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My Ex Has Pictures He Took Off My Facebook Profile Can I Have Facebook Remove Them

Should I delete my old pictures of me and my ex on Facebook? I am entering a new relationship and feel weird about the pictures.

Yes, those pictures are from a different chapter in your life, respect yourself, him and your relationship by deleting those pictures. You don't want him second guessing your feelings for him. You want to show him that you have truly moved on. Holding on to old memories could mean that you're holding on to old feelings as well depending on his perception. It would be really embarrassing & weird to have pictures of two different men on your fb page… The old and new…

Girlfriend has pictures of Ex on Facebook?

I have a new girlfriend and we are together 3 months now and it's going very very well. However, on her facebook profile i noticed 2 things that bother me a little.
The first one is that she still has pictures there of her ex-boyfriend. She still has a few pictures of both of them (mostly normal pictures with both smiling but on one of them they're kissing) - even though they have no contact anymore - they're not even friends on fb.
The other thing that bothers me is also on pictures of her, where she's on these pictures, but kind of kissing another guy - not really kissing, but it seems they were posing for the camera and goofing around and pretending to kiss but then really touching lips and tongue.

All these pictures were from the past (1-2 years ago) and with people from another continent, but they bother me and i think of asking her to remove them from FB.
I don't want her to erase her memories as i have similar pictures on my computer of ex gf's, but i don't make them public on facebook.
Am I too fussy?

My wife refuses to have a picture of us in her profile on Facebook. She previously always had a picture of the two of us. Should I be concerned?

Hey by all means ask why she's not using a pic of the two of you. What kind of wife doesn't want her pic with her man as her profile pic let's keep it real people who are always on Facebook are living their own sort of false life. Come on let's be honest everybody takes their own selfie at the least forty pics before they put the one that makes them look the best on Facebook & I think I'm the only one at least in my social group that kept it real about my marital drama to the point that my family told me to stop telling people on Facebook about my life. I was shocked & said isn't that what it's for or is it just about living a happy little lie? Well I'm sad to say but it's true everybody on Facebook is living their own version of happy little lies. So I only check Facebook to say happy birthdays or happy holidays the rest I had to quit because people were offended by the smart ass comments that they would laugh their asses of if was said in person but because their Facebook superficiality persona demands only fake comments. People on Facebook are living superficial lives fake as can be don't waste your time but I would want to know but who really cares her Facebook face & who she is when she's not on Facebook are two different people just like everybody else

He still has pictures of him and his ex on facebook?

So, I've been talking to this guy and things have been going really great. One day while looking through his facebook profile pictures, I saw he still had photos of him and his ex up. I later asked him about them and he act like he didn't know what I was talking about. Now these were uploaded in 2007. He told me that he thought he deleted them all but will check and delete them. I said that's fine. To make a long story short I've had to ask him and remind him 3 times now, and he still hasn't deleted them. He uploads new photos and edits his profile almost daily. Why hasn't he deleted these photos? It didn't bother me at first, but now it is...!

Should I just move on?? I'm tired of bringing it up.

How long does it take for facebook to delete a reported photo?

I've reported a photo on facebook, they said an administrator would review it and consider it if it was a genuine report, which it is. I reported it last night but it's still up, does anyone know roughly how much time it takes an facebook administrator to review a photo?

Thank you.

There's a photo of me on Facebook that I want removed. Legally, what can I do?

report the picture to facebook, saying its of you, and u dont want it to be there. keep on doing that until its off.

or dont worry about it and be glad you arent tagged in it.

alot of us have unflattering pictures of us, either when we were kids or when we are old and dieing. if u dont want pictures to put up of you, then dont bee seen when people have cameras, u can also ask them to take it done, and if they dont talk to their mother and they will ask their children nicely to take it down.

its facebook, so u dont really have a law or government force with you, to have it taken it down just like that.

go to the photo, click opitions, click report photo, click "i dont like this photo of me, or its harressing me* click contine click ur opition why, click send message, and go from there. u can do that as many times as u want until the picture gets taken down.

Why would a girl not delete pictures of her ex-boyfriend from her Facebook timeline after break up?

What about the women who had pics of their ex on social media and months later did actually get back with their ex. Having a pic of your ex may mean you moved on or maybe the pics are still up because you haven't moved on. It varies from person to person situation to situation. I have dated women who had pics of their ex on social media and I gave it no thought assumed she moved on. Guess what? She didn’t….. So be careful about assuming she moved on and that its not a potential red flag. I would say its at least worthy of further looking into it if you see pictures of exes. I have 0 pictures of my exes on my social media and guess what not once have I got back with an ex. When you break up its healthy to completely move on no friendship no pictures. Clear the room for a new future with a new partner.

Should I delete my ex boyfriend from Facebook?

The best advice I was EVER given - I'm not kidding! - Was "When you don't know what to do - do nothing!"

Wait until you're not so emotional. Calm down, see how things play out (breaking up just tonight means it's very possible you'll get back together) and doing all of this could hurt you in the long run. I know you don't want him or his friends lurking your page, but you could just edit some settings for now. Like you can make it that only YOU can see your tagged photos or filter him from seeing facebook statuses you post, etc. But my best advice is until you're certain you are broken up, and certain he is a person you would truly never want communication again with, just don't touch it and wait until you feel more confident with a decision. And make sure your decision isn't based on a sudden emotion/mood!