My Boyfiend And His Ex Boke Up His Ex Was Unemployed. She Now Works Full Time. Is It Possible For

My ex girlfriend compltley used me for a year and now im afraid i'll never meet a good girl?

my story is pretty pathetic on my part. i was 18 when i asked out my ex who was 16, we dated from august 08 til july 09.
alllllll of my friends hated her, and my friends moms, and my sisters did not like her. they always called her a gold digger, fat, and said why is someone as good looking as me dating her. i saw her beauty, i think she is the prettiest girl alive and no body else really saw it.

however she cheated on me 4 times, compared me to other guys, never once bought me anything, ever... spent 600 bucks on her for xmas when i was unemployed and used my last of my savings for her.

broke up with me the week of my bday, forced me to buy her a promise ring, got mad i made her a scrap book, constantly lied to me.

she was my first kiss, first girlfriend, first love ,first date, everything. i wasnt the first everything for her. she knew i was a nice guy, and it hurts cuz its been a while since the breakup. she got a new boyfriend right after the break up and he is a nice guy like myself. it sucks, i feel helpless and i feel as if i was never loved or cared for during the 11 months we were together.

my question is, has any guys ever felt as if they were never loved or cared for in their relationship with their ex, then SOMEHOW, they found a good girl and fell in love again? how amazing is the feeling of KNOWING your loved??
and will my ex get mad that i get a new girlfriend even though she is horrible to me and STILL calls me everyday even tho she has a new boyfriend?

Do you think that a guy who is unemployed is a loser?

Good for her. I have two sons in law now that don't want to work. Both daughters are struggling to carry their dead @sses. No person should put themselves in that position if they don't have too.

My boyfriend and anger rage depression bipolar?

He has Avoidant Personality Disorder.

Not to be confused with shyness or social anxiety. The main symptom is being highly sensitive to criticism and Is unwilling to get involved with people unless certain of being liked.

I have this and it took me a long time to figure out why I would have these fits of rages. I have mellowed out. Guys in their mid thirties aren't as hotheaded as their twenties. Still he needs to recognized the problem now. And you really do need to believe him when he says he doesn't mean what he says. I believe him. The best thing is not to argue and for you to call him the next day and talk about something else. He will apologize. He will never be the first to call you unless its a week later.

Notice the anger build in him when he gets nervous going to place where he will meet new people. Anything new is hard for him. He likes routine.

My ex boyfriend never paid rent for the whole duration of our lease. Can I sue for his half of the bills?

He wasn't employed through our Lease and never paid a single utility bill, cable bill, or rent. We are now broken up and I want my money back. Can I take him to small claims and get it back? All of it? His name is on 2 of the bills and the lease agreement but I paid for EVERYTHING. My signature was on every money order ever sent. Please let me know what to do. Thank you

My boyfriend hasn’t had a job for 7 years. We’ve been dating for 7 years. I have a 9–5 job and he sits at home or pick me up from work. I always pay for dinner, for petrol/gas/toll etc. He plans to marry me. Should I keep him or leave him?

Hello there,My answer is going to be a bit different than everyone else here.I will tell about a totally opposite scenario, where a guy has a 9–5 job and his wife stays at home. I am not sure about your place but this is really common in India. In fact sometimes, even when a girl wants to be independent her spouse/in-laws have objection to that, and she ends up sacrificing her job. Of course this is not true always, but it does happen a lot. Here, it’s totally acceptable for a girl to not work and stay at home and take care of the house/family/spouse, and later on, kids. Mind you this does take lots of work which they are never given credits for, but not that they are not contributing financially!Now your case is totally reversed. You have been dating this guy for 7 years now and till now you must have a learned a lot about him and yourself as well. Why do you think he isn’t working? Is he lazy or he just likes to stay at home. And what is he like when he is at home? Does he do other stuff, like cooking, cleaning, organizing parties/trips…Our society has some sort of mind-set that no matter what, it’s the guy who should always be working, which I find very unfair to guys. He must be doing be something. See through that and decide if that’s acceptable to you. Money isn’t the only thing. If you think he should earn just like you are, that’s your personal choice. As others have mentioned already there is nothing wrong or about it.On a happy note, I suggest that you watch this movie “Ki and Ka”. This deals with the similar issue, although in a funny way.