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My Eyebrow Piercing Keeps Bleeding

My eyebrow piercing is bleeding?

I got an eyebrow piercing exactly 6 months ago, and healing seemed to go well even though there was a little migration. Then one morning when I woke up it was full of dried blood around the openings and so I cleaned it and now the openings are quite red. I thought it was starting to heal but towards the end of the day after I took my shower it started to bleed again. How should I care for it? Should I put something to protect it when I sleep?

My eyebrow piercing keeps bleeding?

So I got it pierced yesterday. It started bleeding today, not yesterday. Is this normal or is it that I have sensitive skin? It doesn't really hurt, it just feels like its swollen, idk. If this bleedin is normal, how long will it take to stop bleeding...

Eyebrow piercing keeps bleeding?

If your piercing is still producing blood and lymph, it is still healing. It is completely normal, and it will subside soon. Generally eyebrow piercings take 6-8 weeks to heal, sometimes more. A really good cleaning technique that I have found to work well is to wet a q-tip, dab it on a bar of Dial soap, and then clean both ends of the barbell, and both ends of the piercing. Twist the barbell side to side gently, and move the piercing front to back gently. If you ever need to remove crust, use a wet q-tip. I am not sure if your piercer suggested a soft bristled toothbrush, but this may cause irritation and slow the healing process. After cleaning your piercing, spray it with Bactine. This is an antiseptic that can be found at any store. It will help prevent infection, thus speeding the healing process. Good luck!

By the way, leave your piercing alone. That can never be stressed enough.

Eyebrow piercing keeps bleeding how to fix it?

DON'T take it out. Surgical Steel still contains a small amount of Nickel and it may be that that is causing the adverse reaction, if you can get it switched to a Titanium bar of the same length, you may find that the bleeding stops. Alternatively, it is a highly vascular area where an eyebrow piercing is placed, and as such it would not be surprising if a vessel was nicked in the piercing process, however this should have healed by now. If it is only bleeding ever so slightly then I wouldn't worry. Keep cleaning twice a day with a salt solution:

Use 8oz of boiled water, or a large mugs worth, mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt or rock salt mixed together and allowed to cool but use as hot as you can take it without scalding yourself.
Use a cotton wool bud or pad submerged in the solution, to clean both front and back of the piercing. In addition, use a cotton wool pad which has been squeezed of the excess solution to hold directly over the piercing as a hot salt compress. Do this until the water has cooled. Repeat process twice a day.

Refrain from twisting and moving the bar through the piercing if you can. Sometimes bleeding occurs when there is dried matter left on the jewellery which is then dragged through the newly healed and sensitive tissue inside the piercing, causing it to rip and bleed. Make sure you are cleaning off all dried matter every time you clean the piercing.

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Why does my eyebrow piercing keep bleeding?

I got my piercing about 2 days ago, and the whole first day it didn't hurt or bleed or anything. but then the next day i woke up with crusted up blood around both ends (sorry kinda gross) is this normal, or is it infected? also i twist the barbell around when i clean it, is that bad?

I snagged on my eyebrow piercing and its bleeding.?

I've had my eyebrow piercing for little over a month and i was putting on a shirt and it snagged my piercing really hard and now its bleeding, is that bad? should i do anything to it to prevent infection or migration?

How do I clean my anti-eyebrow piercing?

You should clean this piercing much like you would any other.You'll need a quarter (1/4) teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in one cup (250ml) of cooled, still warm boiled water. Do not use table salt. Do not increase the salt concentration as it can do more harm than good.Use a small beaker, cup or glass (I like a shot glass, as it fitted over my nape surface piercing and my sternum microdermal, and somewhat awkwardly, over my nostril piercings).Fill the shot glass and invert over your piercing and hold there for a minute. Sometimes I repeat this when the water is too cool or I'm still dissolving any crusties, and there's the rest of the cup to go!Morning and night should be okay if it's fresh or healing, and once in a while if it gets irritated or crusty as they occasionally do.Why this works:The warm water increases bloodflow to the area, encouraging healing. The weak saline solution, which is about as strong as tears, gently kills germs and there's practically nothing to be allergic to. It's also way cheaper than a commercial product, which can contain preservatives, could become contaminated and most are based on sea salt anyway (e.g. "H2Ocean")I wouldn't recommend this usually, but sometimes I take the top off my healed dermal of 2 years, perform the sea salt cleanse and then gently massage around the area. Because my particular piercing is healed, and just because my body does it, sometimes skin cells accumulate in the 'pocket'of my piercing, and I can gently massage the gunk out. This should cause no redness, swelling or pain whatsoever - if you try this and experience either, STOP! Good luck and enjoy your piercing.

I just got an eyebrow piercing, but I thrash in my sleep a lot. How do I keep from thrashing to keep my piercing safe?

Thank you for the A2A. Moving around during sleep is a problem for a lot of piercings - ears, nostril, lips, navels, as well as eyebrows. If your jewelry is a curved barbell, a lot of clients have had pretty good results putting a bandaid over it just for the night. The small, breathable barrier can keep the small wrinkles in your pillowcase from catching on the exposed balls of the jewelry. If this seems like a viable option, try to get a style of bandaid that it large enough to not allow any of the adhesive to stick to your jewelry or eyebrows. Taking it off in the morning will be painful otherwise and you could lose some hairs. I'd only do this during the healing process, maybe even the few couple of weeks while your body gets used to the new jewelry being there. You'd be surprised how different you may sleep when your body knows it can't move around as much without wreaking havoc to your face.If that's not a viable option, or you're allergic to the adhesive, then try wrapping your pillow in a clean shirt (preferably an old one that you won't mind it possibly getting a little blood on), pulling it tight to keep the wrinkles minimal, and secure it with some safety pins or anything you think will hold it. Be mindful to keep the secured side down so you don't have to worry about having issues with the safety pins or whatever you've chosen. Wrapping your pillow in a clean shirt for the first week or so is ideal anyway. It will give you 4 days of clean sleeping surface using the front of the shirt, then the back the next day, the turning it inside out and repeating for the next two days. This will limit your chances of transferring bacteria from previous nights to your new piercing, because most people wash their bedding at most once a week. A week of bacteria building up from a very fresh piercing can be significant enough to cause not only problems with the piercing, but also can cause blemishes on the rest of the face.As always, ask your piercer for some advice too. Everyone in this industry has their own little tips and tricks and they may have just the right suggestion that will work for you.Good luck on the new eyebrow piercing. Happy healing.

What are the signs that an eyebrow piercing is healing?

I've had my eyebrow pierced JUST over the 4 weeks it takes to heal.
And it was pussing the other day. Just for about 2 days. Then a day or so after that it bled in class. So I went to the bathroom to clean it up. I keep cleaning it. And it hasen't done that scince. So is it healing? Or does that mean its infected. Because it isn't red or puffy and it was only a little tender during that time.

Eyebrow piercing, can dry-ed up hard blood lead to an infection?

i have this dry-ed up blood under the ball of my jewelry and its hard to clean it good, could it cause an infection to the piercing? what could i do to stop the bleeding or to get rid of the dry blood? this is the second day having my eyebrow piercing .