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My Email Stop Recieving E Mails Since August 6 2014 Dont Know Whats Wrong

Spam Filtering: How could I stop getting mails from "Mail delivery subsystem"?

So your emails are bouncing.There could be a few major reasons for this. Here are the most likely ones:the address you are sending to doesn’t exists (either your contact is wrong or there is a typo)your domain has been blocked by your recipient or a spam filterYour message is too largethe mailbox you are sending too is fullOf these, the easiest to deal with are the first three. It is worth it to read the response you get to figure out which one it is.To get the easy ones out of the way:if the message is tool large, remove some of the media and other bulky content from itif the mailbox is full, schedule the message to be sent after you think the recipient has cleared their mailboxThe other two mean that your message is being treated as spam.If the address doesn’t exist, delete it. The more bounces you get, the worse your sender reputation will be, which might get you on a blacklist.If your domain has been blocked by the recipient, it either means:They don’t want to receive messages from you because they look like spam. You can read here about how to make your emails look less like spam: Avoid the Spam Folder: Get Your Customer to Read Your Cold EmailThey wanted you to stop sending them messages and you didn’t comply. This is illegal and generally a bad practice. For more info about North American spam laws, you can read this article: Sales Outreach Emails In Light of Anti-SPAM LawsIf you have been blocked by a spam filter, you may have been put on a blacklist. You can read here about how to comply with spam filters and get off blacklists: Avoid the Spam Folder: Get Your Customer to Read Your Cold EmailIt is also worth authenticating your domain as spammers can hijack domains to do their spamming. This can leave your sender reputation in tatters and lead to more responses from the Mail Delivery Subsystem.

How do I view email older than a few months on Yahoo Mail on my old, slow computer without buying a premium account?

I don’t have a premium Yahoo account, and I have mail that is over 13 years old. I didn’t use Yahoo much after I signed up with Gmail, mainly because of their being hacked so many time, so I had over 50,000 unread messages. I wanted to clean it up so I could use it again.I have Thunderbird for my email client, it works in systems as old as Windows XP SP2. I went into my Yahoo account settings and allowed third party software, put my email and password into Thunderbird, and several hours later I had ALL my mail. It took me about an hour to clean it up, and now I have a nice clean mailbox at Yahoo again. My friend sent me some pictures of my son’s baptism 10 years ago that I thought were lost, but no, they were still sitting there nicely on Yahoo’s servers waiting for me to download them.

How can I stop getting so much spam email?

There are a few things you can be aware of to ensure you're less susceptible to spam (unfortunately, you'll never rid yourself of it completely)...These are taken from an article I published recently titled "Still Getting Spam? 4 Email Mistakes to Avoid Today"...You’re Clicking UnsubscribeYour first instinct is to click the little unsubscribe button that’s hidden at the bottom of your email subscriptions and most spam messages. All it does now is inform the pesky spammer that they’ve found an email address that’s in use. Delighted at his success, the spammer lets the rest of his spammer entourage know about you.Do This Instead: Hit delete or if it’s definitely spam, flag it as such (Report Spam in Gmail, Spam in Yahoo), so your email client knows to filter future emails from that address.You Replied to The SpammerWhen you reply to a spammer asking them to give you a break, you’re doing two things that could slide your inbox into email hell.First – you’re whitelisting the spammer’s email. With that reply, your email provider thinks you know the sender and will have no future problem with new emails.Second – you just informed the spammer’s system of an email address that’s being used. Automatically, your spam levels will rise.Your Friends are CCing You Into MessagesWhen friends or colleagues CC you into messages, every other recipient in the group can see your address. If any of their email accounts are hacked, your email address will be found and harvested, making you more susceptible to spam.You Didn’t Read The Small PrintDisreputable sites (or dishonest employees of those sites) that you sign up to can illegally sell your email address to other companies and spammers. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about this, other than only sign up to sites that you trust.

My email is getting all mixed up. I ended up today getting two emails from 2 different people on the same emai?

It's NOT a "bug"---it's the new conversation option that groups emails and combines threads in one group with threads from another.

IF you disable "Conversations" in your settings, it will correct the problem. The Conversation option is responsible for several "weird" happenings.

Yahoo, in their "infinite" wisdom (?), has decided that we all want (need) the new---"grouping/conversation option"---so they made that the default, and it's a holy nightmare. It's what is causing your problem.
To disable it-----Hover over the "Gear" icon and click on Settings.
Then click on Viewing mail (from the menu on the left), and UN-check the "Conversations" box----then "Save".

How can I do block unwanted email from my gmail account?

Since email is not controlled by a specific company, it is impossible to not receive emails from someone, similar to a phone call. However, gmail offers some very nice filtering features that will let you decide what you want to do with that email after it arrives in your mailbox, just like you can block a phone number on your phone. If you go to Settings, then the Filters and Blocked Address tab, you can set up filters to automate processing of certain emails that correspond to the rules that you selected.

Accounting Question: Adjusting Entries?

1. The balance in prepaid insurance is a one-year premium paid on June 1, 2010
4,500 x 3/12 = 1,125 adjustment
Dr Insurance Expense 1,125
Cr Prepaid Insurance 1,125

2. An inventory count on August 31 shows $650 of supplies on hand
2,600 - 650 = 1,950 adjustment
Dr Supplies Expense 1,950
Cr Supplies 1,950

3. Annual depreciation rates are cottages (4%) and furniture (10%). Salvage value is estimated to be 10% of cost.
(120,000 x 90%) x 4% = 4,320 depreciation expense
(16,000 x 90%) x 10% = 1,440 depreciation expense
Dr Depreciation Expense--Cottages 4,320
Cr Accumulated Depreciation--Cottages 4,320

Dr Depreciation Expense--Furniture 1,440
Cr Accumulated Depreciation--Furniture 1,440

4. Unearned Rent Revenue of $3,800 was earned prior to August 31
Dr Unearned Rent Revenue 3,800
Cr Rent Revenue 3,800

5. Salaries of $375 were unpaid at August 31
Dr Salaries Expense 375
Cr Salaries Payable 375

6. Rentals of $800 were due from tenants at August 31
Dr Accounts Receivable 800
Cr Rent Revenue 800

7. The mortgage interest rate is 8% per year
50,000 x 8% = 4,000 interest expense
Dr Interest Expense 4,000
Cr Interest Payable 4,000

What is the Hillary Clinton email released by Wikileaks?

As reported by Anonymous International, Wikileaks did this:On March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for 30,322 emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton's private email server while she was Secretary of State. The 50,547 pages of documents span from 30 June 2010 to 12 August 2014. 7,570 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton. The emails were made available in the form of thousands of PDFs by the US State Department as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request. The final PDFs were made available on February 29, 2016.After the leak Facebook started to censor posts related to it. So if you post something about the story something like this would happen:​I am not sure what happened but Facebook removed this censor later so if I post something then..​​I deleted both the posts. I didn't want to post something. Just testing. But the truth is that Anonymous hates Donald Trump and HIllary Clinton and Wikileaks and Anonymous have done this together.As this is something related to user privacy, I don't think it is very wrong but then there should be freedom of content as well. What does it contain?According to the INDEPENDENT an interactive tool was created by Google to encourage Syrian rebels and bring back the Assad`s regime in Syria. You can read the full article here Leaked emails claim Google offered to help the US government bring down AssadThis article has some interesting political stuff inside- The 11 must-read Hillary Clinton emailsMedia reports claim She conducted all of her email exchanges through a private server she had tucked in her New York home, a server that had never been approved by government IT security officials, and that was an easy target for hackers and spies. Read further-  Is Hillary Clinton Getting A Free Pass On Her Email Scandal?   But the funny part is... Some people in America are shitting with your governance. I don't know if the formal mails are read by someone before being sent. Here is an email by James McGovern to Obama about the terrorist groups:Hillary Clinton Email ArchiveROFL...See the links.READ: Wikileaks Drops Hillary Email Bomb That Could End Her Campaign but FB Censored ItHere is the complete list of emails released by Wikileaks.- As it is being censored I am shortening the URL - Shortened URLThere people. I removed some pics as some people suggested edits. No harm caused.

Group event reminders not working?

I have set up several group events on our calendar and the email reminders are not going out. I have tried to recreate the reminders and still no emails are being sent. Please help.