My College Teacher Says I Can

How do I say this in an email to my college teacher?

Hi Prof. :

My name is and I am in your at . I just wanted to let you know that I won't be able to attend class tomorrow as I am currently not feeling well at all. I plan to be back on . Is there any way I can reschedule my presentation for that day? I would appreciate it so much.

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My college teacher sed she got pissed off when she saw to gay guys kissing on a tv show ?

Do not feel bad. You are not being over-sensitive. Your teacher's statement was wildly inappropriate. It's as bad as if she had said, "I don't like seeing blacks and whites kiss on TV." If she feels that way in private, that's her business. But to say that in a public setting? Completely wrong. Many companies have entire sensitivity training sessions devoted to how to deal with subtle prejudice like this. Take a bit of advice from them. It might be too late to do anything about it now, but if she says something like it again (and she most likely will), simply say "ouch." That will get her attention long enough that you can tell her that she is being inappropriate.

Be gentle though. Do not resort to name-calling. Just point out her error saying that you are certain she didn't realize how what she said ran counter to the school's guidelines. Of course, you'll have to check on those guidelines first, but I would be very surprised if they didn't mention this sort of thing.

College essay help!!!?

Hi guys,
So I am a senior in high school and going to be starting my college essay soon. I had a few ideas in the beginning but nothing really captured my attention besides writing about somebody that loves me a lot which is my dog. I'm asking a serious question, does anybody think that writing about a dog is not appropriate for a college essay? I mean my english teacher says we can be unique but I'm not sure if that is kind of a stupid idea. Overall my dog really changed my life and made me realize that there are more important things in life. She makes me feel really special I'm just not sure if that could be worthy enough of being submitted to colleges. What do you guys think?

Please serious answers :)

Thanks again guys
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Do you think what my CMS 185 college teacher said about Islam was inappropriate?

Today while I was in writing class our teacher and class when on rambling about nothing important or hardly anything out of our books when our teacher started describing world conflicts for a moment because she had saw something on the History channel. I don't remember why but she said something and '' Oh yeah.....and what about those Muslims what do they think about us...oh up infidels yes infidels" while she continued to rambling on about other people who don't like America.

All I can say about this for sure is that it would be very rare for a Muslim in public to call a non Muslim an infidel unless you make them extremely angry for some reason. Usually they only call non Muslims infidels in times of war fighting against non Muslims. In the Quran Christians and Jews are described more often as Christians and Jews and only as infidels when they are hostile towards Islam in a provocative way. I think my teacher is either a reckless Muslim hating Jew or a stupid Christian because in these days of political correctness Ill bet you wont get very far teaching a class of college students and telling them the Muslims seemingly in general would prefer to say we all Muslims in the west are infidels.

What do teachers mean when they say...?

The number of written pages is technically just a number...Professors expect you to write a 3-5 page paper without any type of struggle...however, most Professors want the 3-5 page paper to be double spaced, 11-12 pt font and Times New Roman, which means, technically you have to just write a two page paper because the double space will extend it to four pages and a 1.5 page written paper will extend to three pages when double spaced...Also, Professors will actually rate higher on how the paper is writtten...if the paper is clearly organized, has an outstanding introduction with a strong thesis and you have proven your thesis concluded by a strong conclusion, the Professors will be more than willing to give you a higher grade if the paper fails to reach three pages...but still with all of that, writing a 3-5 page paper should be easy...wait until you are a junior or senior in college and you have to write a 25 page research paper...

Can have sex with my college teacher. she likes me.?

Of course it's not illegal assuming you're 18+. You can sleep with whoever you want to! The school might not be ok with her sleeping with a student, but that's her problem if she wants to get involved! Neither of you are going to get thrown in jail or anything.

Having played viola first (for 35 years), then violin, I personally think that viola is harder to learn and to play.  To balance that, violin parts are sometimes harder!  Absolutely, if you want to play in any orchestra and get into just about any college of your choice, switch from violin to viola.  I went to 4 colleges/universities, as a viola major, and didn't even have to audition.  It was enough that I played viola - but I had been playing since age 12. Some will beg you to come - Mannes College offered me a living stipend.  They also got what they paid for, because I played in every single orchestra concert, every string ensemble, every composition recital, and any/all recitals which required a viola player (for example, a French horn graduate recital where we played the Mozart horn quintet. And on and on.  And I got to study with Paul Doktor, and with the American String Quartet (I was the only person in the class!)That said, if you don't already play violin, you can't learn viola overnight, so you will have to have some years of playing under your belt.  Playing violin is a great path to playing viola - you learn all the hard stuff on a small, light instrument.  Then you transfer your dexterity to a heavier, bigger one.  Switching shouldn't take more than a few weeks of concentrated practicing, learning the clef and learning to play in tune.

Am I supposed to call a college teacher "professor" even if they don't have a phD?

Not calling someone "Professor" unless they have a PhD is like not calling someone a rock star unless they play the guitar. Most professors have PhDs, but not all of them do, and what earns someone the right to be addressed as "Professor" is being paid to run college and university classes.

Addressing your professor as "Mr." or "Ms." or "Mrs." is insulting for exactly the same reason that addressing a 19-year-old college student as "Little Boy" or "Little Girl" is insulting. It's stressing that you are not recognizing what they have achieved. (It also -- when you don't understand that the right to be addressed as "Professor" is not something conferred along with the PhD -- shows that you do not understand that colleges is not just 13th grade, that the people doing the lecturing are not trained as educators, but rather than scholars.) Since a great many (mostly male) students call male professors "Professor" but female professors "Ms." or "Mrs.", it's even more insulting when it's a female professor you are not addressing properly.

Will you get a worse grade because you are openly disrespectful? Probably not, because you're dealing with professionals. On the other hand, open disrespect toward your professors can be grounds for disciplinary action. And you are definitely having an effect on your reputation, which may or may not come back to haunt you in the future. I'm assuming you will not need any letters of recommendation, to be added into a course that has already reached maximum capacity, to get more assistance from a professor than can be provided in office hours, and so on, though, so maybe not.

You may not think "teachers . . . are that important," but perhaps the place to mention that is not the Additional Details to a Question such that you've demonstrated your ignorance in both -- in the Additional Details *even* *after* you have also been told that and how you are wrong. Maybe a teacher would come in handy right about now.

Good morning/Good eveningThanks for teaching meYou really captured my interest with today's lessonCan I come after school to talk more about today's subjectIs there a reason you did that(shows your listening)You're my favorite teacherI can't think of anymore at the moment but these are the phrases I would appreciate if I were a teacher.