'do her'. My thinking is, is that Sara is only friends with this girl because her boyfriend thinks she's really hot. Sara has done this in the psat with another girl and told me that the only reason she was a "frienemy" was to make sure she wouldn't get close to her man. Kristen IS super super hot and I think Sara's doing the same thing here. Just trying to keep her boyfriend from cheating on her. Kristen does seem like a nice girl, but I feel that she's just intruded on mine and Sara's friendship! I'm hoping she will just blow away soon like what happened with the last girl, but right now, I hate that I don't have my best friend. I don't want to confront Sara either, because i'm not the confrontational type. Should I just ignore her and hope she realises i'm moving away from her?


And thanks for reading my essay. lol

What should I do when my best friend has a new bff and asks only her to travel with her and not me?

You just accept that the friendship is not as close as it once was. Friendships go through phases. You will be extremely close, and go through periods where you are not as close. It does not mean you are not still friends, but it does point out the need to have more than one friend in your social circle.

My best friend never believes in me, what do I do?

I always tell my best friend when shes improved with something and celebrate by taking her out etc always looked out for her and support her, uplift her when shes upset. She never supports me back but instead tells me I can't do this and can't do that because its hard or my dreams are dumb etc. It really hurts me.

My best friend now has a new best friend. I miss her. What shall i do?

Oh my god !!This is so filmy and common, I have been seeing this as a kid.Let me be lil rude, so that you will understand it. No offence tho and thanks for A2A.See the point you said is your best friend has a new best friend.Your problem, you see... Maybe on the other side you were just a good friend.First of all there is no best friend, there are friends... according to our comfort zone we label them as good, best, BFF and all.If she was your best friend, you should be happy to see that she found a new one.. If she is happy, whats the problem ? The problem might be she is spending less time with you, not answering your texts or late replies... That's priority.We all have priorities for something and it changes every now and then.There is nothing like She means everything, I can't live without her... this happens only when we haven't explored or we expect a lot of things from someone so that we are afraid to look at others.Give her some space and let her enjoy.... In the mean time you can follow we and we can be friends (jk, no offense).You miss her, you surely will.. after all she was your best friend.. and you are not spending time with her like you used to... but then you have to move on... explore new things, make new friends and above all stay happy. If you tried making her feel about this, she might manipulate it differently and you may lose her forever. Rather distance yourself, if she misses you like wise... she will be back and by then you would have explored many things.All the best.

My best friend has another best friend and she says she loves us both equally, but I'm always the one who's put in 2nd place. How can I deal with it?

It’s a fact of life that there is no such thing as equal love. Even parents do not love their children equally - although many take great pains to demonstrate equal treatment of their children.Does it really matter if you are her second best friend? Is she the only close friend you have or are there other people you could see? If you were her best friend then the other person would be demoted to second place - and s/he would be feeling as you do now. It’s not a great situation for either of you.But if you want a best friend of your own - someone who will see you as their “go to” person for sharing problems, secrets, etc - then I’d suggest you start to cultivate other friendships and look for someone who is more in tune with you.Also, are you acquainted with the other ‘best friend’? If so, you might want to talk to her and befriend her a bit more. If you find that you like her then it might make the apparent disloyalty of your mutual friend seem less hurtful. And just in case your mutual friend is playing you a little (trying to make two people compete for her attention and affections), then seeing her two ‘best friends’ getting along might just chasten her a little.

I have a crush on my best friend's Dad? What do I do?

She's been my friend since elementary school, we are in high school now. Lately I just been really thinking about her Dad a lot. I know it's super weird and he's an older man, but he's so cute, fun to be around, and how he is protective over his daughters.

I know this is so bad to think, but I've been day dreaming about her Dad a lot lately. It came out of nowhere. I knew him since elementary school and these thoughts for him just started. I know it's ridiculous cuz he already has a wife and 2 daughters and 1 son, so how can I get this out my head? His wife is so lucky. I only live with my mom, and she's not around a lot. My mom is divorced with my Dad and I hardly get to see him either, he lives in a different city and always has a new girlfriend every time I see him, smh. And all my mom and dad do is fight over money when they are together.

But my BFF even said its like I'm part of their family cuz I'm with them a lot and even go with them when they go on trips to like Disney Land. My friend said its like I'm the 3rd sister of the family, despite I am not in their actual family, and they are Hispanic family, while I'm very White. Her Dad has stood up for me once, and he has told me I am beautiful when I wasn't feeling good about myself. I love how Hispanic families are so close.