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My Child Was 17 And Made $2 473 This Year. Do I Have To File That

I am thinking of launching an educational website with all the lessons as YouTube videos so I can monetize my work. How much money can I make from a YouTube video with 5,000 views?

5000 views in education segment mean peanuts. To be more precise here is one of my videos with 5000 views. 1$! It is nothing!On the other hand, after selling my Youtube business in August 2018, I concentrated on my side Youtube channel. I think my case would apply to your situation.I created that channel in a very narrow niche. For the past seven months project grew to 20k Subs, and I accumulated a very loyal audience. For better understanding, the shout-out price is $10k (with only 270k monthly views)!!! Above you can find general stats from the channel.Before starting my side project, I realized that traditional AdSense monetization is not my case; thus I concentrated on building community and assumed advertisers would appear. I was right.I have few ideas on how to squeeze out maximum of your 5000 views. Here are my top 10s:Accumulate community and interact with it. Most of my advertisers were among my subscribers.Create online course your subscribers can buy. Charge as much as possible. Make a lot of testsUpsale. Always try to sell after sale.Consultations. You can provide one-to-one consultation in your sphere of proficiency. Once I sold 60-minute consultation to a guy from Dubai for 5000 USD.Share your experience. Quora is an excellent example of an intellectual community where you can share expertise and acquire potential customers.Create your product with a unique logo and sell to your subscribersCrowdfund your ideas. Once I announced my community that I'm going to buy the course for 3000 USD and asked for support. It took four days to crowdfund that amount of money.Affiliate marketing. Lots of guys share their experience here at Quora on this topic.Shout-out ads. Leave your contacts in videos description and you will start receiving offersCollaborate with other bloggers and ask them how do they monetize their content.Be more creative. Adsense is the simplest way, and as you know, simple is not always the best.Good luck.By the way, I'm going to share step by step how I created that niche channel. Stay in touch!

What are some genuine online part-time jobs through which we can earn money working in our spare time at home?

If you are coming back from office or school and you feel like you are wasting your time.If you feel like you can do more and earn some extra to take your kids out to the restaurant, buy a new car or even plan one year travelling around the world.Then you are not alone! I was there too and by taking some part-time jobs online I actually managed to make a fair bit of money.When I was 19 years old, I didn’t have a job and I was a cashless student living in foreign land.Given my student visa, I couldn’t find a job for a normal company, so I switched on my computer and I started to surf the web.Here’s a list of little hustles that I found useful and I am sure you will too:Recommend products on Superble, a publishing platform for product recommendations that rewards you when someone buys something you recommended on it. Users who recommend products and publish their stories on Superble earn up to 100$/month in the first 2 months of activityBecome an Uber driver. (disclaimer: You need a car)All you'll need is a clean driving record and you have the freedom to choose your working hours! (An Uber driver in New York earns on average $25/hour)Rent a spare room on AirBnB. If you are living in a tourist hotspot, you can make some decent money from renting out your flat. An AirBnb flat worldwide earns on average $924/month.Write a blog. If you have an area of expertise, you can create a website with ads and affiliate links like blogger J. Money (boosting his net worth $400,000 in 7 years)Give blood. You can make around $20 to $50 per donation of blood, depending on the demand of your blood type.Donate plasma. Plasma donations will help people who are fighting Leukemia and other immune disorders.Teach an online course. If you have an area of expertise, instruct a course through a site like Udemy or Skillshare. A common salary range for online college instructors is $1,500 to $2,500 per semesterENJOY!