My Brothers Football Number Is 42 And I

Highest number worn on a football jersey?

the max is 99. Because it has only 2 digit and fits perfectly on back of the shirt. You can choose 100 or other 3 digits number. How it looks like on the back? Ugly I guess.

7th grade football question...please help my little brother?

Maybe, but most schools require that kids practice for so many days without pads before playing with pads, so since your brother joined late, he's got to get his non-pad practices in first. You might want to ask the coach about it, just to see what's going on, I doubt if your brother's been overlooked, if he's the one player without pads, I'm sure he sticks out, but I bet it's a number of practices requirement thing.

I have never played football before, but I wanna try. Help?

I am 15. 6 ft tall and weigh about 195. I'm not a small kid. Growing up I was a baseball player and was told by family friends to try football. My family and I would laugh cause I was not aggressive. I wouldn't even fight back when my brother would mess with me. I loved watching football and still, I've never even put on pads before. Now,I love golf. It is my true love, and I am really good and have been told I have potential to be a lot better. So that is my number one sport priority. But recently,I have had the thought to start football. Kinda just for fun and to prove to myself and others I can do it. If I do play,I wanna play defensive line. I just love the feeling of pushing some people out of my way and tackling some guys. Now,I can get aggressive and angry easily when people piss me off. I would only play rec or something and take it from there. Only other thing is I'm not a fan of running long distance but I can sprint. I know this is a lot of information but if you could give some advise,it would be much appreciated.

Should I ask out my friends brother?

okay so my friend/neighbor has a kinda cute step-brother, who i think likes me. the first time we all hung out together in public was earlier in the year, at the homecoming football game. He doesn't go to our school and was single at the time(and still is now) so we walked around a little bit and introduced him to like a few girls. At one point his sister went to go talk to this kinda pretty girl about dating him. The whole time he and I where standing behind her so the girl could see us but his sister couldn't whispering, almost in each others ear betting on what she would say (the answer was no). we also walked around our school's side of the bleachers my dad who was sitting in the front row reminding me to tie my shoe each time we passed him once even completely stopped me once (me and my guy friend we laughing about something at the time). After the game this girl who was my friend at the time annoyed me for a month about dating him. Some other small things happened here and there seeing him like every other weekend due to his parents divorce we text sometimes. And then a few weeks ago his sister asked me to go to a local a baseball game with them, I skipped my basketball practice to go. Like usual, we laughed at dirty jokes, he called me blue like a million times (a nick name based on the fact that his sisters friend saw my underwear when i had bent over), played games like ring toss and how fast can you pitch (he has a 62 mph pitch by the way), got candy, even elbowed each other like siblings while calling each stupid names. Today his sister, him, and I were all hanging out. And not only did almost every time i cracked a joke about her ex he said the same thing at the same (or guess that I was about to make a joke), but at one point we left his sister in her room and went on a "scavenger hunt" for ingredients to make a double barrel rubber band gun we laughed and searched the house every once and awhile we will hang out by ourselves and just talk. One of those times we where talking he told me that most of his sisters friend where ugly or annoying or both and he only liked a few. His sister rarely does anythings against his will (like inviting annoy/ugly friends over while they where hanging out) so he wouldn't have her invite me over all the time. Right? Do u think he likes me?