My Cat Threw Up A Hairball And Keeps Throwing Up Acidic Foam And She Wont Eat. Should I Take Her To

Why does my cat keep throwing up after she eats her food?

Is she throwing up or just regurgitating her food?Regurgitation is pretty quick, within a couple of minutes and the whole lot comes back up, more or less looking the same as when it went down. Rescue cats do this a lot because they get used to having to eat really fast. If this is the case, stop feeding her so much in one go and don’t give it in a bowl. Spread her daily food into more frequent, smaller meals and spread it out on a large plate or tray so that she can’t shovel in huge mouthfuls. With regurgitation the cat will often look “surprised” and then try and eat it again.Being sick will involve partially digested food coming back up, perhaps with foam. It will not not look like biscuits or whatever you feed her, and the colour may have changed. If she is doing this and her behaviour has changed you need to take her to the vet and speed is of the essence. The cat will not try and eat it again.Regurgitation will not hurt your cat, but it won’t be pleasant for her, so try and adjust how you feed her.All cats throw up, as a cat owner you need to pay attention to what it looks like, what’s in it and what it smells like! Pay close attention to her behaviour, her eyes, her breath, and how she is sitting. Cats are very subtle creatures, especially when ill so you need to start recognising the signs.Good luck!

My cat is throwing up foamy stuff. Some of it is yellow/white. What is this and what can I do?

Take it to the veterinarian... as in yesterday.As Catherine Spencer said it could be a hairball, but there are other (scarier) options.One of my cats got really sick, the same symptom, starting a bank holiday, I thought if it was hairball it would eventually go out.When I got my kitty to the vet she was almost dehydrated, and I was giving her water with a syringe (without needle, of course), but she vomited out more than I managed to make her drink in. So, make sure your cat is hydrated. My vet stressed it a lot.Second problem, if she has stopped eating it's a bad sign. As my vet emphasied cats should never fast, not even for 24 hours, it could damage their livers.Then, she would need high protein canned food to recover. Mine didn't like it, so I mixed it with water and I gave her with the syringe.As I found out, it is not normal for cats to vomit.The vet run blood-tests and x-rays to rule out some other disease, everything looked normal.Treatment:My kitty stayed half a day at the vet's hooked up to a drip administering intravenous fluids.She got two types of shots, one of them to make her stop vomiting, during five days in a row.The vet let me take her home with me, but we were visiting day in day out for almost a week.High protein canned food.Make her drink water.Recovery signs:When she drinks and eats by herself.We never got to know what was wrong, but she recovered just fine. My heart began to beat again, so happy ending for everyone.P.S. If you haven't got syringes, get some; they are very handy.

My siamese cat throws up after eating?

She doesn't show any other signs of being sick so I think she just has a sensitive stomach. We find throw up on the floor once every 2 days. Sometimes more often. I have tried several different types of food and tried to only give her a little bit at a time.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a type of food that is good for cats with sensitive stomachs? I really need to get her to stop because she is ruining my carpets nd I am sick of scrubbing up vomit every day.

Thank you

Cat throwing up green liquid, not eating or drinking. Help?

A few days ago, my cat started to throw up a clear foamy liquid . I was concerned, but we decided to wait another day or two before going to the vet to see if it would pass . It did not - she hadn't been eating or drinking, and the litter box was full of diarrhea . At this point we decided to take her to the vet, she was dehydrated, and thin . The vet took a blood test, and gave her IV fluids before sending her home with us . The next day (today), she seemed a little better - she was walking around a little more ( still no eating or drinking though ), until she started to throw up again . This time, it was a green, odorless liquid . We are waiting for the vet to give us a call ( they should be calling today or tomorrow at the latest ) but i'm wondering if feeding her with a syringe would help in the meantime.

Any ideas on what could be wrong with her? :(

Cat is vomiting bile and water-like foam substance?

Your kitty does not feel well, therefore it is understandable that he is less active compared to his normal behavior.

While this is probably not be a serious condition, in my opinion, at least calling your vet to get some professional feedback would be helpful. There are so many causes for repeated vomiting ranging from some food that did not agree with him, a tummy bug, or at the other end of the spectrum have an intestinal blockage or he got into something poisonous.

What concerns me is that he is most likely dehydrated. What water he is drinking is more than likely getting lost due to his vomiting. You can tell if a cat is dehyrdated by pinching the skin at the nape of his neck and seeing if it snaps back quickly when you release it. That is one of the easiest ways to test for that. If his gums feel sticky that is another way of ascertaining dehydration. Dehyration is serious and should receive veterinary intervention.

Since we do not know the cause of his vomiting, there is little that I can recommend in the way of "home remedies".

Does he feel warm to the touch? Are his ears hot? If you can take his temperature, normal cat's temp is 101.2 to 102.

But once he has stopped vomiting for a few hours, you can try a teaspoon of Beechnut Baby food ( meat and broth only- no additives) and see if that settles him tummy. Sometimes frequent vomiting and having an empty stomach can cause kitty to have an acidic stomach. Baby food might settle him down. If he holds that down for an hour, you can give him another teaspoon and increase the amount several hours later.


My cats throwing up every 30 minutes?

It most likely is pancreatitis, which is very dangerous. Phone your vet and update them on what's happening, ask for an emergency appointment.

We had this happen to two of ours in the past 15 years, both times were life threatening to the cat,and the constant heaving was the physical signs of the problem. This isn't something you can wait and hope it goes away, catching it early is key.