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My Boyfriend Made Me A Video But According To Him The File Is Too Big To Send Via Email .

Boyfriend sending naked pics of himself to a MAN?!?

Shame on you for going through your boyfriend's email. It's clear you can't trust him, so you should admit what you did, tell him you know what he did.

He might be gay, or he might enjoy the attention he gets from this guy. The only way you'll know is if he tells you.

I want to send a private video to my boyfriend. I need some advice. PLEASE HELP!!?

I want to send my boyfriend a private video & I want to make sure NOBODY else has a chance to view it at all. I cant send it as an attachment through yahoo mail because the file size is too big. I know you can post private videos on youtube, but i just want to send him a copy, I dont want it left on the internet even if it is private. I could try to send it as an attachment in a private message on facebook, but i'm a little worried about the security of that, and I dont know if facebook has a limit on the file size like yahoo. I would really appreciate any help I can get with this, because we are seperated by several states right now and this would cheer him up.

Thank you to anyone that can help me with this!!!

I Asked my boyfriend to send me a video of him masturbating, more details below?

I agree with Jo. It is seriously irresponsible to send a video over the phone. Who knows who he will show/send it to, and who else could see it through them. The same thing happened to a girl at my school. She was so desperate to get this boy to like her, then he spread the pics all through school. She eventually switched schools because it got so bad. You should definitely be more careful from now on. To answer your question, you should feel suspicious. Maybe he doesn't want you to have anything on him, though he has something on you. Or it could be as simple as him having a tiny penis, what do I know?
Credit to your title also, I feel like a bunch of people will feel obligated to at least look at your question. :P

I need to send a 5GB file of pics and vids to someone via email. Help em please.?

Yahoo's limit is 25 MB per mail in total for free accounts AND for the Plus paid accounts, but often even that size fails to attach and send - or is rejected by the receiver's server as too large. You are also limited to five attachments per mail. It also slows down the mail program for those with downloaded mail. You might try some of the file and video sharing services like Flickr (a Yahoo product), Photobucket, Snapfish, Picasa or many others.

New regular Yahoo Mail users have a program built right in that lets you send files up to 100 MB in size. You can find the Attach Large Files app in the Applications section underneath your folders. If you don't see it listed, you can add it to your list by clicking the plus sign ...

There are many free services which allow sending files of 50 MB or even 2 GB. Set up an account once you decide which service to use, and have your friend set up an account with the same service to send files back to you. Once uploaded, the file(s) can be downloaded by the recipient after you send the link. The files are available for a limited time, depending on the service used.
For collections of 5 MB, you would need to send them in smaller quantities. Once the other files have been seen/read, delete them to make more space for new ones.

Too Big for Email - Send up to 2 GB at the same time (8 hours of upload time) Upload multiple files at the same time, with password protection, delivery receipt, encryption and room for a message too.
Dropbox (Free) - Sharing isn't one-way; your recipients can upload files for you as well. The free version lets you upload up to 2 GB's of files. You can share the files for 30 days.
MailBigFile - Send files of up to 1GB (= 1000 MB) for free.
Transfer Big Files - Send files of up to 1GB (= 1000 MB) for free.
YouSendIt Free service - Send very large mails (attachments, up to 1 GB = 1000 Mb).

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What is the best way to send a DVD file by email?

The file size of a DVD is too large to be transferred with email. The attachment size of email is limited.There are two options for you:Upload the DVD file to the online file storage bases like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. But you should note that the free space provided by them are also restricted. E.g. DorpBox only gives you 2 GB of space.Rip the DVD to video to reduce the file size. A 4.6 GB movie DVD can be converted to a 850 MB video from my experience. You can even get a smaller video by decreasing bit rate, frame rate.

How can I safely/privately send my boyfriend a sexy video while he's out of town?

There are actually two questions here:How can I safely send private images?Who owns the images I send via the phone system?To answer question 2, no, your phone provider absolutely does not own every picture or video you take. You own them. If you send a picture or video, you are granting the phone provider a license to transmit and reproduce the image. You have to do this, otherwise they could not transmit the image or reproduce it on your boyfriend’s phone.To answer the first question: When you use your devices, if you send a message over a channel that is not encrypted, such as email, there is always a chance someone can intercept it. Email is not secure. Text messages are not secure. Anything going over an open WiFi network is not secure. Technically skilled people can intercept them.There are other forms of communication that are more secure. Encrypted point to point messaging platforms like Snapchat and WhatsApp are reasonably secure.When I do this with my partners, we generally just use email, because we don’t care if the pictures are intercepted. Hell, there are naked pictures of my partners on my blog and on some of my Web sites, and I’m told there are naked pictures of me on Fetlife (I haven’t bothered to look). But if this is something that does bother you, investigate using a secure messaging application.

What is the correct file format to send a Pitch Deck to investors via email?

Send decks as PDF email attachments whenever possible.Do not send PPTs -- they look different depending on the viewer's software. For example, I use a Linux laptop, and PPTs usually look like a 4-year-old found a marker, magazine clippings, and glue.Do not send Keynote files -- not everyone uses a Mac.Docsend/Dropbox/etc are okay but not great. Not having the deck in my email makes it harder to view it on the go, harder to use highlighting software, hardware to search for it on my local hard drive, etc.

Im 18 pregnant and my boyfriend is going to Iraq when our baby is 2 months old. My parents are deceased?

I feel for you. I had my first baby when I was 19 my husband was deployed during my pregnancy, and I had our son alone. It was the loneliest I think I have ever felt. I was fortunate enough that he came home 2 weeks after our son was born. It will be hard for you, and anyone who tells you otherwise is full of bologna! But, you have to remember, you are a mom now and have to be strong for your child. Find a local parent support group...other spouses being left behind when his unit deploys. Trust me, you will all bring one another strength! Write often to your boyfriend, send video of the baby....he is missing out on alot more than you will be. His stresses over it are probably as high as be supportive. You can do this! I wish you the best of luck honey.
My email on file if you ever need to vent. A special thanks to your boyfriend for serving our country....and to you for standing by his side.