My Boyfriend Is A Leader Of A Clique

Boyfriend issues, am i over reacting?

so my boyfriend is the leader of a group in school and im part of it, but i had to leave for about 1 minute to call my mum and let her know i was staying after school. when i come back my boyfriend says, "where were you? you went to go get your phone? really rachael.? i need to know where you guys are at all times so you tell me." i then apologize and move on. at the lockers i then ask him if i should quit and he said "you should, you dont do your work." he then later says to me and my friend while hes working that we "annoy him"

i dont like being disrepected but ive never treated him this bad. advice?

My boyfriend is a leader of a clique?

My boyfriend is 35, his friends are around the age 24-35. I am 23, and my friends are 21-22 years old. I have friends here and there, most of my friends are not friends with my friends, we are NOT in a clique whatsoever.

My boyfriend's friends, he has like 10 friends, and they ALL know each other, they ALL hang out with each other, they ALL talk to each other all the time. My boyfriend would get mad at me and ignore me, and he would tell ALL OF HIS FRIENDS to ignore me and they ALL WOULD.

His friends want to be my friend, they talk to me on Facebook, yet they won't add me. They won't even give me their real numbers, they give numbers from an app, and they all have had the same profile picture for like a year. It is like they're fake or something or it's a fake account. I had my friend talk to him on Facebook to be friends and she didn't even meet him and she added him and even texted him with a real number.

One time his one friend was mad at me, so she told all of my boyfriend's friends to block me from Facebook, AND THEY ALL DID. They also spread rumors really fast.

It is like they're sheep!

If I told my friends to block someone, they would be like "Why, that's stupid."

What the hell is this? What is going on?

Will my boyfriend be able to talk on the phone at leadership training course?

Depends on which course he is taking. The vast majority of Army schools excluding basic training and most AITs allow cell phone use after training is over for the day. If he is going to WLC it may be more strict. Considering there are several leadership courses you would need to get more information about which one it is to figure out what he can and can't do there or what his packing list will be.

From your question it is unclear whether these individuals “report” to you? If so, then you sure are in a pickle. But there are ways to stay ahead of the situation;As a general rule, never be “friends” with people who report to you. That does not mean you be rude, or excessively official with them. But do not become a “Buddy,” do no make friends with them on Facebook. When you do, it results in the situation you are in.If these individuals report to you,Call in a personal meeting, face-to-face, one-by-one, and lay out the facts;Clearly state your concerns, unequivocally. You are not their friend, you are their boss, they are here for work, and they report to you.And, in that spirit they are to behave in a professional manner which is appropriate to the relationship of a worker-Manager.Don't do this in a public forum, and remind them that you are not doing this in a public forum to be respectful of their feelings. But, you will not hesitate to call out on their behavior going forward.After that, maintain a professional demeanor throughout the workday/workweek, and going forward.Do not avoid them (it would make you look weak),Converse with them as you would with any other colleague,Joke with them (if the situation is more casual, or outside of work),Go out to eat with them if you have to (don't go drinking with them, unless it is for work).Be nice and courteous, but never let them forget your place in the hierarchy. If they are smart enough, the point will get across pretty quick, and you’ll get some of the power back, that you’ve let go.If these people don't report to you;Why should they take you seriously? You are a colleague, and they’re treating you the same. Unless of course they are being arrogant or disrespectful in professional setting. In that case;Talk to them one-on-one and express your concern. Let them know that respect is a two-way street.If that does not work, express your concerns to your manager. If he/she cares about the cohesion within the team, they will take steps to mitigate the situation.Hope this helps.

What is a book series similar to the clique, but for girls in highschool or older?

Hallow I'm fifteen too and I loved the clique series when I read it!(: Lisi created a spin off series called Alphas that I think is preetty good, its about Skye Hamilton and she is chosen to go to a school only for alphas, she is roomed with a few other giirls and the book mostly revoles around her and her roommates and how they deal with competeing and boy drama. Trust me if you liked the clique series you'll deff like Alphas too.

And another book series that I really like is called the Maximum Ride by James Patterson. It really isn't like the clique series at all but its full of adventure, suspense, friendship, and a little later in the series romanceeeeeeee.(; so any way, its about these six kids that were stolen from birth by these scientist called whitecoats and they messed with their DNA so they are 2% bird and the rest human. They escape from the whitecoats when they still fairly little by a good whitecoat named jeb, but he soon dissapears and they live on their own for years, until sunddenly they are found again...

And my other favorite book is called The Secret Circle, (and I think they may be making a tv series from it but I'm not sure...) by L. J. Smith. Its about a girl that moves to England from cali and finds out that she is drawn to a group of kids at her new school, but it turns out there is a reason they are at the top of the school.( this one also isn't like the clique, but trust me its still a really good book, I loved it!)

~I hope I helped you out!(:

You can answer this question as follows - ,” Sir/Madam, I am a PREPETUAL LEARNER and feel that I posses the right qualities of a leader. Any person holding a position or designation does not become a leader. He is a leader who can influence people around him/her positively towards growth and betterment. Also, I belive that follower is a negative word; Learner is a better and positive word”. Thanks!

Unless medically necessary and your BF is a ear, nose and throat board certified medical specialist with further advanced certification in corrective and cosmetic surgery and has vetted his opinion with professional peers, the answer is an unequivocal-NO. You do not need a new nose.You should carefully evaluate all aspects of his critique of your body and personality to see if he is worth keeping company with. He strikes me as suspiciously shallow of character and one has to wonder just how much of you you’ll have to surrender to stay with him. Oscar Wilde put is quite succinctly when he said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

In those types of situations, I entertain myself with identifying the cliques - not just who belongs to them, but why. I also try to determine the social status or position of each person within their respective cliques.I never try to join a clique. Not ever. I am a leader. I am my own clique. I am fully myself and content with my own company. I offer intelligent conversation, a willingness to discuss real, pertinent issues, a quick wit (with a side of sarcasm), a self-deprecating humor, but most of all…I offer solutions. I don’t whine. I don’t gossip or slander. I see real problems and I come up with solutions. I see phony drama and I ignore it.Soon - and I’m talking within an hour - people are forming up around me and we are headed somewhere. Don’t worry about cliques. Be honest and useful and let the cliques worry about you.

My boyfriend is losing feeling for me & I don't know what to do?

All you can do is be your friendly normal self. I find it interesting when a woman SUDDENLY starts to act the same...keeping the guy wondering (as they say...WALK AROUND WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE (as if you're VERY VERY HAPPY, and people will ALWAYS wonder what you're UP TO)!! Men and women play these silly games and don't admit it...when things start to crumble...but some people aren't good actors (lol) and it simply can't be done. If you are so much in love, obviously you won't be able to try that...but I've seen it work once...and it was only because HE got bored and suddenly when she acted same,...he was chasing her like crazy again. CRAZY, but sometimes we're ALL CRAZY! lol Aside from all that fun,...sometimes people need to move on...and there is NOTHING you will do that will stop him if that's what he really wants. It is hard...but you want him if he doesn't actually want you in the end? Move on and find someone that will. Lots of fish in the sea and it happened to my friend and 2 months later she fell madly in love with a new guy. Happens! Be is short :)

PlZ HELP boyfriend help .. FOR GUYS AND GIRLS?

ok. so, what I would do is....have u gone out on a date yet? cuz i had tht same problem, we never knew what to talk about, but then we went on our first date, and all a sudden theing were alot easier. And as for the "clique" thing, Id'e say depending on how different these cliques are its okay to sometimes mix, ik how tht goes. But say like ur in the cheerleading clique and he's in the chess club clique it probably going to be a bit more difficult. But remember, love comes before anything. If you think this boy is special, then try new things for him. Talk at luch and in the halls, he is your boyfriend. well, hope tht helped... Goood Luuuckkk! :D