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My Daughter Has Been In Pain

My daughter is 13 and has been having pains by the vagina what should i do?

oh gosh thats a hard one. please dont take offence to this but do you think she is thinking about having sex, even at thirteen some girls are sexually active. try talking to her see whats wrong. she may just be experimenting aswell,. hope all sorts itselfout.

Would you keep your daughter off with period pains?

My 12 year old daughter was in agony this morning with ovulating/period pains and was crouched in bed hugging herself tight. I also have awful period pains so I could totally emphasize with her so I let her take the day off. She has been taking it very easily, I got her a hot water bottle to put where the pain is and she just lay on the sofa reading a book and magazine all day. She's starting to feel better now and hopefully her period will be gone by Monday. My question is, did I do the right thing letting her stay home, I wouldn't want her going to school in such bad pains (which run in the family)
I just hope she doesn't think every time she gets a period pain she can stay off..that's like a day off a month!
What would you have done?

4 year old daughter with pain in legs...?

Growing Pains don't exist. That is a throw away answer and it won't necessarily go away when they grow up.

I've had pain in my legs since I'm a little girl and I still get them, no one was ever able to give me a good answer about it, either. I also was never very active when I was a child.

Recently I started to see a personal trainer and she noticed that my feet turned out slightly when I walked or ran or did anything, I told her about the pain, too. She has me do foam rolling, putting pressure on certain muscles in my legs to stretch them out and get my joints, muscles, and feet aligned before I exercise. This is done by applying pressure to certain areas of the legs against cylinder of dense foam. The pain has been less frequent because of the foam rolling. I don't know what an equivalent would be for a little girl, but I'd say talk to someone who knows about muscle tension and tightness and how these can effect the alignment of feet and legs.

Never ignore a child telling you about pain. Just because they are children doesn't mean they don't know what they're talking about. I also had headaches for years and years and didn't find out until about 4 years ago that it was because I had astigmatism.

Good luck!

My 7 year old daughter has had itching, burning and pain in her vaginal and anal areas.?

The only thing that stops it is when I put apple cider vinegar on it. Sometimes the anal itching is so bad that rubbing alcohol placed inside her anus is the only thing to stop the itch. She cries out, but she knows it helps her. She has been checked for UTIs,(none) there is no discharge, it happens mostly at night. I have a concern it could be something she eats, but not sure.
Her doctors don't know what it is :(
Tonight I noticed small blisters that look clear inside, and her labia is all red. I just put topical hyrocortisone on it now.
I wonder about ice cream, gluten, sugar, and maybe another possible food allergy.
Thanks for your help, I have taken her to several pediatricians, and even a pediatric urologist. They can't seem to tell em what it is, especially since the redness/breakouts aren't visible when I have taken her in.

My daughter has a painful lump under her armpit. She told me it's been there for about five months. Could it be an ingrown hair? I'm taking her to see her pediatric doctor. Has anyone experienced this?

Definitely go see a doctor. Lumps under your skin are usually not good. While it is difficult to say without seeing it in person, it could be an ingrown hair that turned into a boil. If that is the case, an antibiotic agent like providone-iodine could be helpful. It may also be something like a swollen lymph node, but the best way to get an answer is to see a doctor.

Daughter is terriabley sick?

Hon, you're the mom!! Get her medical treatment ASAP even if she doesn't like it!! She'll probably thank you later! Don't take any chances! It's not worth it! It can be a number of things but you don't want to take any chances when it comes to her health! Sit and talk to her and explain the risks of not getting medical treatment. If she still protests, tell her that her health is not up for negotiation. Call 911 if she's having difficulty breathing! Take control of the situation here! You know what's best for her!! I'm sure later, she'll be grateful you did! The teen years are a challenging stage for both parent & teenager. Take care & all the best to you!