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My Dog Sheds Like Crazy

My Dog Is Shedding Like Crazy!?

As a professional groomer, I can give yo a few tips on this....
1) It is the season for "blowing coat"..."Layer brush" the dog will help...if you don't know what I mean by "layer brush", e-mail me.
2) Make sure your dog is on high quality food. The better the food, the less shedding you will encounter.
3) There are food additives you can purchase (ie" Dr. Maggies" Skin and Coat" ) that will help to reduce the shedding
Poms tend to have a thick undercoat that they partially get rid of when the weather warms up. Chihuahuas shed year round (short haired ones anyway) but it is more noticeable in the spring. Since your dog is a mixed breed and I cannot see it, that is the best advice I can give. If you have been brushinf him all the time, it should not be as bad as you make it sound. If you don't bruch him on a daily basis, this is what happens.
Good luck

My dog sheds like crazy?

This is more about food than it is about fur. Get your dog OFF of commercial dog food that contains grains. THEY ARE FULL OF CRAP THAT WILL KILL YOUR DOG. Corn, corn gluten, wheat flour, preservatives and artificial colors cause all kinds of problems for our dogs and cats. Change to a natural diet whose first 2 ingredients are real meat or poultry or fish. Try feeding raw. Research it on the net. Some of the better foods are Taste of the Wild, Orijen, Merrick, Wellness, Pet Naturaw etc. NO GRAINS!!!! Link below can help learn how to read labels so you KNOW what you're buying.

My dog sheds like crazy!?

What type of dog food are you using? I would suggest one with a lot of fish oils. Wellness Fish & Sweet Potato or Solid Gold Wolf King would be two good choices. You can usually find them in smaller pet stores.

Beyond that, I would suggest adding Grizzly Salmon Oil to your dog's food. The more fatty acids and omega 3 in the diet, the better the coat. If you can't find that brand, try another salmon oil supplement. Again, check in smaller pet stores.

Huskies are notorious for being some of the worst shedders. They "blow" their coats once or twice every year, as well. That's - unfortunately - something you'll never really be able to stop. Day to day shedding should be relatively controlled on the proper diet, though.

Don't shave. Bad idea. He won't be able to regulate his body temperature like he can now, and sometimes it makes matters worse. Dealing with him from the inside (diet, supplements) are sometimes more effective than shaving/combing can be.

I would maybe suggest getting a shedding blade. Take him outside and make it into a game. Give him treats, laugh and be happy between uses with the comb/blade. It will help his stubborn Husky attitude.

I hope that helps! :)

My dog Sheds like crazy !!! Help!?

Check your dog food! Soy, wheat, and corn are the most common causes of allergies. I changed my dogs diet to blue Buffalo dog food and now they have very low shedding! We have a black lab/retriever mix who used to shed extensively and since being on Blue his fur is not only shiny, but when you smooth his fur it doesn't fly around in the air and when he lies down somewhere in the house you won't see tell tale signs of where he has been anymore!

Dogs shed, and grooming helps eliminate some of the problem, but check your dogs diet...

My dog is shedding like CRAZY. Help?

I have 3 long haired fur kids and believe me i know what shedding is all about,what i have found is a food additive called shed relief, Linatone is the name on the bottle i get it at the pet store and it goes by the weight of the dog as to how much i use,it helps stop excess shedding, like i said it really works its very good for their skin to spring is coming and i have put all 3 of them back on it , they will shed there winter undercoat, but believe me it will be nothing like it was without using it, and i give them a nice warm bath then i brush them out real good and that is it ALL DONE TILL NEXT YEAR.

My dog is shedding like crazy!?

Dogs do shed and that is something that we must live with. But there are things that you can do to improve shedding. My dog used to shed like crazy year round. There was always dog hair every where. But now her shedding is hardly noticeable. I switched my dog to a well balanced homemade diet and one of the benefits was a much improved coat. If you do not want to do a homemade diet there are some things you could try. Make sure to feed a high moisture and high protein diet. Dry foods cause chronic dehydration as it is impossible to drink enough water on an all dry diet. This dehydration contributes to a poor coat. Most dog foods also are very low protein. Hair is 100% protein. If a dog is not getting enough protein in its diet, you are going to see the effects in the coat. Also dog foods completely lack omega fatty acids which are essential for a healthy coat. The high cooking temperatures dog foods are processed at destroys any omegas that were in the food before processing. So adding a good quality fish body oil will definitely improve coat health. Also grooming is important. Under bathing can contribute to heavy shedding. There is a myth that too much bathing is bad for a dog, but if you are using a good quality shampoo and conditioner designed for dogs, this is not something that you have to worry about at all. You can safely bathe your dog once a week with no bad effects if needed. Try to bathe once a month to help deal with the shedding. And brushing often of course.

There’s a lot you can do to cut down on your dog’s shedding. Most breeds will tend to "blow their coat" twice a year, meaning that they will shed a significant amount of their coat twice a year. If they get a good grooming during this time, they will shed only a relatively small amount of hair the rest of the year. You can tell that this has begun when you see wispy white tufts sticking out of your dog's coat. Some dogs will let you pluck these out with your fingers, while others don't care for it. The easiest and best way to get all of that hair out (before it gets all over your home) is to bathe your dog and then blow her coat dry with a high-velocity dog hair dryer. Many pet stores will have self-service bathing stations which will cost you about $8-$10 per use. One benefit of taking her to one of these places is that the hair will come out somewhere other than your home. Another option is to purchase a dryer yourself. They can be a bit pricey, but are totally worth the cost to be able to dry your own dog quickly and thoroughly at home. It is the act of drying with a high velocity dryer that is what really gets your dog's hair out.Metro Air Force Commander 2-Speed Dog DryerThis was my first dryer, and it was worth every penny of the $189 I spent on it as a child. It still serves me well to this day. It is the step to preventing 95% of your dog's shedding that can't be skipped or replaced.It may take your dog a little while to get used to the sound it makes (it sounds like a vacuum), but taking some time to acclimate her to it with lots of treats and positive reinforcement will make it well worth your time later on, when you can easily "de-shed" your dog without her being stressed. Four trips to a groomer will cost as much as owning one of these. Most dogs I have groomed get used to it fairly quickly, and don't mind, but some actually end up loving it; the pressure massages their feel-good-itchy-spots in such a way that they will lean into it or start reflexively scratching with their back leg in the way they do when you've found that favorite scratching spot.I use it by making small circles over my dogs, avoiding their eyes, nose, ears, and genitals. Often, the pressure is enough to blow out all the loose hair. If they need some help, I take a poodle comb (below) or a slicker and brush over the area I'm working on to help loosen the hair. Those clumps of hair should come right out.

Why is my dog shedding like crazy?

Not a single bath in 10 years? Wow, I'm not sure what to say about THAT! (I think she'd probably feel a lot better if she did have a least every 10 years!)

At 10, she's already entered into the senior years and hair loss associated with that is not unheard of. You may also want to get a simple blood test for her, which will show any number of disorders (not serious usually) that might bring hair loss with them as a symptom. Just because you haven't identified anything on her skin, that she's itchy and losing hair is a symptom of something and I always believe it's better to err on the side of caution when you're dealing with animals and children or anyone/thing that can't clearly communicate to you what they're feeling.

If she's cleared and there seems to be no real issue, think about adding Omega's to her meal time, which is good for coat and skin health, and will reduce shedding. (100% Atlantic Salmon Oil is easily found at most pet supply stores.)

My dog sheds like crazy, is there something in her diet I can change to help. Dog vitamins, fish oil?

If you have pets, your going to have hair here and there. However, you don't have to live in fear of breaking world record hair balls on a daily basis. You do have some control over how much your pet sheds.
Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need
Hairy Dog
Dog Shampoo
Quality Brush
Dog Dryer
1Step OneFirst, the obvious is that you need to brush your dog. The trick is to have the proper tools to do it. I prefer the Furminator comb. A mars rake does a nice job as well as does the Shed Ease. Don't just brush your dog when matts begin to appear but make it a daily or at least every other day activity. It won't take as long and the effect will be better.
2Step TwoShampoo. Yes, shampooing your dog can help them ease up on the shedding. But not just any shampoo. Do NOT use human shampoo. Human shampoo is not PH balanced properly for a dog and you will dry up their hair and end up with dandruff and MORE shedding hair! Furthermore, there are many shedding specific dog shampoos on the market to choose from.

When you wash your dog, do not use hot water. Don't wash your dog in icy cold water, either. That's just not nice. But do use a tepid temperature water
3Step ThreeWhen you dry your dog, do not use heat. Dry your dog with a air temperature air flow. Heat causes shedding. And if you can, blow the coat in the opposite direction of hair growth from time to time to help blow out the loose coat.
4Step FourConsider giving your dog supplements such as virgin olive oil or even better, wild salmon fish capsules with Omega 3 fatty acids. This will help condition the skin properly thereby creating a healthy, shiny coat which will shed less.
5Step FiveMany dogs commonly shed in the spring, during an adolescent coat drop (adult coat coming in, age depends on breed) and when either in season (for females) or during whelping/shortly after whelping. Be sure to pay extra attention to your furminator during those times.
6Step SixIf these steps are not making an immediate impact on your dog's shedding issue, you will need to look more closely at the quality of the dog food you are feeding. Even if it's a 'good food', it may not be agreeing with your dog.

Shaving a dog with an undercoat is not a good way to manage their grooming and can lead to problems. Purchase a blower meant for pets, like the metro force blower, and blow his coat out once a week or so, preferably outdoors. You will be amazed how much cleaner your house is, the blower blows out the dirt and dander in their coat as well. They learn to really like it, I think it feels good to them once they get used to the sound and feeling of it.