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My Best Friend Of 10 Years Just Blew Me Off For The Fourth Time

How many months / years sooner should you have ended your last relationship.?

I stayed for 5 years longer than I should have.
It was an abusive relationship but it started slow and I kept believing his promises to stop and how sorry he was. We found what I thought was a good church and things seemed to get better for a while but it was back to the 2-3 times a year yelling and shoving dominance establishing routine. Nothing I ever did was good enough but I did not want my marriage to fail. I kept hoping that this really was the last time he was going to be so horrid to me.
Someone eventually asked me "How much more of your life are you going to waste?" right around the time that he really lost it. So I hit my f**k this s**t point and moved in with mom. (Oh my god I had to move back in with my mommy. I was an adult and I had to move back home. How big of a loser was I?)
After I moved out and all of a sudden he was really sorry and he did want to go to counciling after all and he really was going to change and we could take that trip to the mountains (3 hrs away) that we never had before. I was angry that he was willing to change after I had left but I wasn't worth it before. And that church I thought was so cool told me that I should forgive him amd move back in. And they are supposed to be so supportative of women. Guess I know better now.
On the up side, after I left I met the love of my life and we have been together for over a year. Nothing like marrying your best friend. And with what I have been through in the past I am well aware of how lucky I am to have a REAL husband and not just a spouse.

How did you meet your best friend?

I met mine in 7th grade.

I was home schooled back in those days (started public school the second semester of 8th grade), but I joined the school track team. She was part of the school track team, too. We hit it off on our friendship right then and there... both of us are really random and get into hilariously ridiculous conversations, and it's just a blast.

After freshman year, though, she moved to a town about an hour and a half away. We would talk on the phone a lot and tell each other about the random events that happened and whatnot, but eventually that became less and less and we just sort of forgot about each other. Then, summer of Sophomore year, I was going to a concert. Everyone else canceled on me, and I had an extra ticket. So, I called her up, and she came. After that, we made the effort to hang out at least once a week... It was great. I always forget how much fun I can have when I'm with her.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen her in about 4 months. I moved over 2,000 miles away... It was kind of a dramatic event of me being forced to live with my grandma... so my grandma flew down to help me pack all of my stuff, and we drove the 2,000+ miles back to her house. The night before the move, my best friend spent the night. The last night in my house, I didn't even sleep in my own bed (which my parents soon sold...haha), we tried to pull an all nighter but failed during a movie and just fell sleep on the couch... hah. So, I spent my last day with her, which meant a lot to me. It was amazing, but I wish we weren't so far away now.

What should I do when my friend does not read my text message?

There are multiple options of what you can do.First, simply wait. If waiting doesn’t work then try these next options.Second: Text them again but not immediately, because that could be annoying to them. Just wait a few minutes until it seems like a good time to not be considered annoying. If this doesn’t work, then go to the next option.Third: Call them if its really important. Some people prefer texts over calling. Just call them, tell them what you were trying to say, and maybe tell them to check their texts more often. If you see the ringing end early, then that means that they are busy. That means that you should call them later. If you keep ringing them, and it takes a minute until it ends, then go to the next option.Fourth: Go on their social media if it’s that important. Go on their Instagram, Facebook, ETC. to see if they are somewhere that deems them busy.Fourth: Find them in public and tell them to check their texts, or just tell them what you said in your text in public.Here is an example of exactly what not to do:Repetitively saying “Hi” can get very annoying. I wouldn’t do this because it can get your friend mad for blowing up their phone with 10 notifications of you saying “Hi” many times. If they are at a meeting for something, or somewhere generally important, then they could have to check their phone to see what is so important.

What was your first “friends with benefits” experience like?

It was insane. He was the boy at school every girl wanted. Tall, handsome, blue eyes, played sports, ya know the whole sha-bang.We were FWB for a year, I even lost my virginity to him. I started to really fucking like him, he told me he didn’t like me and that this was just fun for him. I cried a lot but Ya know I got over it.9 months later. I was so fucking horny, I messaged him to come over, he came (figuratively) So ya know I’m on top of him. He goes to me ““what do you want from me?” I was like “um a root lol” he goes “what did you want from me before?” I started tearing up. Mid bang is not the time for a deep and meaningful, ya know.I just held my finger on his heart and he goes ““my heart?” And the fucking tears rolled out. He wiped them and said “I’ve realised, I’m ready for you to have it, I love you”were ended up being together for 2 and a half years. What a waste of time lol.But my first FWB was ultimately my first love.


some people are just a *****. yeh, i understand when you said you cant ignore her, but dont make her feel like you are upset because of what she is saying. whenever she tries and talk bad about you, try changing the subject or ignoring her or even laughing at her.

for example, if she says, "omg you like this kid at school!" then you could go: "hahaha you are so funny".

or maybe you could try changing. don't be so cool. try and be more hyper and loud and change yourself. dont give up just because they cant see that you've changed. you can't expect them to see your change in one or two days. it has to be done constantly to build up your character.

i remembered in yr 7 i had to deal with these stuff too. i also asked yahoo answers for help (in another account) a lot of times and then people just kept saying, "oh in 7 years time you won't even see them again" and inside i was like: "okay, that really doesn't help. 7 years is a looong time!" but then by the time i knew it, i was already in yr 11. and those people in yr 7....they already left school ages ago!!

so don't worry. seriously, its not a big deal. you can be by yourself at school or make other friends. :)