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My Canon Rebel T3 Camera Keeps Telling Me To Take The Battery Out And Turn Off When I Try To Take A

My camera (Canon EOS Rebel T3i) is not working?

This is what I'm thinking that you're doing wrong is trying to take photos in either in low light or having the camera much too close to the object that your trying to take photos of.

Solution: In low light place the camera on a tripod. Using the tripod in low light would give the camera sufficient amount of time for the camera to take the photo. Plus the camera needs ample of light for the camera to focus on the object.

Object to close to the camera
Solution: Each lens as a minimum distance that the lens to be able to focus on. So just move the lens/camera back enough just so the camera would be able to focus onto the object.

Should I upgrade my camera to a Canon 70D from a Rebel T5i?

The 70D does look like a better camera.  Compare the Canon EOS 70D vs the Canon Rebel T5iHowever, a few things to keep in mind before shelling out to upgrade.  The 70D is still a cropped sensor, so you may find yourself pining after the full frame.  So before buying a new camera, I'd look at 3 other important factors:1.  Which len(s) are you using?  Do you have prime or zoom lenses?  Lenses can often make more of an impact on the photo than the camera.  Invest in some high quality lenses.2.  Do you use PhotoShop or LightRoom?  Post processing can make a huge impact on photos.  Spend some time on YouTube learning some editing techniques.3.  Have you played around with Lighting?  Photos taken with an awesome camera in bad lighting will look worse than one taken with a mediocre camera in good lighting.  Lighting makes a huge difference.  Understand it.  For what's its worth:  I love photography too, and always want a new camera :)

My Canon CoolPix L26 camera keeps giving battery exhausted error thn shuts off when I try to a take a picture?

Are you using cheap batteries, such as "super heavy duty" (which are anything but), or dollar store alkalines. If so, that's your problem as digital cameras are very power hungry devices. Recommend rechargeables, they have 5 times the power as alkalines and as such last 5 times longer. And when the charge wears down, just recharge them for pennies. Get some, bet you'll kick yourself for not trying them sooner.

How long does it take to charge a Canon camera's battery?

Batteries are measured as having different energy levels, which allow the batteries to last longer or shorter than the other guys. With digital SLR cameras, I have generally gotten around a thousand shots per battery charge. With this in mind, I usually drag around two spares at any given time so I don’t run out of juice. I always have a battery in the charger and when I run out of one, I replace that one with a freshly charged battery. I’ve never timed the actual event of charging a battery, given that I have a slew of spares available at any given moment. I think my camera bag has 6 batteries for my Canon 50D and 40D cameras. I try to buy batteries rated at 2000 Ahn or better, so they will last longer per charge.

Why can't you charge a DSLR Camera battery via a USB port?

Most digital cameras run from large batteries at higher voltages… USB has not offered a very good charging option compared to the various others. But this is slowly changing as USB becomes ubiquitous and grows up a bit.Here's the new Panasonic DMC-G9, a fairly high end Micro Four-thirds camera. And its one of the first I've heard of that actually does support USB charging. The standard battery is rated at 7.2V, 1860mAh, 14Wh. So expect it to take 3.5–4.0 hours to charge from a USB 3.1 data port, a bit over two hours from a USB Battery Charging port. That is extra circuitry in the camera, extra heat as well, given the need for a boost converter.And actually, the best part of the USB power connection for a serious user isn't the battery charging at all. Rather, it's the ability to run the camera from a USB power supply. That could be anything from a wall wart to a 15000 mAh power brick. And given that this camera uses a peak of about 1A on USB, on a standard Battery Charging port, the battery will get some charge.The other reason USB charging on a serious camera is unusual is that it's not that useful to an advanced user. I can't use my camera while it's plugged in and charging — until recently enough, USB charging wasn't powerful enough to run the camera, and even then, it's some kind of a tether, not ideal for anything other than maybe video or studio work from a big tripod. Batteries are inherently replaceable, so why not charge one of two while using a few others… my trusty Watson charger has travelled the world with me!With the advent of USB Type C and USB Power Delivery, I think USB charging will be far more common in DSLRs, mirrorless, and other serious cameras. You will get fast charging, higher currents and voltages, etc.

My Canon Rebel T2i Randomly Shut off and Won't Turn Back On?

My Canon T2i that I just bought brand new Wednesday, July 20th, randomly shut off in the middle of me taking a picture and will not turn on... Is there anything I can do?

My canon rebel t3i freezing?

When I take a picture my camera locks up and doesn't shut off or do anything. The only way I can take another photo is by taking the battery out. This has never happened.

Why does my canon t3i turn off when i shake it?

i just started to notice that whenever i give my canon t3i a shake or shuts the point were i have to remove the battery in order for it to turn back one. i am pretty sure i never droped it or anything so what can be causing this?

I accidentally left my EOS 1300d battery in my camera for about a week. Is it still ok or do I need to get a new one?

A2AThe majority of modern DSLR are pretty much intended to have their rechargeable battery all the time except when they are charging using charger.In fact some of manufacture did trimmed down their clock capacitor so much, some of mirrorless / DSLR only can go without battery for a day or less before date/time clock get reset.Olympus for example is pretty well known for this.Unless you got some third party battery you do not trust much because it already started to bulge after few recharge, you are just fine leaving your battery inside of Camera. They won’t be discharging rapidly as you think, so if battery was full when you left it, chance is you can just pick it up and use it after a week of leaving it there.And yes, typically there will be no need to get new one unless you want some spare.

Canon rebel t3 error 20?

I was in the middle of taking photos today when my camera suddenly stopped working and and a message appeared on the screen saying "error 20" and something along the lines of turn camera off, re-install the battery, then turn the camera back on. I did the following many times with no such luck. It just makes some weird noise and displays the error 20 message, I can't do anything else with it. I even tried a new charged battery.

Any one ever have this problem or any idea of whats going on?