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My Dog Has A Bump In Its Thighs. What Should I Do

My dog has a red bump on his leg?

Its kind of hard to see the lump through the pictures. It really could be a number of things. My dog had a red lump, the vet said not to worry about it. About a month later he must have scratched it and it wouldn't stop bleeding. I took him to the Vet again, I payed the $1000 to get the lump removed ( it would have been 650 but my Vet couldn't get to it until a week later and I couldn't leave my dog at home bleeding, and every time I bandaged it he would rip it off as soon as I wasn't looking, so I had to take him to the Emergency Vet. so I didn't have to take more days off of work waiting) anyways it turned out it was cancerous. A lump that is on the nose, stomach, legs (areas with less hair on them) are more exposed to sun light, there for increases the chances of cancerous growths, especially on light haired dogs (my dog is all white) bottom line this could be nothing but its much better to be safe than sorry. Your doing the right thing by taking the dog to the Vet and really thats all you can do. Good Luck, I hope its something dumb.

My dog has a big hard lump on his hind leg, what could it be?

Last Tuesday I took my 8 yr old german shepard 'Smokey' to the vet for basically the same problem as you described..................
Over the past year or maybe a little more we had gone to so many vets, took all kinds of tests, x-rays you name it, everyone of them had something new or different to say as to what they thought the problem was. Then in April I took him to a vet who told me 'he has a torn ligament, for $1800 he'll fix him up and make it all better. So we started saving money to get him the surgery, then in May it seemed to all of the sudden get better. he wasn't limping or lifting or even licking his leg like he was before. I thought he was all better.
Then 4th of July came, this dog would jump up so high at every firework he seen in the sky and this lasted almost all night. A couple of days later I caught him licking his leg and noticed a sore on it. The sore got better but then he started not using his right leg at all. Then every time he went to lay down he would have his left leg be the one taking all the pressure, all the rubbing against the ground etc. Then I noticed the same kind of sore now on his left leg (ankle) this was this week. We decided to take him into a vet my husbands Mom uses just hoping that this one would tell us something different that preferably didn't have the #'s 1800 in it because we didn't have it yet and that Smokey was going to be alright.
At 2:00 the vet walked outside to talk to us after she got the results back, and told us our Smokey had cancer of the bone..... she said they could amputate the leg and after that more tests and was up to us. Do we be selfish and allow our smokey to be in pain, just so we don't hurt?
I still cant believe it, Im crying as I type this, but we put Smokey down at 2:45.

Sorry for the long story, maybe I just needed to vent and cry, but I wish the best for you and your dog.

My daughter has a raised bump on the back of her leg with a white head. It has a 2" diameter raised bump and its slightly warm to the touch. Does it need urgent care now or is a doctor's visit tomorrow morning fine?

It looks like something that may need to be lanced. Only an ER doctor or your pediatrician would know for sure. You can also use warm compresses on the bump to try to encourage it to open and drain on it's own. If it does "pop" on it's own, make sure to have some sort of topical antibiotic ointment or cream  on hand to put on the bump. These ointments are inexpensive and sold in every drug and grocery store.  Topical antibiotic ointment/cream is something that should be in every persons's medicine cabinet on the planet for first aid, especially if you have small kids.DO NOT, repeat DO NOT try to puncture, pop, or squeeze this thing on your own. You could end up making the infection worse and possibly spreading it to other areas immediately around the current site. This would be bad.Please keep in mind that topical antibiotic cream may not be enough and she may need oral antibiotics. If there aren't other lesions on her body, it still seems pretty likely that something got infected; fever or not.  Bug bite, infected cut, clogged pore, it could be anything. A doctor, by far, is your best advisor at this point. As a mom with 3 daughters, I have seen these kind of bumps before on my kids and I highly reccomend you have this looked at by a professional.  Better safe than sorry.

My dog has a huge lump from a tick bite... what should I do?

I have never seen a real tick before until today. I was petting my dog and noticed what looked like a flat mole on her ear. At first I thought it was something cancerous since it had a huge, inflammed bump underneath it. I tugged a little at the "mole" and when it came off, I noticed little tiny legs wriggling. I freaked and threw it on the floor. I have been reading that when you remove a tick, you have to remove the head as well. I'm not sure if the head and its claws are still on my dogs ear... there is still a bump there. I cleaned the area like I would with a wound. What else should I do? Is it normal for a dog to have a bump after a tick bite? Is this a problem serious enough to take to the vet?

Thanks for the answers in advance. Please no snarky, rude remarks or comments.

Dog has Bump on back leg? Squishy...?

We have a 12 year old wiener dog with this huge (like 50-cent coin size) bump on one of his back legs. It just appeared TODAY and we touched it....... it was very very very squishy so we haven't touched it again. It doesn't seem to bother him that bad, he only licks it every once in a while. He went to the vet a little over a week ago for shots and stuff (he didn't get a shot where it is) and the vet said that he is one of the healthiest dogs they have ever seen. Also we live in Chandler, AZ if that has anything to do with it. What could be wrong with him? I hear the word cyst or something like that on the internet but what is one of those??? Thanks for your help!!!

Dog has lump on hip and shaking leg?

Hi dogs can get several different kinds of lumps. A hematoma is an injury where the blood fills in that area and causes a lump. A cyst is a fatty growth under the skin and in the tissues that usually is not cancerous and soft and moveable. A lump that is hard and non-moveable is one that needs to be seen and done something with as it could possibly be cancer. All lumps need to be checked over by a vet for sure. If your dog has a lump and it's leg is shaking there are a couple of things that could be causing this: it could be the lump is causing pain for the dog, or it could be the lump has grown onto a nerve and is causing the leg to shake. Do you know if she has had any injury to that leg or a sliver or cactus or something like that? I hope this has helped, be sure to take your dog back if it isn't any better.

My dog has a white pimple on her back. What could it possibly be?

It’s most likely a sebaceous cyst that all dogs can get and that looks like a hard white bump that can vary in size from very small to sort of huge, like a couple of inches in diameter. The vet told me they are harmless and you should just leave them alone; they eventually may pop open by themselves and you can just gently squeeze out the waxy substance and then clean it up with a soap and water and a disinfectant if that happens. They often just disappear on their own. It doesn’t warrant a visit to the vet; but ask about it at the next appointment to be sure.However, if the pimple looks inflamed, red, weird, or infected, or you have any doubts about it at all, you should take the dog to the vet and have it checked out as soon as possible.My seven year old dog would get a lot of these cysts. She also had a big benign tumor growing on her chest. The vet said he should remove the tumor because it was getting so big. When I took her for a second opinion, the new vet said she had to have the tumor and all her cysts surgically removed too because they might be cancerous. The first vet and my surgeon husband had already told me the tumor was almost certainly benign and I already knew the cysts were harmless, so I didn’t trust the new vet.Our regular vet removed the tumor which was benign and my precious baby lived to be 19 years old.