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My Black Friday Horror Story

Any Retail/Black Friday horror stories?

I just want something funny to laugh at with my friends.


I work at Toys "R" Us and I left my family's house to get to work around...9:00pm? I have a key to get in the back that the manager gave me since I was the assistant manager. Well the shipping trucks were crowding the back so I couldn't get back there without getting crushed. So everyone was still waiting in line. I went to the outer door that didn't have the rope that kept people out and the security guard yells "NO CROSSING THE LINE!" to the customers. Apparently they didn't give a crap and as soon as that door opened I got mowed down by every shoe brand possible.

Never worked black friday again. Bunch of savages.

How much will nba 2k13 cost on black Friday?

$25 from wallmart

As a retail worker, what is your Black Friday horror story?

Not sure if it qualifies as a horror story, but anyway, working for Best Buy as a Store Manager, before retailers started opening on Thanksgiving, going in at 2am on Black Friday to finish last minute prep for store opening at 5 am, lines formed around the building, we had Police at the front door and parking lot for crowd control. Did not leave that day until 9 pm. We had 1 million in sales by 10 am and you could hardly move, but our setup kept the customer flow good. I do remember 1 guy complaining about having to wait in line. I told him, not today buddy, look around, everyone is waiting and they are patient, unlike you. It was a long, long day and turned around and back in at 5 am Saturday. That was the year, Brandsmart just opened their doors and it was a bull rush and people were injured and while they were on the ground, customers just stepped on them and over them to get what they wanted. That was also the year that a customer was killed in a Walmart up north, being trampled by the crowd. That was the good thing about Best Buy, we took precautionary measures to prevent such things, like the police presence for the crowd control. Now over the years in retail, on Black Friday, I have seen customers fighting over products. Taking merchandise out of someone’s cart and bolting to pay for it. Black Friday brings out a lot of the worst in people and unfortunately the greatest deals are generally inferior products and the quantities are very limited. Get you in the bldg and up sell. Quite frankly I use to dread it. It ruined your Thanksgiving and it started the 6/7 day work weeks until New Years.

What are some of your Church horror stories?

They did this crazy "interrogation room" thing with me when I started to be a teenager and do such horrid things like LISTEN TO NIRVANA AND SMASHING PUMPKINS and TALK BACK A LITTLE

I was accused of being a satanist. No kidding!! When you're 13, and you have your parents, and the big scary church pastor sit you down in a conference room for 6 hour stretches, by the time you're done, you will tell them ANYTHING they want to hear.

It was bad.

Why do black people always die first in horror movies?

Because this would never happen in real life.Not to be offensive, but my family found it rather interesting that in a video of people fleeing the scene of the 9/11 tragedy, there was a black man running for his life while others (not black) walked away.It's a common joke among (many of us) black people just how quick we are to flee the scene - no questions asked. If something terrible/horrific happens, we split.On the flip side, there's of course, the rampant racism in the movie industry. (My prior reply is partly serious, by the way, art does not imitate life in this case).Black bodies are expendable, and black characters are little more than an answer to the call for "diversity" and the expected complaints that the producers/director/etc know they would get without at least one black face. So, they stick one of us in there in a rather sarcastic manner "See, we have a black person in the movie!".Ever notice, that black person is almost always romantically involved with another black person... yeah, interracial action doesn't sell too well either.Finally, killing black people is an ancient pass time. Well, maybe not so ancient, but just look up "Racism: A History" on YouTube, and after you watch that and take it in, you'll never see another movie the same way again.Can't lynch 'em in real life? Do it on screen. No one will notice.

Did anyone get hurt during Black Friday shopping?

Yes, here in California, quite a few Cities have reported injuries to the shoppers. On the nightly news, several people went to the hospital. I don't go out just because of this type of thing. I wait until the idiots go home to sleep & the stores are safe to shop in. If you go to the hospital & get a doctors report, the store will have to pay you for your injuries & your hospital bills. If more people start doing this, I think the big stores will realize that they have an obligation to their customers to get large crowds under control in an attempt to at least TRY to protect the customers that have come to shop in their stores. They need a better system & security guards. I think it would be fair to give out numbers as people arrive in the parking lots, prior to the opening of the doors. This is getting like the rock concerts used to be in the 80's! :o)

Where does "we wear black on Wednesday" come from?

I hear a lot of kids at my school say it & i seen it on ig latel. Where does it come from & what does it mean? ..... also the phrase "we wear pink on wendesdays"