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My Cat Has Grown 4 Feet In A Month Should I Consider I It A Bob Cat

Can you buy a bobcat as a pet in the US?

I've seen and heard of people having them as pets, and I was wondering if this is true. Is it allowed in America? I am from Connecticut if it makes a difference. I just think they are the cutest little animals in the world. Also, what is the pricing on them usually?

Is it normal for a healthy, fully-grown, male cat to only weigh 6 pounds?

Sounds like he's just fine. He could be that size for a number of reasons. Genetics play into it, his upbringing also can play into it.

I have 2 boys around the same age as yours that are right around that size. They were seporated from their mommas too early and missed out on some of the much needed nursing time and I think that played into them being smaller cats. It's just so hard sometimes to imitate momma.

Have you seen a wild bobcat?

Several times. We used to live in an area where they were endemic. We saw them run across the road in broad daylight. We even had to slam on the brakes to avoid running over some kits as they rolled out into the road (a two-lane highway!) playing one afternoon. Some cars going the other direction stopped as well. It wasn't something you saw every day even if the area was rural.My husband had an old tom when he was a kid that he swears was at least part bobcat, since his feet were larger than any house cat would have been able to lay claim to, MUCH larger. The cat would fish in the pond and pull out large fish with those feet and attendant claws. And apparently a juvenile panther (mind you, this was 30+ years ago) ran into him under their porch and lost the battle. Oh, if people tell you panthers don't exist in Mississippi, they have no idea what they are talking about or they are lying.Then we moved to Arkansas where we saw both cougars and bobcats. I had a cougar run out in front of me as I was taking my daughter to school one day. Another time, an adult and a juvenile bobcat ran in front of us into the woods. We lived in the Ouachita Mountains region of the state which is pretty sparsely populated. Even black bears were seen nearby. You just have to live in the right place and keep your eyes open.

Does anyone have four cats in two-bedroom apartment? Three cats in a household?

Hi... Well I have (4) and live in a studio apartment. (and No, I am NOT crazy :)) A found my "Bradley" abandoned and flea infested in a parking lot. (1st experience w/a kitten) I fell in love with him, my lil buddy. I started feeding other stray cats/kittens in the same location. One of them became pregnat... I began to feed her more, allowed her in my car to warm her up on cold days. I would have to coax her into my car, well for a couple of days I did not see her, so I figured she'd gone off and had her babies, but she showed up, I feed her, gave her some heat, had her in my car about 15 mins, when ready to go I hear a strange sound... She'd started having her kittens on the passenger floor of my car. She had (5).

My Bradley was about ( 8 months old now, he was only a few weeks old when I picked him up). I was able to find homes for (4) of the kittens, that left me with my cat, & now the Mom and (1) of the kittens... About a month ago I got one of the kittens back...( Baby sat it, did not like the way he looked and did not give him back) So now I have four. Even in my little domain, I do not find it too much having them.

They all get along so well! And my Bradley is the best, he never gave me attitude from having the new ones, he was very curius of the baby kittens, he helped the Mom out a lot with the little ones and showed the little ones all the "bad' things and then some. :) When I had the (3) it was fine... When asked to babysit the (4th) and deciding to keep him, it was not that much difference with the 4 than the 3.

I have (3) males and ( 1) female. The female is very independent, no nonsense, and the boys are the
ones who like to play tag and romp and run.

So it looks to me like you have more than enough room for FOUR... Sorry for such a long story...

When I come in from work and all of them is at the door, I look down at them and wonder how did I get here, and than I look at the female cat (Monk-Monk) and say "Oh yeah, you adopted me" ! Enjoy your Babies!

How long can a cat survive without food and water before dying?

Cats can last a short while without food and can potentially survive for weeks without eating. Water is far more necessary to their health and physical well-being however, and a cat that goes more than a few days without anything to drink might not survive. If you're worried that a cat hasn't been eating or drinking, and it's not showing any signs of being starved or dehydrated, then try offering it a can of tuna water - don't buy the tuna in oil - and see if you can encourage them to drink that way. Not only the water will hydrate them, it'll also contain some much-needed nutrients from the fish. Otherwise, you should take the animal to a vet. The consequences of inadequate food and water can be dire.Why? A cat who hasn't eaten for a while is considered to be starving, and starvation may have a damning physical effect on the cat's entire system. The same is true of dehydration, only the onset of dehydration is much quicker - and far more severe - than that of starvation. Every organ in the feline body relies on water and the nutritional content of food to properly function. Every single one. Starved and dehydrated organs will steal energy and water from the rest of the cat's body, a process that slows as the cat's bloodstream becomes less liquid itself. When feline organs lack sufficient food and fluids to function on the most basic level, they dry up and begin to shut down. Not only could this send the body into shock, it might cause irreversible damage to the cat's organs. If a starving and/or dehydrated cat does not receive swift treatment, it may face permanent health issues - if it survives at all. These are uncomfortable thoughts. They're scary. But it's important to state them as blankly as possible because you never want to take chances with a cat's intake of food and water.

How do I get rid of fleas without giving the cats a bath?

I have two cats that have never even set foot outside and a few months ago, a friend brought over her cat for me to watch for awhile. I didn't know her cat had fleas until after she brought him and now, a few months later my cats are infested with fleas and I don't know how to get rid of them because i absolutely cannot give my cat another bath. With two people holding him down we still get scratched and bitten and it's almost impossible. The one cat can be given a bath without problem, but the other puts up a fight. We managed to give them a bath with flea shampoo and it was complete hell and not even two weeks later it seems like they have more fleas than before the bath. I hate seeing them constantly scratching and I wanted to know if there's a way to get rid of the fleas without giving them a bath?
Thanks for any help.