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My Computer Keeps Repeating Preparing Automatic Repair

My computer keeps repeating preparing automatic repair?

When I turn my computer on it says toshiba then it says preparing automatic repair and a second after it says diagnosing your pc, it keeps repeating and will no go to the real computer screen , please help fix it , It been like this for 2 days , I just went to reset the whole thing and this happened

Preparing Automatic Repair Black Screen of Death?

My brother has a Windows 10, Lenovo laptop that has gotten a virus, Whenever he turns it on, the lenovo logo shows up with "Preparing Automatic Repair" under it with it loading. Then after a few seconds it turns into nothing but a black screen (a black screen of death). I tried making a windows 10 repair disk using a flashdrive, but to no avail since I can't access the Bios to change the boot order. I also saw something called Darik's Boot And Nuke which will wipe everything on the laptop and I mean everything including operating system (from what I read on it). I heard I could reinstall windows on it after, but I want to avoid this option if possible, though my brother said he was fine with it. Is there any other way to fix it and if not, can you explain how Darik's Boot And Nuke works and if I can reinstall windows 10 using a flash drive?

Laptop Stuck preparing automatic repair. How to fix this?

tried to reset my laptop got a message saying a error accured since then my laptop been stuck at preparing automatic repair thent urns of, turns on and repeats over and over. was able to get to a menu to troubleshot after 3 hours of trying. tried a factory reset, refresh both failed. imadea recovery USB drive but my laptop not reconizing it!. i can get to the BIOS screen though i don't know if i can do anythingto fix the problem there. i don't know what else to do but send it to get fixed..not sure if i can do anything more b4 sending it to get repaired?
i have a HP G7 2223 nr
windows 8

What happens if I turn off my computer during Windows updates?

It's very unpredictable as it depends on what part of the OS the update was working on when you turned the power off. It could render the system unbootable, get stuck in an infinite boot-reboot loop and whatnot.If you are reading this before shutting down your system then there is a neat trick that could solve your problem. Usually if the updater is trying to update USB or DVD drivers, it will be stopped by any device plugged into those ports. It usually stops at 92-99% if this happens. In that case simply remove all peripherals that are not necessary like USB mice, keyboards, pendrives etc and you will notice that the update proceeds in a few minutes.If you are here after the unfortunate incident then not to worry. As of now windows doesn't even know that something is wrong. It tries and tries really hard to find the correct files to boot up but they simply don't exist. So we need to make it realize something has gone wrong and display the recovery options.Boot windows normally and wait for it to get stuck.Then long press your power button to do a hard reset.Repeat this around three to four times and windows will now take you to the troubleshooting window!Select from the options to either refresh your windows, which will leave all personal data untouched, uninstall all non default apps and clear registry, or restore windows from a previous restore point.The latter is your best choice and usually before any major update, windows makes a system restore point. If not then it's your bad luck and the restore point may be well in the past. But it's nothing to fret over because all your personal files will still be there. It's just the windows settings and features that will be old.Good luck! It's windows… you’ll need it :p

Pc stuck on restart/automatic repair loop?

I have a HP envy 4 and whenever I turn it on it says that "your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart you" afterwards it goes to "preparing automatic repair" and keeps repeating. IS WINDOWS 8 what do I do ?????? Tried F8 and F11already

Does Penn Foster auto repair technician program really work?

I see that Penn Foster has an auto repair and wondering if it really teaches you auto repair, I know they send you books and that's half of learning auto repair, but they do send you labs; but, what lab material do they send? What is your experience with the program?