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My Bipolar Sister Help

Is it possible my sister is Bipolar?

Im not trying to diagnose her myself or anything i just want to know if its a possibility. My mom refuses to get her tested for it as well so until she can take herself to the doctor we may never really know. we know she has high blood pressure and doesnt really try to control her temper but is bipolar a possible reason? i dont know much about it and i dont know the best place to look at info for it. my grandmother takes care of one of my cousins who is bipolar and is on medication to help. now let me tell you a little about my sister. she is 18 now and has been the same was since she was about 8. she has always had massive anger problems. my little brother could sneeze and she would flip off the deep end. its gotten to the point to where when my little brother slept in the room next to ours my mom could walk into his room, he would be crying and apoligizing in his sleep and walk into the next room and hear my sister lecturing and getting mad at him in her sleep. she's never beaten him or anything she controls herself enough to stop that from happening. but she can be happy one second and then totally flip emotions and (pardon my language) but be a royal B the next. anything can send her off the deep end. someone can breath wrong or anything and its WW3 with her. and before anyone says its because shes a teen i can tell you that its not. shes been like this since our brother was 2. and its not even just him she goes off on. its the ENTIRE family/ strangers. my grandmother once told my mom she needed to have my sister checked for Bipolar but my mom laughed it off. I think my sister should ask a doctor about it mainly cause she is a mom now and needs to take care of herself for her son. i love my sister but she's out of control with her attitude. my older sister and i never acted like she does so she didnt learn it from us.

My sister is Bipolar...

and a recovering alcoholic. It's very hard to deal with her. Our relationship has been strained over the past year, we used to be super close. She has two children that we just adore. She constantly threatens to limit our access to them when we are concerned about their welfare. She has a new boyfriend that she wants to marry every couple of months. She gives her ex-husband more custody time even though his new wife is not very nice to my nephew. My sister ignores the friction between my nephew (he's 6) and the step-mother because she (my sister) enjoys her free time away from the kids. My sister is coming to visit this week (I live in CA, she lives in NJ), I just don't know how to deal with her anymore. I have always been in her corner, but I feel like I just can't stand her anymore. I don't know how to deal with this situation anymore. Any suggestions?

If my twin sister is bi-polar, could i be too?

1St of all, its bipolar Disorder. Its not a disease as such. I have an identical twin, i am bipolar and she is not although she has ocd and sometimes becomes depressed but she doesnt have bipolar (luckily!!) i hope this makes you feel a bit better and less anxious. Take care xxxxxxxxx

My sister-in-law is bipolar, are there new treatments that could help her?

I've been diagnosed since 2011 or 2012. It's been really hard for me, but I do know staying out of contact with people and being scared of doing anything is not good at allResearch has shown that isolation is bad, and I have been in hospitals and made friends where all they have been in are hospitals and want to simply just live.Have her do group therapy and peer support. It made my life so much better, and really inspired me to not be scared to be myself. There is a time where you need to understand medication is very important, but that your own health sometimes is only known best by you. Maybe going to therapy isn't the best for you 24/7. You don't want to come too dependent on your diagnosis or the therapy because I learned the hard way. We have to be dependent on ourselves to live the life we want to live. If we are having trouble with that, we need to see therapists. Always see a therapists at least once a month. We all need some professional advice.I live in San Francisco, and we have amazing bipolar research going on at Stanford and UCSF. It there are any talks by professionals near her go to them. It is inspiring there are so much intrigue around bipolar disorder. You as family should research this as well! There is hope out there, and things like being a mental health advocate through the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention or the International Bipolar Foundation (I am) is another cool thing to do. It gives you a position of where you know you can help with bipolar and change policy.

What is the best way to deal with my bipolar sister in law?

My sister in law has bipolar disorder, she is on a variety of meds, I don't even know what I just know she takes a lot of different ones. She doesn't always take all of them because she doesn't like how they make her feel. When she goes to the doctor he will just adjust one pill they can't get them right. In the meantime she is very unpredictable, has had numerous affairs, makes promises she doesnt' keep and so on. I understand she has a medical condition but she uses it as an excuse to do whatever she wants and nobody in the family is willing to stand up to her because they fear that she will take away her daughter and not let us see her. I just get sick of all of us having to tip toe around her and do whatever she wants or else it turns into a big fight. I refuse to make plans with her anymore because she forgets or backs out, she has promised my 3 year old things and then forgets or just changes her mind, I'm sorry a 3 year old doesn't understand that her aunt is sick. I guess I just need advice on how to deal with this.

HELP! My mother is being emotionally abused by my bipolar sister. Should I call my sister’s therapist? What else can I do?

My take on the situation is that your mother needs a therapist help, not your sister. Your sister ill, meds are there to help her. Your mother is not ill. The fact that she manipulates your mom could only be stopped by your mom. And no one else.. There are few things your mother needs to accept: she cannot change anything when it comes to other person (your sister). Your sister could move out and take her daughter at any time. Life doesn't stop there. Your mother needs to find a strength within herself to live her life knowing that she cannot control whether or not your sister will deprive your mom from seeing her grandchild. Very often when manipulative individual (your sister) discovers that their scenario doesn't work any more, they stop doing it. It is the hunter and the rabbit scenario: Hunter hunts till the rabbit continues running. If your mother will find her strength to stop being afraid of your sister’s actions, your sister will change her behavior. I know it is very hard, that is why your mom needs support of the therapist. Good Luck!

My Sister is BIPOLAR-MANIC: Her Boyfriend tells Her Not To Take Medication or Else SHE'LL GET FAT?

i am sick of his STUPIDNESS
my sister is having a manic episode right now,
and is on medication, her boyfriend got a paper of the side-effects of the meds and one said:
"gain weight"...well that dumbass said to my sister, "See, look you'll gain weight, that will only make you more depressed"...

and he has NOT seen my sister at her worse manic-state (we live with her 24/7, He see's her 2 times a week) so he thinks that she doesn't need help, he tells my mom "why r u taking her to the hospital, she will only get worse.."

THATS NOT THE POINT, if she gains weight thats ****** fine The point is she gets better , that moron