My Cat Looks Me In The Eyes When I Call Him Or When He Wants Something.

SOMETIMES MY CAT looking at me all suspicious.. like he thinks im up to something or other. Does he trust me?

Animals communicate differently than do humans. For cats their means of communication is their eyes and tail. (sometimes body movements as well). To a cat a stare is a confrontation. In a cat's mind eyes staring at it mean a threat, it means "I want to fight you" or "I don't like you". When you stare at him and he turns away he is saying "I'm not a threat to you". When you put your face up to his and talk to him in an angry voice he gets uncomfortable and wants to get away. When cats look at their owners it's almost always through the corner of their eye. So, basically, you need to learn your cat's language so that you can understand what he is trying to tell you. One thing you can do that is a way of "talking" to your cat in a way that he understands is to look at him in the eye and then do a slow blink and turn your head to the side. You will see that he does the same thing. When you both do that you are telling each other that you aren't a threat and that you trust each other. Give it a try. It's always fun to know you can communicate with your animals, but it always has to be in their own way because after all our human words are just random sounds to them and have no meaning for them than a meow does for us.

My cat always gets black gunk near her eyes?

My cat has always had this. She also has a dirty nose.

I checked this with the vet and he felt it was nothing to be worried about.

Some cats clean themselves better than others- especially if they are still a kitten. Also, depending on the hair/nose colour it can be easier to spot on some cats that others.

I wipe the sleep out of her eyes/dirt from her nose with a damp cotton wool ball. When I first started doing this she wasnt keen but now she jkust accepts that I am going to do it!

My puppy looks at me in the eyes alot?

It's very normal for a dog or pup who is well-socialized, yes.

When you hear advice about not looking directly into a dog's eyes, it's meant for dogs you do not know well. Dogs do not look directly into one another's eyes unless they are making a challenge; it's aggressive between two dogs. But well-socialized dogs very quickly learn that we humans like to look in their eyes and are happy when they look in ours! Even though they wouldn't do it with another dog unless making a challenge, there is absolutely no issue with a well-socialized dog looking at your face with a soft, happy body language. It's one of the things we love about them!

It's when you DON'T know the dog that you don't want to look directly at its eyes, until you get a better feel for him. And if you see any tension, don't make direct eye contact--that is a challenge/threat and could push a manageable situation into an "incident".

Sounds like your pup is being well-socialized with people! :)

Why do cats want to have a staring contest? (serious question). I'm dying soon?

Well, did you do something behind his back? He seems to sense something fishy. I think he's trying to tell you *I knew what you did last (.........) - fill in the blank.

And so, he is staring at you and trying to his new psychology warfare on you. So, whatever it is, better come clean soon or the war goes on and on.

And yeah, I doubt it means you are going to die soon. People die sooner or later but I doubt your cat is warning you. But unless of course he know something that we don't and you really did something last (....) that could kill you soon. Cats rule!

Why does my cat close one eye?

Generally cats do not seem to close just one eye. They are not into winking.When they close both eyes, sort of a slow closing and opening of both eyes, while near you and looking at you it is the equivalent of “I like/love you” and a sign of trust. (neither cats not people tend to close their eyes/relax around others they do not trust.)Since your cat is closing only one eye, especially if it seems to happen quite a bit and/or has been going on for more than a few days, I would have a veterinarian take a look at her/him if at all possible.It could be an infection, trauma, or something like a scratched cornea which unlike an infection does not really show visible signs like an infection may, but is painful, can lead to vision loss/problems and can not be really detected without a vet exam.If she has something in her eye it may not be visible to you either. And if it is lodged, and is not being removed by blinking, can cause damage and is certainly at least very uncomfortable if not painful. Same as for you.Also, it possibly could be a tooth infection. (among other possibilities) That happened to one of my cats once. She started closing one of her eyes and a few days later her whole little face swelled up so bad on that side that her eye (that she had been closing) was almost swollen shut. Needless to say she had to go to the vet quickly.They had to put her under to work on her teeth. If I had caught it earlier, antibiotics may have been enough (possibly). Or at least it would have saved her a lot of pain even if they would have had to work on that tooth.Even eye infections do not always have severe enough symptoms like drainage in the beginning for most people to notice.Anyway, if your cat keeps it up I would check with the vet. You can always give them a call and ask them if you should take her to be seen.