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My Budgies Are Scared Of Me

My Budgie is Still Scared of Me?

I've had my Budgie for about five days, and he still won't really begin to "trust" me. When he is inside of his cage and I'm sitting next to him, he has no problem chirping, singing to music, talking to the other birds outside, etc. but when I slowly put my hand inside of his cage to begin the trusting process (all I do is put it in there, sit still, and talk to him), he goes to the highest perch and sits there and doesn't make a noise. I just feel really bad because he's been locked up in this cage all week, and I want him to have the opportunity to come out and fly and sit on my finger, but he is to scared... how can I make him trust me? Thanks.

HELP!!! My budgie is scared of me!?

It's a possibility that something in Kiwi's environment scared him, which caused him to fly around all crazy. First you should look around his cage, or think about if there is a new toy in his cage or something around it is new or out of the ordinary. Another thing to consider, do you wear nail polish? It's possibly that if you changed the color of your nail polish recently, Kiwi might be afraid of the color. One more thing, are there any other animals in the house that could have scared him? Because that could have spooked him enough to be afraid and distrusting.

In order to bond with him again, you just need some time and patience. Work with him about 10 to 15 minutes a day until he starts to warm up with you again. Remember that you are a big predator sized being compared to a small budgie. Just be patient and start off slow and you and your bird will be friends again in no time. There is a great step-by-step article on how to bond with your budgie on that you should check out. Good luck with your budgie!

Why are my budgies scared of me?

First and foremost, when keeping multiple budgies always separate for training. Do whatever you have to (except grabbing, this can cause fear and resentment by your bird) to get them into another cage. I recommend a used one, that you get cheap online or at a pet store.

When you have ONE separate from the others, in an EMPTY cage, meaning no toys (you should have 2 or 3 small perches at different heights in it though) you should sit their with it. I find playing classical music which you can find on youtube (mine like Beethoven's Symphony No. 9) helps calm them down before training.

Take a small perch (the ones that are like 4 inches) and put them in front of your parakeet. Keep doing this till they step on. When you do this say the words "step-up" so they learn it like a dog learns "sit". When they step up let them stand there for a few seconds, then put them in front of the perch attached to the cage and tell them to "step-down" verbally. Be patient.

Do this with each bird for twenty minutes a day, EVERY day. I like to give my birds one day a week off though, because it can be stressful to un-tame birds.

After about 2 weeks of this I recommend telling them to step onto the perch that you are holding, and then from there have them step onto your finger.

Be patient, and DO NOT get cocky! Take the amount of time that I listed above. Trust me, it is important.

It will take months for your birds to fully trust you, but you sound like a concerned pet owner so I have faith that you will get there someday.

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My budgies are scared of me because I had to pick them to put them in their cage. What should I do to make them not afraid of me?

The best way to handle most pets to gain their trust is to put yourself + treats nearby. Put treats on a table near your hand - if they don't come near the treats, gradually move your hand farther away until they do. If you can't let them out if the cage because of having to put them back in scaring them, then put the treats on the cage floor and get as nearby as they'll tolerate.The first time, don't move any closer. If they want to come to you, great, but otherwise stay still. Talk to them in a soothing voice, but don't move closer. On subsequent sessions, move closer each time. Soon they'll associate your hand and voice with the treats and all will be well.

My budgie is so scared of me! Why? How do i make him trust me?

It really depends if the bird was hand fed..and how old.
If it was never been handle by a is going to nearly imposable to tame can be done but,it won't be easy..If it was handle an abused while be handle is going to hard to tame..if he was hand fed and handle..Yes with time and patience it can be done..
Try talking to it and place your hand on cage..after a few times doing door..birds are very interested in any kind of food you may eat an apple place some near it..
Another way and sometimes faster to tame..wrap in small towel..go to a quite place and talk to it and pet it..keep doing this until it relaxes and place him on your lap..have some seed he likes or fruits or veggies.
Sit on floor while you train him case he gets away he won't get hurt..There are many ways to tame a bird..these are just a few I used
good luck

I hate my budgies! They're scared of me?

I got my budgies a year ago from a pet store. I bought 2 because I thought 1 would be lonely but many people said buying two would be a lot harder to tame since they bond with each other than with you. I spend a lot of time trying to tame them but it was all for nothing since they go back to hating me. I don't see the joy of keeping them anymore since verytime I try to interact or even LOOK at them, they stop what they're doing and jumps onto the bars at the back of the cage. I take good care of them like give them water, food and change their cage, but they're just dead scared of me. I really don't want them anymore. i want to get a larger parrot that will interact with you and not be scared of you, even if they bite, at least they're not scared of your hands -.-

Why isn't my new budgie scared of me?

Why is this something that’s concerning you? It could be that he’s been handled by a lot of people and since nothing bad happened during those episodes, he’s learned to trust humans. It could be that he was hand tamed. It could be that you’re just not that scary, or he’s just that brave.Whatever the reason, be happy. Most people dream of bringing home a new budgie and being able to interact with it immediately. That’s not the norm for the majority of people, so enjoy it.

What should I do if I’m scared that my two budgies will bite me?

You will have to get over your fear or you will never ever be able to handle them. Budgies bite. All birds bite. Its how they defend themselves. You won’t die from the bite, it won’t get infected, it won’t even hurt all THAT bad because a budgie is so small. Practice putting your hand in the cage a little and leaving it there, moving slowly and gradually over days moving it farther in. DO NOT yank your hand back when a budgie acts like it is going to bite. You are teaching him to bite you if you do that, because he learns you will leave him alone if he bites you. He will test your finger or hand before he gets up on it to be sure it is a secure perch, and he will do that with his mouth. He won’t just walk up and bite you unless you are trying to grab him. Gotta put on those big girl pants and deal with it in order to work with birds, girl!

My budgie is scared of everything?

Back-to-basics TLC and lots of time and patience is all that it takes to have a great pet budgie. But note that 2 budgies kept together will bond to each other instead of you; it's very hard to have a good tame bird when 2 birds are kept together. I strongly recommend you to separate them and then try to tame each (or the single) bird. Visit to find taming info.

Btw your budgies' ages are way too young! I doubt they're even weaned--and from what you wrote it doesn't look like you know a lot about handfeeding. Improperly weaned and improperly handfed budgies make disastrous pets. In this case, visit, locate a budgie breeder (there's an entire list of them) and ask them what to do. Even better, hand over your birds to a breeder to handfeed them. MOST pet stores have inexperienced staff that don't do a good job at handfeeding very young birds.

How do I know if my budgies are excited, scared, or sad, through the sounds they make?

You have to look at their body language and look at their eyes as well as the sounds they make. When we first got my darling little Ciel and Soleil they didn’t vocalize at all. A day or two after we got them (we were completely new pet owners) we put some millet in the cage because they weren’t eating much of their seeds. They finally climbed onto the side of the cage to the millet basket and started eating. A few minutes later we heard a very loud and quick “CHT CHT CHT!” sound and when we rushed in we saw an angry Ciel trying to rip the millet spray out of the basket because he couldn’t reach the seeds. It was the cutest thing. We took the millet out of the basket and let them eat it from the floor of the cage. Ciel was much happier with that situation.We have a platform with bars like the cage that the birds like to stand on but if they step wrong their foot will go through the bars and they’ll face plant the platform (also the most adorable yet sad thing ever). Ezio, another of our budgies will sometimes screech/scream when he falls.Puffed fluffed budgies are usually happy (as long as they are either vocalizing or sleeping). Lethargic budgies are sick or depressed. Ciel got sick one time and he was very lethargic and lazy, but as soon as we got to the vet he put on a show and began preening to show that he was not weak in front of these strangers who wanted to examine him.Ciel will also growl or bark when we try to hold him (to trim his nails or his wings) and he narrows his eyes. All of our budgies narrow their eyes when they’re angry. If your budgies are older you can tell even more about how they’re feeling by their irises. If the irises are dilating and constricting quickly they can either be really excited or angry. With certain mutations your budgies might not get visible irises, as is the case with my Ezio who has black baby bird eyes even though he is almost 2 years old.